Calling All Guys—I Need Advice

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m mad at you, so now what do you do?

In movies, on TV, and sometimes even in songs, you see or hear about flowers. Girls get them on Valentine’s Day, on their birthday, or just when you’re feeling thoughtful, at least that’s what I always thought was the case.

Until recently, that is.

Here’s what’s up for debate: Are flowers a nice gesture—a gift for a person to say any number of things—“I love you”, “I’m thinking about you”, “I miss you”, “You’re great”. Or, are flowers your “get out of jail free card” when you forget something, can’t find a present, or worse, you did something wrong?

I always thought they were just a nice gesture—a bright mix of color and smells just to show you care. But some people think differently. My boyfriend bought me flowers a couple of weeks ago. They were beautiful. There was no occasion, no anniversary, no birthday. They were just a sweet way to show he cared. But at the store when he picked them out the clerk and several customers asked, “well son, what’d you do?”

He was confused. He didn’t do anything, did he? What was he sorry for?

He had no idea why everyone read so much into it. He was just doing something nice. He knows that I love flowers, as most girls do. There are some that find them cheesy. Say my mom for example. She argues, why have flowers when you could have a gift card? Flowers die, gift cards spread joy and well, a free snack. And you can’t eat flowers.

But regardless of who likes them and who doesn’t, I need to know how they are viewed. What do you think about flowers? Girls see bright colors, a sweet gesture, and a chance to be the envy of all of her friends. What do guys think? Are you just being thoughtful, or are you trying to make up for something, and saying it with roses?

Leave your comments below—let’s get to the bottom of this!