Advice on Life, Love, and Athletics

Next time your day is down in the dumps with nowhere to look but up, check out this blog post. I will share the advice I give myself and advice I have picked up over time from others in hopes of brightening your gloomiest days. Nothing is more exciting than a fresh outlook on things be it life in general, love, or athletics.

Let us begin with life. Life is a very broad topic to cover so I’m going to focus on the basics that relate to most college students. The biggest part of a college student’s life is generally their friends. My advice for friendship is to be non-judgmental. I have had to work on this especially since I have been in college. It’s hard to not judge what your friends are doing when it doesn’t agree with the way you are. When people come to college, it’s often the first time people are free from authority. This freedom leads many college students into new atmospheres and they may begin to seem as if they’re changing as people. Try to remember that deep down they are the same friends you’ve always known, and try not to judge them just because their decisions don’t mesh with yours. My second piece of life advice is to be a friend. You can’t expect to make friends if you aren’t being a friend. Say hi to people you pass on the street, be encouraging, and always be trustworthy. People like people they can trust with their deepest secrets. Finally, have a happy outlook. Wake up to everyday like it’s a new day. Dwelling on yesterday only sets you back from moving forward.

Next let’s talk love. Love isn’t only for relationships. I always try to remind myself to be a loving person. Being this type of person requires patience, listening more than speaking, and the strength to bite your tongue once in a while. If you are a loving person, then you can respect yourself and find love in other people. Love for family is very important in college. Keeping contacts with your family members while you’re away will give you the boost you need and it will make them feel special because you remembered to call when they know you’re a very busy college student. Now for those special relationships, my advice first and foremost is communication. College can be hectic for relationships because you are both making new friends, possibly at different schools, and it’s hard to keep tabs on everything that’s going on in each other’s lives. Talking to each other about what you’re doing and who you’re going to be with helps the other person to gain trust and remain stress free while you’re out having fun. In order to make your college relationship last you have to trust the other person and remain loyal yourself.

Lastly, my biggest advice for athletics is hard work. By the time you’re competing in college, everyone has worked hard to get there. You can’t skate by as an athlete anymore. The college athletes that are their best are the ones that work the hardest. Run the extra stride, put the extra weight on the bar, and drink the extra glass of water, anything you need to be at the top of your game. Secondly, never underestimate the competition. You might smoke a team one game, and then the next get crushed because you went into it thinking you had the win in the bag. Play every game, run every race, swim every stroke, like it’s the championship. Play like you’re playing the best competition in the league. Never let up and you’ll never lose out. My final athletic advice is to take care of yourself.  If you feel pain, talk you your trainer. The slightest injuries can become major if they aren’t taken care of. Always remember to Ice, stretch, and rest.

I hope my advice will make your life a little easier and your days a little sunnier.

-Speedy G.

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