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College is WAY Different

College and high school are almost two different worlds. High school provides you with the tools for acting and behaving appropriately and college is where you put all that you have learned to the test.  One thing that is certain is that mostly all decisions made will be made by you alone. This is part of life as a young adult. But don’t be fearful; family and counselors will be present if extra help is needed.

college is way different

You should expect to do more things on your own. Navigating the school, picking classes or even making sure you wake up in time for that early 8 am class will fall on you. Make the most of it because this is the time you prove to yourself and to others that you can handle all the responsibility bestowed upon you.

You will no longer be told what is expected of you. You should already know. As far as assignments go, some professors will only tell you once and it is up to you to write it down and prepare. If you miss an assignment, a high school teacher will most likely let you make it up without penalty (unless you are notorious for always missing assignments). In college, professors treat assignments much differently. You are expected to do the work and understand the material, but the professor may not always check if the work had been completed. Do not think you’re off the hook skipping assignments. The material will most likely be used for a future exam.

college is way different 2

If you miss a day in high school, you can retrieve all the work you missed from your teacher. Professors in college will not tell you what you missed; all the work you missed will have to come from classmates.

If you chose to dorm, you will have to compromise with all the schedules and habits of your roommates. Sharing such small quarters with someone you barely know can come as a challenge. Some roommates may be the exact opposite of what you are used to dealing with back at high school. Make sure you handle conflict with ease and always talk things out.

3 Ways College is Not Like High School

Flickr/ Sterling Co

Flickr/ Sterling Co

Everyone knows that college is going to be better than high school. Unfortunately, every year some students realize that they can’t handle the difficulties that come with attending college. Here’s a list of what to expect, and how to adapt to the changes you’ll face.

College is Hard: Big surprise, right? Many incoming freshmen begin taking college courses but still treat them like high school classes. They go to class, listen to a lecture, go home and do homework. But what many students don’t realize is that in college, the cycle’s a little twisted. Many college professors rely on textbooks and assigned readings, rather than in class lectures, to teach their students a large portion of the curriculum. Personally, I hate these professors, and try to avoid them at all costs. However, they exist. So be prepared to do a lot of work outside of class in order to keep up.

Your Classmates: For most of us, we attended high schools with a limited variety of people: all students from the same town with the same background. In this aspect, college is VERY different. You will meet people from every end of the spectrum. For the most part, this is a great thing! You get to learn new things about people completely different from yourself. However, you WILL meet the stereotypical kids who are only there to party. You WILL meet the kids bursting with school spirit. And you WILL meet the kids who will stand in a cage for an entire day to prove that slavery still exists. The world is full of different people, so stay open minded.

Advisers/Counselors: These faculty members have a much different purpose in college than they did in high school. High school counselors are confidants who are there to fix a student’s problem before the student even realizes they have one. In college, however, your advisers are not mind readers. Whether you need career advice or are struggling in a class, college advisers cannot help you unless YOU go to THEM. They stress this in a lot of college tours, and I want to stress it too. Having an adviser is a HUGE help. However, if you don’t go to them, they can’t help. Remember that!

College is NOT high school. Thinking it is can be fatal to your undergrad success. The good news is, college is WAY more fun! If you’re a college Freshman this year be sure to check out my last blog post so you don’t miss out!