Author: Kristin Rogers

Why This School Year Is Going To Be The Best Year Ever

This year is going to be the best one yet for many reasons. I’ve been thinking about it lately and I believe that the year will be all that you make it to be. If you have a positive attitude, this year will be great; all the opportunities are in order for it to be that way.

For starters, this is an election year! I know the advertising and atmosphere around election time is annoying but overall an election is a chance for our country to be able to make use of its right to vote and to have free speech. We are so free in America and an election is almost like a celebration of that, we have the choice to vote change or to stick with who we have previously chosen. Everybody gets their say, and we all decide together.

The next reason might sound cliché but we’re all another year older! This year will automatically be better because not only can we take what we’ve learned with us, but we know what to expect. If you’re a freshman you might have a lot of unknowns but freshman year is exciting and a new start. If you’re older you have experience and can enjoy that. Let’s enjoy these college years and make the most of them.

My final reason that this year is going to be the best is that I want it to be. Sometimes that’s all it takes. My coach talks a lot about expectations; his theory is that if you expect to be great, you will be. I’m applying that to this school year. My mind set is going to be positive and I’m going to work really hard. How could it not be the best if I’m at my best?

Positive thinking, a good attitude, taking advantage of our rights, and what we have learned are all things that are going to propel this year to greatness. Everyone can have the best year ever; we just have to do it. Let’s enjoy 2012. Let’s do well in school. Let’s succeed in our endeavors, because we can.

Fall Fashion 2012

It’s officially back to school time and everyone wants to look fresh! Starting the year off in style is a great way to gain confidence and a cool way to begin a new semester. I’ve noticed a lot of fun trends this fall that I thought would be a good idea to share with all of you.

One of the biggest trends this fall is going to be the colored jeans. Jeans are coming in just about any color imaginable these days. Some of my favorites are the hot pink, white, and bright yellow. Owning colorful jeans is great because it expands your wardrobe in a quick and easy way. When wearing a colorful pair of jeans you add a pop to your outfit and you don’t even need an elaborate shirt. Pair your colored jeans with a basic v neck t-shirt for an easy going, yet cool look.

Flats are back! This semester girls will be sporting anything from Vans to Toms to Sperry’s. Not only are each of these adorable, they’re incredibly comfortable too. Pair your favorite pair of stylish flats with a pair of cuffed jeans and a simple t-shirt.  Enjoy benefiting of walking all over campus in maximum comfort and style.

Un-styled hair is in! The messy look is back and most college girls are digging it. The look saves you time and it gives an effortlessly cool untamed vibe. If you have curly hair, let it curl. If you have wavy hair, bring on the wave. If you have straight hair, shake it out. The key is to let your mane be in charge of its own destiny. If you feel the need for some product a couple spritzes of hairspray of some surf spray should handle it. This look is best sported after a shower and bought to its full potential with a blow dryer. The best news about all of this is there aren’t any bobby pins, teasing, or frustration required!

This fall is going to be cool, effortless, and colorful. Try out some of these laid back styles soon and be prepared to look awesome when you return to campus!

How to Start off School on the Right Foot

Starting off school on the right foot is important to your outlook for the whole year. If you start off doing well, you should be able to keep it up. Go in with a good attitude and work ethic and before you know it you’ll be doing well.

The key to starting off school off right is to make sure you have all the right supplies. Pre-buy your textbooks, print off your syllabuses, and make sure you keep a planner. Having your textbooks and syllabuses ahead of time is great because you can look over them ahead of time and come with questions. Keeping a planner is definitely necessary to being successful in college. It organizes your schedule and keeps all your homework due dates in order if used properly. Most school offer school planners in the bookstore along with all your books, syllabuses can be found online.

Next I like to make sure I actually pay attention in class. It’s hard when you’re allowed to be on laptops the whole time. Read your material ahead of time and try to come up with some way to relate it to your life. If you can find some way to be genuinely interested in what you’re learning you’ll be much better off in the end. Keep good notes and be sure to note how the material can relate to you, it’s important to take good notes and highlight because it will keep you focused as long as you aren’t doodling on your paper instead.

An additional way to get off on the right foot is to eat and sleep well. Eating good solid meals is helpful to your focus and just good for you in general. Add a granola bar to your bag for between classes and keep water in your bag for hydration. Along with eating be sure to sleep really well so you’re not falling asleep throughout the day. Getting a proper night’s sleep is important to your health and focus in class.

