The Top Apps No College Student Should Live Without


Our generation has time and time again been labeled as technology obsessed young adults. Our elders often scold us for always being on our phones and tablets. We are constantly criticized for not paying attention and spending too much time downloading the newest apps or creating a profile on some hip, new social media site. However, over 70% of high school graduates in 2012 enrolled in a college or university, and more of us than ever are actually graduating college and going into a high paying career field. Say what you want, baby boomer generation, but in my opinion, our generation isn’t doing so bad. Although technology often gets a bad rep, for the modern day college student, it is a useful resource that can make all of our lives MUCH easier. Check out these top rated apps that every college student should have.

Quizlet: It’s no secret that no matter how early you start studying, you’ll still end up waking up at the crack of dawn the morning before a test wishing you had studied more. The Quizlet app allows students to access flashcards and many other study tools from their phones that they can use for test preparation on the go.

My Fitness Pal: Fight off the freshman 15 with this handy application. Track calorie intake, exercise times and even receive support from other users trying to lose or maintain their weight.

Mobile Banking: This is a big one for us college students. If your bank has a mobile app, make sure you have it! I have the PNC Virtual Wallet app and I would be completely lost without it. You can transfer money between your accounts, check your balance in real time and even get quick cash from mom and dad!

Mixologist: Aka free bartending classes. This app has unlimited drink recipes in various categories that will liven up any party. My personal favorites? The low calorie and holiday drinks categories.

GroupMe: To those without iPhones, this app is a life saver. Before I got the 5s, I was a droid user and hated when I would get added to an iPhone created group message. They came to me in separate, annoying tests that drove me crazy! With GroupMe, you can stay in the group text loop without needing an iPhone and without wanting to pull out your hair. It’s also great for group projects or to talk to more than 10 people at once. My sorority pledge class has one to help us all stay in the loop!

Moocho: This fairly new app is gaining popularity quickly among the college scene. Moocho is made specifically for saving college students time and money.

Groupon: Whether you’re looking for a cheap spring break getaway or the best deal on a massage, the Groupon app is tailored around saving you money on your favorite products and services.

I personally have each of these apps and don’t know how I survived before them. Know of any more awesome apps that college students shouldn’t be living without? Let us know in the comments section below.