Clutter to Classic: The T-Shirt Quilt

The final month countdown to school consists of many things:  deciding what to pack, going through your belongings to size them down, and quite a few other routines.  If this is your first time leaving for college, especially, you might feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to prepare.

Something I have found extremely valuable while away at college is a very simple item—but one that provides me with a lot of memories while I’m away.  It’s a T-shirt quilt.  I was going through some old clothes I wanted to get rid of before returning to school, and suddenly the idea popped into my head.  I researched online to find companies that you could send your old T-shirts to, that would then make them into a quilt.  It was a great way to preserve the shirts that were taking up space in my dressers because I never wore them anymore, but that I still wanted to hold onto for sentimental reasons.

After some very meticulous research, I came across The Quilt Loft.  They charged you by the T-shirt, so you could control how expensive it would be to send everything off.  They charged a deposit onto my credit card first and then took the rest of the money from the sale after they had already shipped the finished quilt to me.  Compared to many other companies, The Quilt Loft was the least expensive and they did an amazing job!  Check out the first photo of the professionally done quilt I received from them.


I eventually ended up finding more T-shirts and, instead of spending more money to have them made into another quilt, I made my own!  I already had a black throw I wasn’t using at home, so I cut and sewed the shirts onto them.  Then I bought another black throw and quilt batting from the local craft store and sewed it all together.  The second photo is of my own homemade quilt! 

Having these two quilts at school is a great way to remind me of home when I’m away.  They’re also quite useful for taking naps when I’ve had a long day!  Sometimes if you don’t want to use the quilt on your bedspread, you can even hang it on your wall as decoration.

Obviously, when you compare both of the quilts, the professionally made product is nicer, but I would say my handmade quilt is a close second, especially in terms of comfort.  I really love both of my T-shirt quilts, and now I have loads of memories that have been converted into practical, everyday items.

Some things to consider when looking at quilting companies:

-How do they charge you?  Is all of the payment upfront or is it in increments?

-How big do you want your quilt to be?  If the company charges by the T-shirt, be sure to be reasonable with your own price range when deciding which shirts to send.

-What extras would you want?  Sashing is when there is a type of “border” around each shirt, instead of having the shirts sewn right next to one another.  This usually costs more.

As you can see from the first photo, my professional quilt has sashing and is 3×4 shirts in width and length.  The total for my quilt was $159, compared to $300+ for the same thing from other companies.  It was an investment in something I will definitely value for years to come.

Click the link below to experience The Quilt Loft for yourself!


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