Author: Tia Harvey

How to Deal with College Stress in 5 Minutes

How to Deal with College Stress in 5 Minutes

I wish someone had warned me how stressful college can be. No one tells you about all the bad parts of college, only the fun parts like tailgates. Especially that the stress level gets bigger and bigger each passing year. Between juggling school, work and attempting some type of social life, there is also extracurricular activities like clubs and sports.

I’ve had my fair share of meltdowns and panic attacks from all the stress and worrying about the stress will (I can guarantee) make it worse. Most of the time our stress is from thinking about what we need to do instead of actually doing it. I’m not saying that we don’t have a lot to do but instead of trying to avoid all the stress, sometimes its better to face it head on. To get me through these times, I follow these tips that can take only minutes to do, to help me survive this.

Just Breathe

Take a quick second to reevaluate yourself and just breathe. Everything can be overwhelming at times but in those moments, you need to take a step back. Sometimes we take on too much in college and take a moment to breathe can give you clarity on how to handle stress.

Eat a Snack

The act of eating something can decompress stress levels and boost energy levels overall. Sometimes when we are also feeling a little tired, the act of chewing can refresh our bodies and wake us up.

Listen to Music

I am a big music junkie, I need music for everything I do like the showering, driving in the car, and even during studying. Music provides to me what TV does for other people. It clears my mind and it makes a good background noise for when its too quiet without the distractions of TV images. Music is a great way to get lost and let your mind take a break when you need to.

Smell Something Soothing

I don’t personally do this but I have friends that will spray something or go smell something to calm their nerves. I don’t know if this fully helps but I figured I would add it in, what do you got to lose? The scent of something like citrus or vanilla calms your senses and allow aromatherapy to work. Maybe we need to stop and smell the roses sometime to remind us to relax.

Take a Walk

I hate exercising like everyone else (probably more than everyone else) but a quick walk or run can be just what you need to clear your mind. Taking a break from the stress, your body will feel energized again. I tend to take walks a lot around campus with friends to mostly vent about stress or to enjoy the view.


It may seem silly but laughter can really be the best medicine. Laughing can boost your immune system and gives your mind break to think enjoy something other than all the work. Laughter can instantly makes my day better and makes my mood lighter and happier.

I truly believe the stress we face in college is the most stressful period in our lives. Hopefully these tips will help you or help someone else. Comment below and tell me how you deal with stress!

Easy Ways to Help Save the Planet

This past week, I started my online class for the summer about World Ecology Problems. To break it down, we basically debate and post about environmental problems. One of the first assignments was to watch a video called How to be Green Without being Prick. To sum it up, the guy in the video discusses that until people become educated and more aware, we can’t help save the planet.

We don’t realize how much of a direct influence we have on the environment. The video got me thinking about how I could do my part. Even in college right now, we can make slight adjustments to improve our ecological footprint. Below are some of the changes we can make to be more environmentally friendly.

What Can You Do to Help Out?

Easy Ways to Help Save the Planet

  • Lighting: Change your light bulbs to more energy efficient ones: they seem expensive, but they last up to 5x longer than regular bulbs so they pay off in the long run.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: It seems so simple but its easier to forget to recycle items like paper products and plastic containers. Reduce the amount of spending such as buying cases of water bottles and switched to a reusable water bottle. Instead of throwing away random items like clothes and furniture, consider up cycling them.
  • Be Aware: Be conscious to saving energy like setting your thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter or for air conditioner a few degrees higher in the summer. Cutting down the time in the shower can save energy and also the amount of water usage as well.
  • Power Down: To go with saving energy, making sure to turn off lights when you leave a room. We all have been guilty of leaving a light on here and there and it does add up! Also consider trying to unplug any electronics and appliances when you’re not in the room.
  • Transportation: this may be an easier change due the fact as college students, we tend to walk everywhere. One way to go a step above that is car pooling to places like the grocery store or to work with coworkers.

With these simple changes in your daily routine, it not only will save Earth’s environment but I hope make you feel empowered to spread the word! Have other earth-saving tips? Leave them in the comments below!

Chicago Bucket List for the Summer

Moving from a small town to a big city can be scary even if its just temporarily. For the summer I have the opportunity to live in Chicago and explore the wonderful city. With limited time and only two months left, I’m determined to make the most of time I have here. Coming from a small town, I have a ton of appreciation for all the activities you can do here daily. There’s always a festival on the weekends, tons of restaurants to check out and plenty of sight seeing to do. Although my ultimate goal was to walk the street of Chicago like a real Chicagoan (do people use that term?) and not look like a tourist, lost and scared out of their mind.

