13 Best Halloween Reads of the Season

kill shot coverIf you’re anything like the typical college student, you LOVE Halloween! There is nothing better than dressing up and celebrating with friends. But Halloween is more than just costumes and pumpkin carving. This is the best time of year to let yourself get caught up in a spooky, suspense filled novel that will get you in the Halloween spirit. Here are a few of our favorite Halloween reads that you can find right here on Knetbooks.com.

1. Hidden Order by Brad Thor: Well known author Brad Thor knew what he was doing when he wrote this thriller. This book is great for those who love action and suspense.

2. The Whispers by John Connolly: A thriller from the Charlie Parker series, this text will have readers on the edge of their seat reading about underground smuggling operations, drugs and powerful ancient evil.

3. Extinction by Mark Alpert: Soldier-turned-scientist Jim Pierce must find his daughter who has gone MIA because she was able to crack a serious military secret and is being hunted by a Chinese assassin.

4. Black List by Brad Thor: The black list is a guarded list only seen by the president and his secret team of advisers. When your name is on it, you don’t come off until you’re dead. Scot Horvath, counterterrorism operative, must find out who has added his name to the list and have it removed before he gets killed.

5. Kill Shot by Vince Flynn: This is one you have to read for yourself. This intense thriller details the adventure of CIA hit man Mitch Rapp who is being targeted for taking out some of the most dangers criminals in France.

cemetery lake6. The Hanging by Soren and Lotte Hammer: This suspense filled novel details the mystery of several local murders that turn a small town into a sinister, secretive place.

7. Her Last Breath by Linda Castillo: What appears to be a tragic car accident turns into a potentially much more sinister, targeted hit of an Amish deacon and his three children.

8. Cemetery Lake by Paul Cleave: This thriller is not your everyday “flawed hero” story. Full of mystery and surprises, Cemetery Lake will keep you guessing the whole time you’re reading.

9. A Simple Act of Violence by R.J. Ellory: Ellory’s best serial killer novel will keep readers enthralled in the mystery of several Washington D.C. murders.

10. Safe House by Chris Ewan: This thriller shows that even the closest knit communities can hide dangerous secrets.

11. Blood Game by David Lyons: Federal Judge Jock Boucher has two men’s deaths on his hands and has found himself in mortal danger. This suspense filled thriller will not disappoint.

12. The Killing Hour by Paul Cleve: Once you pick up this suspenseful thriller you won’t be able to put it down. Filled with murder, romance and mystery, this novel is one of our favorites.

13. The Survivors Club by Lisa Garden: Three women who were able to overcome being victims by helping to catch the man who changed their live forever, are now suspects in his vicious murder. This suspense filled book will keep you guessing the whole time you read it.

The scariest read of all? Your college textbooks! Take the terror out of ordering books when you find great deals and rent your books from Knetbooks.com I hope this list helped you to find the perfect read to fit your frightful fancy. Have any other suggestions of thrilling, suspense filled Halloween reads you think others might like?

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