Follow these three tricks to starting the year and you should start it off right. If you try and come prepared and stay focused in class you should be off on the right foot. School is exciting at first and it is hard to stay focused but it’s possible with a little determination and hard work to have a good time and do well in classes. Best of luck!

Quick Pick Me Ups for When You’re Stuck Home Sick

Last week I was sick for two days straight. It was terrible. While the sun was shining outside on a beautiful summer day and while my friends spent the day tubing down the river, I was left to fend for myself in a sad and sick world of reruns and chicken noodle soup. While I spent the first day of my sickness in a mopey and depressing mood, I spent my second day trying to find new ways to have a good day and pick myself up out of this misery of an illness.

I realized I needed fresh air. My dog and I drove down to a local park and took a walk along a trail. I was instantly cheered. I didn’t run or do anything to make myself sicker, I just took some time, breathed some fresh air, and enjoyed the sunshine. I believe getting out of the house can definitely pick you up.

When it came time for dinner I decided soup was no longer my friend. The meal that could cheer me up would include pancakes and some freshly scrambled eggs. Eating breakfast for dinner is something that can always put a smile on my face, and after all of the soup I’d eaten in the last couple days, it really hit the spot. Switching up your “sick diet” for something you really enjoy is always a pick me up.

When the night came to a close I decided reruns weren’t my thing. What could make me happier than an old childhood favorite? That’s when I decided it was a Space Jam kind of night. I watched the entire movie and I loved every minute of it. Not only did I really want to go play a game of basketball, but I started to really feel better.

Sometimes the mental part of being sick can leave you feeling worse than ever. If you can find a few little things to do that you know will cheer you up, I believe you’ll be feeling better faster. Next time you’re sick, give it a try!

The Roses and Thorns of Summer 2012

I have to credit the idea of this blog to my high school newspaper. Every month, they would release the paper which included the roses and thorns from that month. I always enjoyed reading this section of the paper and I thought it’d be fun to make my own edition for the summer.

I will begin with the thorns from this summer in order to leave the best thoughts for last. The first thorn I have for the summer of 2012 is the excessive heat. As most of you have probably gotten to experience, the sun has been more than friendly lately. This is a picture from just today around the nation. It’s just plain hot.

The second thorn I have for the summer 2012 are the wildfires. Due to the current drought, there have been a number of fires this summer including a mass of wildfires in Colorado making it the worst fire season there in a decade! Many homes have been lost due to these fires and it has been a huge thorn. The third thorn I have is the political advertising. You can’t currently watch tv without viewing an add of one politician bashing another, definitely a thorn. Now that we’ve talked about three thorns, lets move onto the roses!

The first rose is the olympics! Not only have I enjoyed watching the trials, but I am counting down until the 27th of July for the opening day. There is nothing better than watching your countries greatest athletes compete against other countries for a chance at the gold. The second rose I have is releated to roses, ABC’s The Bachelorette has been going on and for any of you who have been following, it’s been a great season. Emily Maynard had a selection of 25 gorgious men and has narrowed it all the way down to two.The final episode is set to air in the 3 hour special this Sunday the 22nd. The final rose I have for this summer is all the free time I’ve gained to spend with family and friends. Being home for the summer has been wonderful. Spending time with family and old friends is just what the doctor ordered to refresh and recharge before heading back to school, I hope many of you have had that same opportunity.

I hope my edition of roses and thorns helped you to think about what has been the good and the bad of your summer. Make the most of what’s left of summer before school starts, and try to make more roses!

Beautiful Nails You Can Do On Your Own!

It’s summertime and that means it’s time for beautiful nails. Flip flops only look cute when your nails are painted! But what college student has the money to pay for constant Mani’s and Pedi’s? There are so many ways that you can make pretty nails on your own and with a budget. Here’s how.

The first thing you could do is invest in some Sally Hansen “hard as nails” nail polish. Not only is this nail polish affordable but it goes on smooth and with great quality. These polishes come in all the trendy colors and are under $3 a piece.

