College Student Probs: Attendance- Should It Be Part of My Grade?

You almost made that A in biology last semester; your exam average was a 90%, homework 93%, but your attendance was an 82% because you didn’t attend four recitations. Did you deserve your B?

In other words, has your grade ever suffered because of attendance? Maybe you had a professor who marked you absent if your phone went off or if you were more than 10 minutes late.

And some classes, which contain 400 students, do not count attendance because it’s just not practical.

Should attendance be part of your grade in college? 

No, attendance shouldn’t be part of my grade.

Usually, students who do well in a class also attend class. However, if that student doesn’t attend class enough to make an A, yet manages to do well on exams and homework assignments, attendance shouldn’t matter. Then, it seems pointless that the student in front of you stays in class and does nothing but surf Facebook just to get credit for attendance. We’re all grown ups here, and it’s your choice to show up or not. Your alarm didn’t go off. You got 3 hours of sleep. Your cat died. Neither of those reasons is considered an excused absence, but life happens.

Yes, attendance should be part of my grade.

Maybe you don’t want a student who misses half the time and makes a higher grade than you. Also, attendance can be an easy boost to your grade if attendance is not a problem for you.

Whether you’re satisfied or unsatisfied with the attendance policy of your classes, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Many colleges leave attendance to the discretion of the professor; make sure you read your syllabus.
  • If you strongly believe the attendance policy is unfair, you could always try to persuade your professor otherwise, or consult with staff above the professor.
  • If a lot of things are going on, or your life is falling apart, tell the professor. It doesn’t hurt if they are sympathetic and happy to help you get caught up.
  • Pop quizzes may be a sneaky way some professors implement an attendance policy.
  • Extra credit is often given in class if half the classroom appears empty.



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