Author: Jesse Schwartz

The One Band You Need to See Live This Summer: DMB

Dave Matthews

With the spring semester quickly progressing, college kids everywhere are scurrying to make summer plans. Some travel, while others rent beach houses or relax at home. But personally, I like to go see live music. There’s no question about it: summer time is concert season. The warm weather makes for a comfortable outdoor experience to listen to some of my favorite bands. Yet, one band stands out far above the rest, and that’s the Dave Matthews Band.

I’ve seen DMB live ten times thus far, and I’ve never left a show disappointed. The environment at every show is electric, regardless of the venue, but summer shows are always the best. The lawn tends to be filled with college-aged kids looking for nothing but a good time. Once Dave Matthews gets on stage, the place simply erupts. Before the band even plays a single note, you just get the feeling that you’re about to see something special. And you always do.

For a band that’s played approximately 2,000 concerts over the course of about two decades, the energy of each performance is unbelievable. From Carter Beauford, the drummer, to Boyd Tinsley, the violinist, each member goes all out every night. Dave Matthews’ eccentric personality shines through in every performance, as he takes frequent breaks to talk to the crowd and thank them for coming, even sharing a story or two.

As a self-proclaimed Dave Matthews fanatic, the joy I get at these shows is hard to put into words. Yet, people who don’t even listen to the band come to the concerts and have a great time. The atmosphere and the music itself are perfect for any warm summer night. So if you’ve never experienced it, the one band you need to see live this summer: DMB.

Dave Matthews



Cramming For a Big Test: Harmful Damages to Your Health and Grades

It’s the night before your biggest test of the semester and you find yourself incredibly unprepared. Everyone else has been studying for weeks, but you just could not find the time. Panic mode sets in. Now it’s time to cram.


            We have all been there. (photo credit)

Let me tell you why you would be better off never finding yourself in this situation. Cramming before a big test is far from uncommon, but it’s also been proven to be far from effective. Researchers say that cramming for a major test is the worst thing you can do for a number of reasons. First, from a study conducted in 2012 at UCLA, researchers reaffirmed that students retain the most information when they develop a consistent study schedule. If you can manage to study little bits of information over the course of a week or so, you’ll be better prepared for the test. In addition, a 2011 study referenced by revealed that students who cram before a test generally pass their examinations with average scores.  If you stick to a steady studying regimen, you’ll find yourself a lot less stressed on the day of the exam and the results are likely to improve.

Researchers also find that the lack of sleep associated with cramming tends to have negative effects on students. The reality is that if you’re forced to cram over a short period of time, you probably are not running on much sleep. Pulling an “all-nighter” to study for a big test not only results in less retention of information, but also puts your body in bad shape for the day ahead. Walking into the test exhausted and depleted can only contribute to negative results. To avoid health detriments like moodiness, irritability, and fat loss, get adequate rest and gear up for the test in advance.

So the next time you hear about a big test on the horizon, remember to plan sufficiently and make a study schedule. While we have all experienced the need to cram the night before, or the day of a test, we can all benefit by avoiding it at all costs. Planning ahead can make studying seem significantly more manageable and the extra sleep you gain will be a huge added benefit.

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Real World Experience: Why You Should Intern In College

College may be little more than a four-year party to some, but for many it’s a time to learn new things, meet new people, and live independently. Students tend to hold their undergraduate years in such high esteem that they often end up calling them the best four years of their lives. Yet upon graduation, many still feel surprisingly ill prepared to venture out into the “real world”. Even those students who graduate with a high GPA can feel overwhelmed by the pressures of the professional world, making them wonder if their academic accomplishments were ever worthwhile.

 If you’re looking for a manual on how to succeed in the real world, you have come to the wrong place. However, here’s one valuable piece of advice that may alleviate some stress once you graduate: find an internship.


  Interning in college is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for your future.  An internship can open up a variety of networking opportunities and can provide you with valuable work experience in your intended field. It may also help you in determining whether the field you’ve chosen is right for you. Sure, the typical life of an intern may not be the professional life you imagined, but for what it’s worth, you could be taking a small step towards landing the job of your dreams.

Getting a taste of the real world while you’re still in school may seriously pay off in the long run.

Whether it’s mastering a certain skill, learning how to interact with coworkers, or finding ways to score points with your boss, an internship is a great way to break into the occupation of your choice without dealing with the crippling pressure of a year-round job. As college students, our summer and winter breaks provide great opportunities to work full-time. While you may be tempted to sit at home and lounge around during your time off, do yourself a favor and go find an internship. You’ll be glad you did it.