Author: Arianna Takis

How to Make Free Time Productive

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Most of the time when we have free time to ourselves, we tend to use it to binge watch TV shows on Netflix or spend too much time aimlessly surfing the internet. So here are some productive ways to spend your leisure time.

1. Read a Book

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Usually reading is associated with school, but leisure reading is something that can be fun. Find a genre or author that you like and immerse yourself into that world. Make reading something you WANT to do. Need some suggestions to get you started? Create a free account at!

2. Exercise


Not only is exercise necessary for a healthy life, but it also helps you relieve stress and can help you sleep better at night. If traditional exercise does not appeal to you, try a physical activity that interests you. Ask friends to exercise with you and make it fun. Need an app to get you motivated? Download MyFitnessPal for free!

3. Volunteer in your Community

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It is always a good feeling to give back to one’s community. It does not have to be a huge volunteer project, but anything that makes even a small difference matters.  Something small from picking up trash at your local beach to a bigger project like feeding the homeless really does make a difference. Find volunteer opportunities in your area at

4. Make a List

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If you have more than one thing to do during your free time, make a list planning out the details.  Be specific about the importance level for each task, along with details about where and when it will be completed. You will feel more productive about your day when you see everything check off the list.

5 Tips for Making and Keeping Resolutions

The New Year is here and it’s time to make resolutions and check if you’ve stuck to yours for the past year. It’s an exciting time where you can reflect on the past year and look forward to what next year has to offer! Here are some tips for making and keeping your resolutions for the upcoming year.

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1. Be Specific

You are more likely to stick to your resolutions if they are more distinct and less general. For example, instead of saying that you want to exercise more, say that you will go for an hour run three times a week. Or for example, if you would like to read more this year, make it your resolution to read a book each month.

2. Series of Steps

Establish exactly what you will do to reach that eventual goal. Think about smaller steps that lead to success. Writing them out will help you remember them through the process. Try hanging your list somewhere that is visible to you each day. It will be a reminder of the small steps you can take throughout the day to help you reach your goals.

3. Be Realistic

Set a goal that is attainable for you personally and remember, what may be plausible for someone else might not be for your lifestyle. Reflect on what you have been able to accomplish in the past. If you set a goal that was unattainable in the past, try altering it or sizing it down a bit to make it more realistic. Set yourself up for success.

4. Believe in Yourself

Have a positive mind set even though it might get difficult during the process of reaching your goal. You are more likely to accomplish a goal if you have confidence in yourself. Seek out inspiring and motivating messages and when you find ones that speak to you, bookmark them or print them out. Reread them when you’re having a hard time motivating yourself.

5. Don’t Give Up

If you slip up and mess up on your goal, do not completely give up on it. If you’re having a hard day, take a deep breathe, go to sleep and restart the next day. Don’t throw away your hard work and diligence over one slip-up or bad day.

Happy New Year!

Ferguson Verdict Causes Unrest Across Nation

On November 24, 2014, a St. Louis, Missouri grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014, causing unrest throughout the country. The 12-person grand jury met in secret over the past months to decide the fate of Wilson, a white police officer, who fatally shot Brown, an 18-year-old black teenager – which has been a racial hot topic for over 100 days.

 Before the verdict was announced, officials and Brown’s family asked that protestors across the nation stay peaceful.

 “Answering violence with violence is not the appropriate reaction,” said Michael Brown’s family.

 Although protesters were urged to remain nonviolent this did not happen. Not long after the decision was announced, crowds of protestors stormed the streets of Ferguson. Protestors showed their disappointment and anger towards the decision by lighting police cars on fire and vandalizing and looting local businesses. The protests weren’t confined to Ferguson, but were also found in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and Oakland – among other cities throughout the United States.

 In Los Angeles, protestors marched throughout the city and shut down the 10 Freeway. In Oakland, protests turned violent and police officers were attacked. Several cities are staging walkouts and “die-ins”, blocking streets to show solidarity with Ferguson.

 People across the globe are supporting the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” movement through pictures and protests.