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Benefits of Buying Textbooks Online

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If you’re in college or just about to start college, you have buying textbooks to look forward to each semester. Almost all colleges run their own physical bookstore, but these physical bookstores are slowly becoming obsolete. You may have noticed a lot of them have become more of a spirit shop, selling apparel, food and electronics more prominently than textbooks. Some colleges have gone the route of moving to a virtual bookstore model, where an independent online retailer shuts down the physical space and moves textbook sales online. Thousands of college students price shop the university bookstore against independent online retailers like Knetbooks. Let’s dive into the benefits of buying textbooks online.

Price Compare

It’s easy enough to assume if you’re in college, saving money wherever you can is a top priority. Buying textbooks online gives you easy access to price compare the books you need across several online bookstores. At the physical store, you are limited to their pricing. If you’re not sure where to start, you can use price comparison websites that essentially do the work for you.

Save Time

You can shop online from the convenience of your college dorm, apartment or anywhere you have access to the internet and a device. You don’t have to catch an uber, ride your bike or walk to the physical bookstore to do your textbook shopping. When you buy your textbooks online, you also will also have them shipped to you. In the scenario that your book has to be ordered elsewhere or is out of stock, you won’t have to find your way back to the physical bookstore again.

More Options

Online bookstores are often able to offer more options for textbooks, such as used, digital and rental options. Your college bookstore may only be able to offer you the new version of the textbooks you need, which is the priciest option. With the ability to offer several textbook options, online bookstores can best match the individual student’s needs. For instance, if a student can’t hold the weight of physical textbooks due to back problems, they may opt for eTextbooks that are completely digital.

 Promotional Codes

Most of the time, promotional codes (coupons) for physical stores are few and far between. There are some physical stores that will honor online promotional codes, but it is not always guaranteed. Often times, physical bookstores are not the most up and coming and may be behind on these features. When you’re searching online for promotional codes, you can likely find them on the company’s social media platforms, marketing emails and on the website itself. Taking advantage of these discounts is just another way that buying textbooks online can save you a lot of money.

Customer Reviews

Not only can you leverage the company’s social media platforms to find promotional codes, you can also use social media to find real customer reviews at your fingertips. It’s easy and convenient if you are already on your device to do a quick search for the company’s reviews. There are hundreds of websites that collect customer reviews for online retailers. Reading customer’s feedback on their experience with a company is another form of comparison that can help you make the best decision for you. These reviews can also give you an idea about the company’s customer service standards by seeing if they are monitoring and responding to them.

Now that you have a better idea of the benefits of buying textbooks online, you can make the buying decision that works best for you. Some students prefer the physical bookstore on campus for reasons such as, needing an in-stock book immediately or the convenience of picking up other school supplies or spirit wear with their books.

5 Summery Strawberry Drink Ideas

The first day of summer this year is Sunday, June 21st. There will likely be some great patio dates and parties in your near future where you will want to enjoy refreshing, delicious drinks with your friends!  Strawberry drinks are always a big hit. Here are 5 summery strawberry drink ideas for you to try out.  I tried to mix it up with some non-alcoholic and alcoholic options but you can always add or subtract ingredients as preferred!

1. Sparkling Strawberry Limeade

strawberry drink ideas 1

The sparkling strawberry limeade is easy to make in large quantities and still maintains its great taste.  It is the perfect drink for hosting summer showers or birthday parties. Get the recipe for Sparkling Strawberry Limeade.

2. Strawberry Sangria

strawberry drink ideas 2

The strawberry sangria is perfect for an afternoon on the patio with your girlfriends! The combination of frozen and fresh strawberries is extra refreshing. This will surely be a hit to relax and enjoy some necessary girl talk. Get the recipe for Strawberry Sangria.

Tip: Want to enjoy this drink but not old enough to drink alcohol? Substitute the white zinfandel wine suggested in the recipe with the award-winning non-alcoholic Fre brand White Zinfandel.

3. Strawberry Iced Tea Cooler

strawberry drink ideas 3

Iced tea is a summertime classic! It’s perfect for keeping hydrated while boosting your energy levels. This spin on the popular classic adds some great flavor to the mix. Make yourself a big pitcher for your yard days to keep you hydrated and satisfied as you plant flowers or take care of some necessary weeding! Get the recipe for Strawberry Iced Tea Cooler.

4. Strawberry Mango Margaritas 

strawberry drink ideas 4

This cocktail is perfect for a little get together with friends this summer. It’s strong, sweet and delicious. A heads up- you will need a blender for this one! Get the recipe for Strawberry Mango Margaritas.

5. Strawberry-Cucumber Water

strawberry drink ideas 5

This is a simple, yet exciting alternative to hydrating with good old fashioned water.  You can make it with infused water or sparkling water depending on your preference. Keep this strawberry drink on deck for those hot days this summer when hydrating is extra important. Get the recipe for Strawberry-Cucumber Water.

Now that you have 5 great strawberry drink ideas for the summer I hope you try them out!

Tell us how you liked them in the comments below!


#MFH (My Favorite Hashtag)

Being a social media guru I always like to check out what is trending on Twitter each morning and get a good laugh or some extra knowledge in where I can.  Sometimes complete strangers, established or not, on Twitter can entertain me for a few moments.  Check out this example of a pretty good trending hashtag on Twitter this week that gave me some chuckles in my morning read.  The hashtag was inspired by the twitter account @midnight: late night game show thing hosted by @nerdist on @ComedyCentral


If you have seen the movie you know why this is very sick, sad and quite frankly…still funny.

Oh…so they went to college? Sounds about right. 

Where is the fun in that?

Leave me a comment or tweet @knetbooks using the hashtag #MFH to tell us your favorite hashtag and we will feature you in a future blog! Happy Friday…..enjoy your weekend 🙂