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Gifts Your Dad Does NOT Want for Father’s Day

Father's Day

So the semester is over and you may have some extra cash from selling your used textbooks, but you probably don’t want to spend it all on Dad, which is understandable. There are plenty of good gifts that you can find within your budget, but let me start by telling you what NOT to get your dad for Father’s Day:

Another tie. Just because it’s on the $5 rack doesn’t mean you should buy it.

Tools. He’s already got more screw drivers than Bob the Builder. Besides, buying your dad tools is like buying your mom a new vacuum for Mother’s Day (which you should never do).

A cheesy coffee mug. There are better ways to tell him he’s the “Best Dad in the World”. Does he even drink coffee at home?!

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about what you should buy for Father’s Day. Everyone knows that men are hard to shop for, but it’s not impossible. The first step to finding the perfect gift is simply thinking about what interests your dad. Does he love to cook/grill? Is there a TV show or movie he is always talking about? Is he the kind of dad that would like to go to a MLB game or another sporting event? The point here is to find something personalized, rather than the generic set of golf balls for someone who has never golfed a day in his life. Here are a few other suggestions for more unique Father’s Day gifts:

A sincere card. Chances are your dad has done a lot for you and asked for very little in return. Sure you’re grateful, but do you ever take the time to put into words how much you truly appreciate his support? You could even include it in a nice frame with his favorite picture of the two of you.

Home beer kit (for those of us that are 21). If you dad enjoys an occasional cold beer then he would probably enjoy learning the craft, too! Nothing brings a family together like brewing beer, right?

A new phone case. If your dad is anything like mine, then he has been using the same outdated, belt-clip phone case for years. There are lots of new cases online and I’m sure you could find am inexpensive, trendy case that would fit his style.

If all else fails, spend time instead of money. The older we get the busier our lives become. Whether you’re out on your own or still living at home, you probably spend most of your days in class, working, or hanging out with friends. Let your dad know how much you love him by simply spending the afternoon together. The key on this one is to really be present, and not spend the afternoon texting your friends while sitting on the same couch as your dad.

For more fantastic gift ideas be sure to check out our Father’s Day inspired board on Pinterest!

Volunteering Within Your Community

Everyone looks forward to summer vacation – you finally have free time to catch up on some much needed sleep, lay out by the pool, read for fun, and make a little extra cash with an internship or part-time job. As wonderful as this all sounds those last three weeks of the semester when homework is abundant and finals are looming around the corner, having a lot of free time can get really old – fast. As college students, we are accustomed to filling in every second of the day with something to do. Just because the academic part of the school year has ended for a good three months, doesn’t mean that you can’t still be involved in those extracurricular activities that make your college experience so rewarding.  Getting involved within your community during the summer months can be a great way to fill some free time, meet some new people, and have a helping hand in improving the lives of others.

Getting involved in an off campus organization can be rewarding to both yourself as well as the organization. In fact, many non profits rely on the help of college students to help them gain access to a large number of people that in turn allow them to achieve their goals. Depending upon the organization you volunteer for, you could do anything from building homes for those in need through organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, to becoming a role model for a child and ultimately changing their life for the better through programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. Regardless of your interests, there are multiple organizations out there that are making a positive impact in the community, and are looking for your help.

Your involvement doesn’t have to be limited to the summer. Becoming involved in an off campus organization poses a great leadership opportunity for you, while also providing the organization increased exposure to a college campus full of young and enthusiastic individuals. Getting your friends involved and remaining active in the organization once school resumes is a great way to spend your free time, and your involvement in such organizations will have a lasting impact that may shape your future career goals and dreams.

For a list of organizations that are looking for volunteers in your local community check out What organizations have you volunteered for? Let us know!

Why You Should Spend a Beautiful Day Inside

Spring is finally in the air. The days are longer, the temperature is warmer, and the sun is here to stay. Now that summer is right around the corner, it’s hard to resist spending the day outside. However, before you head out into the sunshine for the next few months, taking a day to do some cleaning and organizing from the months you’ve spent inside the house will be well worth it.
Spring Cleaning

The transition from winter to summer is a great opportunity to de-clutter your life. We spend so much time inside during the winter months, and thanks to the holiday season we have a tendency to accumulate more than we need. The summer redirects our attention from our material items indoors, to the simple beauty of the outdoors.

Trading out your thick winter sweater for a t-shirt and pair of shorts can be the greatest feeling in the world. While switching out your wardrobe this spring, take the time to go through and get rid of those winter clothes you haven’t worn in years. Also consider getting rid of those gifts you received that you know you have no use for. Then, take advantage of the nice weather and have a garage sale. You’ll be able to enjoy the weather outside while getting rid of your old things and making a little extra money. Have old books lying around? You can sell those too!


Summertime also rejuvenates our spirit to tackle new projects. If you’re looking for something to do, check out websites like Pinterest or OrgJunkie for fun ideas that will help you organize the items you do have, in fun and unique ways. If you don’t have any need to de-clutter, take time just freshening up your house. Pull back your curtains to let the sun in, and spend your day vacuuming, dusting, and trading out your warm winter sheets for a lighter, more colorful set. Having a clean and organized home will allow you to enjoy the summer even more.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be dreaded. If you use our tips above you can face summer head on with an organized home, a little extra cash in your pocket, and a few new projects to get working on!

What do you do to get organized for the Summer? Let us know in the comments.