How to Beat Homesickness in College


The college you choose to attend may have thousands of other people there. Still, you may find yourself feeling alone somehow. Homesickness is very common among college students.  For many freshman college students it is the first time living away from their families, so missing home is completely natural.  For many, being homesick can last more than just freshmen year. You want to be prepared. Here are a few helpful tips for when you find yourself feeling homesick in college.

Take Your Favorite Cuddly Items


Before you move in, make sure to pack something personal that makes you feel more connected to home.  An old stuffed animal, blanket, or an old t-shirt/sweatshirt are all good options.  Having something in your room that makes you feel at home can be really comforting.

Use Technology to Stay in Touch


Pick one day of the week that you and your family can Skype or Facetime (depending on what device you use).  Talking on the phone is great, but actually getting to see each other while you’re talking makes a big difference! It’s like they’re really there with you. You can do the same thing with your friends.

Take Your Favorite Books and DVDs

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Pack your favorite books and DVDs.  When you start to get a little homesick, getting lost in your favorite book or movie can be really comforting.  Watching your favorite TV show on Netflix is also really helpful.  Weirdly enough, watching or reading something that makes you nostalgic can actually make you feel better when you start to miss home!

Have Comfort Food Available to You


Comfort food can also do wonders for homesickness.  When you’re missing home, treat yourself to some familiar comfort foods from growing up: ice cream, cookies, mac and cheese or whatever you love!  Eating something that makes you happy can help you get through it!

Take a First Aid Kid


Get a small plastic storage box and create a First Aid Kit with all the essentials as well as stocking up on any medication that you typically take when you get sick; things like cold medicine, stuff for nausea, and pain relievers/fever reducers like Tylenol.  When you start to feel a little under the weather, it can make you feel really homesick, so it’s good to be prepared.  The first time you get sick away from home is always the hardest; you’ll really want someone to take care of you, so already having what you need will make things easier!

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Genna is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in English Writing with minors in Film Studies and Theater Arts. In her spare time she enjoys binge watching her favorite shows on Netflix, baking, having movie nights with her friends, and watching her favorite vloggers’ latest videos on YouTube. She hopes to turn her education into a successful career as a screenwriter and producer.

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