I recently discovered a new technique to beautiful nails at home. One of my friends always had her nails done with these crazy designs but she never went to a salon. I couldn’t figure out how she did it until one day I decided to ask. She told me they were stickers but I couldn’t bring myself to believe her until I saw it for myself, this was too good to be true! They are called Sally Hansen “salon effects.” This is the biggest breakthrough in home style nails I’ve ever seen. You literally stick them on and then trim the excess. They come in a variety of different patterns and styles; you’ll have all your friends believing that the nail salon is your second home. You much try these out!

We’ve all probably heard of the crackle nail polish, but isn’t it amazing? You paint your nails a solid color and then place the crackle polish over the top of it. Watch as the crackle polish breaks and creates cool designs on your nails. This is an easy solution to quick and beautiful nails.

Lately I have taken it upon myself to create the glitter effect. Often glitter nail polishes don’t hold a color. They go on clear and have glitter mixed in. I have discovered that if you paint your nails a solid color and then sprinkle basic glitter over them just as you would in art class with glue, the glitter will dry into the wet polish and look fabulous. Apply top coat for longer lasting nails. Also, adding the glitter instantly makes your nails dry faster!

The final nail effect I learned comes from one of my roommates. You choose any color and literally just paint the top tip of your nail (the white part) and then you let it dry. Once dry you place a little bit of nail polish remover on the end of a Q-tip. Run the edge of the Q-tip under the bottom of the tip of your nail to create a straight and pretty line, like a French manicure. Apply the top coat and allow your nails to dry.

These are the nail tips I’ve been using all summer. I hope you have found one you’d like to try! Enjoy your beautiful salon nails at home while saving your money for other things, like school! Have a good one!

How to Fight an Athletic Injury

Being injured as an athlete is the most frustrating thing. No one wants to watch their teammates practice and play knowing that they physically can’t do it. Once you’re injured it’s hard to know your boundaries and what your body can and can’t handle. Depending on the injury, your trainer will usually have some sort of rehab for you to help recover. There are a few things you can do on your own.

The first thing you can and the key to healing any injury is rest. Although you might feel tougher fighting through it, rest sometimes solves everything. Your body will somewhat recover naturally if you don’t push it too hard too soon. When I was a freshman in high school I got shin splints. I didn’t want to stop running so I fought through it eventually turning it into a stress fracture. The stress fracture had me out for three months. If I would have rested when I got shin splints I could have saved myself those three months with a stress fracture.

The next key of advice I have is to ICE, Ice often and stretch often. Recovery is just as important as a workout. Especially if you are already injured, Icing can really help you heal. It’s as simple as putting a band aid on a cut, you just ice where it hurts to heal and ice where it doesn’t to prevent. Stretching is another important part of healing. Keeping your muscles loose helps you from getting tight and allows you to heal faster.

The last part that you can do on your own is mental. It’s important as an athlete that you stay in the game mentally even if you can’t physically be a part of it.  Remember what motions feel like and what you do to get going before a game. Continue to cheer on your teammates as if you were about to step onto the field and do your part. Anything you can do to remain all there mentally will help you. Never take yourself out of the game because of an injury and mentally separate yourself from the game or your teammates.

I know how hard an injury can be. Keep up with what your doctors and trainers give you but also do what you can do on your own. Stay positive, hydrated, and mentally focused. You’ll be better in no time!

Young and Married: The Latest Craze!

I’ve noticed lately a common theme among young couples, marriage! I personally know of four couples that are currently engaged/married that are 21 years of age or younger. One of the most popular young engagements right now is the engagement of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus is currently 19 years old while Hemsworth is 22. Young marriage seems to be either very promising or a very bad idea.

My grandparents were married when they were both 19 years old and this summer they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I have learned by watching them that sometimes you just know when you’re young. If a young person can truly commit to the one they love and bypass their “wild 20’s”, they can usually make things last. Some may view it as a rush to grow up or a young and naive decision, but I see it as an early promise, one that most often cannot be broken.

Most people that get married young were high school sweethearts. Because they started dating younger, they often get married younger. If you think about it, if a high school relationship started let’s say, junior year, and it survived all the way through college before tying the knot, the relationship would technically be a six year commitment before a ring was even involved. This same couple could marry right after graduation at age 22. To the world, this couple seems very young. To this couple, it’s been six years.

