Who to Watch in the 2012 Olympic Games

Track and Field
Sanya Richards-Ross is a force to be reckoned with on the track this year. She currently is America’s record holder for the female 400 meter run. Not only is Sanya leading team USA, but on Saturday June 2nd, she raced to the top spot leading the world! She broke 50 seconds in the 400, an amazing time for a female. Sanya will be representing the United States in the 400 meter run during this summer’s Olympic Games. This definitely should be a fun race to watch.

On the field side of things, keep your eyes open for Reese Hoffa. Reese is One of America’s throwers. Also on Saturday June 2nd, Hoffa earned the top 3 furthest throws for the United States, also placing him top in the world! The U.S track and field team is looking very strong this year. Outside of Sanya and Hoffa, there are many more talented Americans ready to compete for the gold. It should be a very exciting summer games on the track.

As many of you have probably heard, gold medalist Shawn Johnson is retiring leaving a place for a new American gymnast to chase their gold medal dream. Jordyn Wieber might be just that girl. On June 10th Wieber claimed her second USA all-around title. Gymnastics is always one of the most popular events on TV during the summer Olympics. I’m sure this will be a name we will all know very well by the time the Olympic Games end.


Olympic trials are still going on and in some cases have yet to start in some of the sports. Because of this we aren’t 100% sure who will qualify for this summer’s games. One diver I am confident in is Katie Bell. Katie is on the USA national team and is an extremely hard worker training twice a day. I think our diving team will be fun to watch. It’s always cool for me to watch someone do something that I can’t do, or am too afraid to do. Diving is one of the things I am way to afraid to do. It should be very exciting to watch Katie in the trails and surely in the 2012 Olympic games.

Basketball is something that has been a common topic on many American’s minds lately because of the NBA playoffs. I recently have been getting really into it. There are so many talented basketball players for the United States. Some recognizable names include Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, and Dwyane Wade. I am so excited for the basketball portion of the Olympics and I know many of you are too.

There are many sports in the Summer Olympic Games. The Olympics are something that most Americans follow and enjoy when the time comes. I am so excited that there is a 2012 Olympics and I honestly cannot wait for them to get started. I know I only chose to talk about a few of the sports but there are just so many, I simply chose the ones I personally am most excited to watch. I hope you all enjoy cheering on team USA in this summer’s Olympic Games!

– Speedy G.

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