I’ve always dreamed of living in Chicago from a young age. There’s something about a big city with endless possibilities that always captured my eye and ever since I have found any excuse to visit. Now that I’m here, through googling my heart out and checking out Instagram accounts like Chicagobucketlist , I have created my one of a kind bucket list personalized for me.  With so much to see I have narrowed down a few of my summer goals for the Windy City!

My Chicago Bucket List

Go to a Cubs and White Sox game (I feel like this is a must)Chicago Bucket List

See a Broadway Show

Yoga in Millennium Park

Rock climbing in Maggie Daley Park

Lincoln Park Zoo

Go Sailing on Lake Michigan and see the night fireworks

Visit the Navy Pier and ride the ferris wheel


Go to as many rooftop restaurant brunches as possible

See the night life

 Watch turtle racing at Big Joe’s


So if you’re in the Windy City like me, comment below and tell me what is on your Chicago Bucket list!

4 Ways to Save Money During Summer

save money

As a current college student, I definitely know the struggle of not having a lot of money. It can be a sensitive subject for me, especially when I’m talking about it with my parents. During the summer, college students are expected to find and maintain a job to earn money but sometimes I think parents forget how hard it is to find a job. It’s not as easy as you think! You don’t always luck out and get the first job you apply for. Sometimes it will take time but until that job comes around. Here are some ways that I have managed to spend less and save money this summer.

1. Budget

I cannot stress enough how important budgeting can be. So much money can be wasted if you don’t look carefully in to how much you spend daily, weekly, or even monthly. Making some type of budget to stick with and checking it continuously can make the difference on having $20 leftover or having $200 leftover when the summer comes to an end.

2. Plan ahead

In the summer, it is so easy to swept up by random events that you want to go to like concerts or making a trip with friends somewhere. Just like budgeting, you need to plan wisely how to use your money especially if there ends up being surprised bills later on that you aren’t ready for like car problems or parking tickets. Having planned set aside money can take some stress off of spending money on bills later on knowing you had planned ahead accordingly.

3. Use Your Resources

It so easy (I’m definitely guilty of it) to spend money on things simple things like coffee or eating out for lunch when using the resources you have at home can a cheaper alternative. Making coffee at home or making dinner at home can cut out those extra expenditures that you think won’t hurt your bank account but added up monthly can leave a serious dent in your pocket.

4. Never Impulse Buy

So much money can easily disappear when you buy something spontaneously. Sure in the moment you might really like those cool pair of shoes are worth it but in the end you probably already have a pair just like it at home. Taking out the impulse purchases and cutting back can be life lessons in college that help us out in the long run.

Hopefully these tips can help you save money this summer. Comment below with more ways to save!

Me Before You Movie Anticipation

me before you movie banner

The time has finally come, the new movie Me Before You is about to come out on Friday, June 3rd. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can watch the Me Before You Trailer on YouTube. Watching the trailer, you hear Ed Sheerans Photograph start to play and I’m already sold. The obsession I have for this book/movie is unreal. If you have been living under a rock, I’ll break it down for you. To sum it up, the main character Louisa becomes a caregiver for a guy name Will who is paralyzed from the neck down and the movie is all about their relationship journey it takes them both on. It doesn’t hurt that also the main male lead Sam Claflin isn’t hard to look at either.

I stumbled upon this book last year sometime, strolling through Target. I fell in love with the author Jojo Moyes when I read another one of her books, The Last Letter from Your Lover. She captivated my romantic heart with a strong female lead searching for love. When I start to read any book, I cannot put it down until I finish it so I finished Me Before You in a matter of hours.

I hate to admit it but I am one of those people that actually tear up when reading a good book or I’m bawling my eyes out in theaters by myself. I can’t resist watching a movie or reading a book that captivate my emotions. So whether you read the book (which I highly suggest) or watch the movie, you can’t go wrong with either choice but make sure you get to experience Jojo Moyes amazing creation! This movie is perfect for a girl’s night out and a good cry and I am a total sucker for a total chick flick, tug at your heartstrings kind of movie.

Currently pre-ordering my tickets now. Make sure to get yours too! After you go see the movie or read the book, comment below with what you thought!