Obviously it’s true that some young marriages don’t last, but isn’t that with any marriage? I have learned that age isn’t a factor, it’s just the love that you have for one another. Anyone who says someone is too young to love is clueless; anyone can fall in love it’s just whether or not they make the decision to hold on and fight for it. It’s never easy to go into college with a relationship and come out with the same relationship; it’s a choice to put love over anything else: distance, a wild time, being free. It’s a choice that says my relationship is worth everything and I’d do anything to see it through. Young love is a beautiful thing, as clique as that sounds, it’s absolutely true.

The four couples I know of that are young and either engaged/ married and four of the happiest couples I know. One was married a year ago last week when she was only 19. I know she wouldn’t trade her decision for the world. The other three will be married within the next two years all before they’re 22. They’re all happily planning their weddings and enjoying their lives with each other. I am sure that all of these couple will be eternally happy together. No matter what the skepticism is about young love, it’s not something to worry about. When you meet the right person I guess you just know, whether you’re 16, 21, or 35.

Quick Shape Up in Time for Vacation!

Vacation is approaching fast and you want to look your best. Here’s how to shape up quickly and healthily before you depart.

Try cutting a few simple things out of your diet the week before you go for a quick slim down. Things to cut could include: sweets, soda, condiments, and chips. Sweets, chips and soda are obviously bad for you. Especially if you are a loyal soda drinker or candy lover, you will notice a difference right away by cutting them out. I cut condiments a lot of times because they are just extra calories. Eating dry food saves some calories. Mustard is okay because it doesn’t have any calories but if you can manage to cut mayo, jams and jellies, cream cheese, or sour cream, you’ll be saving a lot of extra calories.

Try adding fruits, veggies, and water. By adding a lot of fruits and veggies you’ll still be able to eat a lot and feel full, but they won’t stick on your stomach. Drinking a lot of water will help you to feel full and hydrated faster and it will save the calories from other beverages. I have heard that if you drink a glass of water before you eat, you are likely to eat less and feel full quicker.

Do a lot of cardio. Try running for short amounts of time or even walking. Sometimes even lightweight lifting can be considered cardio if you use light enough weight and do a lot of reps. Many people enjoy biking or swimming laps as well. Find something you enjoy that can get your heart rate up and do it every day for 30 minutes. Cardio combined with a slight altering of your diet will instantly shape you up.

Finally, work those abs! YouTube has a million ab videos to help you get started. A lot of times it’s easier to have someone telling you what to do and counting for you to keep you from moving too fast or rushing. One of my favorite videos is called “thin q fitness ten minute abs.” This video is literally just ten minutes and it always makes my abs feel awesome. I encourage you to try this one or find another video you enjoy with an instructor you like. Doing abs every other day is an important part of shaping up quickly.

I hope these tips will help you to feel great in time for vacation. You’ll be sure to look amazing in you swim suit after applying each of them. Remember, you can’t just do one. A combination of diet, cardio, and muscle work is what it takes to really shape up quick. You can do it!


Why Pets Should be Allowed in the Dorms

Pets should be allowed in college dorms. Pets are your companion and your protector. The only reasons I can think of for why pets aren’t allowed in the dorms currently are pet allergies among roommates, the messiness of a pet, and possibly liability issues. I think that when students apply for campus living they should include any pet allergies they have and then they should not be roomed with someone who is planning on having that type of pet. Obviously whatever mess your pet creates would be your responsibility to clean up. Along with that responsibility would come another which includes making sure your pet is behaving and not a threat to you or any other student.

The main argument for pets being allowed into dormitories is the fact that pets are our friends. If I were allowed to bring my dog to college it would be great! I would come home to that happy bark and those dependent eyes and I would be so happy to have him there. Whenever I needed a quick pick me up him could do the trick. Although I obviously know that my friends could give me a pick me up as well, no one is quite like a good dog. The thing about a dog is they’re great listeners and they never interrupt. J

Another huge point is that pets are our protectors. I feel 100X safer when my dog is at home with me. I do not like being alone in my house especially at night. There have also been cases with armed robberies in dorm rooms and I know that with a “guard dog,” nobody would mess with me! I’d feel safer when alone, definitely, if my dog were one of my roommates. I think allowing pets would decrease campus crime overall and it would add a special touch to campus that students usually only get when they’re at home.

In conclusion, pets should be allowed on campus because there is no good reason why they shouldn’t. I’m sure many of us would love to come home to our dorm and have our favorite pet waiting there for us. I know allowing pets on campus would make my home feel homier and it would make me feel safer when alone. Pets should definitely be allowed in the dorms.