Tastiest Tweets: January 6th


Our favorite tweets from the last week!

The 4 Stages of a New Relationship ow.ly/8iqNN from @CollegeCandy

Famous Women Talk Love and Sex in 2011 ow.ly/8cEO1 via @tressugar

Why go back to college?! The Top 10 Reasons from @myFootPath! ow.ly/8j59n

The 25 Most Beautiful College Libraries in the World ow.ly/8j5uh via @flavorpill

Making Money in College (Legally) ow.ly/8irmO from @collegecures

How Much Stress is Too Much? Managing Anxiety in College ow.ly/8hP7B via @HerCampus

Fun fact! Alaska became a state today in 1959. ow.ly/8gD7w




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