College Student Probs: Homework Help Apps

iPhones are useful for many things: Internet surfing, FaceTime, Instagram, Temple Run… But did you know they can also boost your grade?

Here are a few apps that can make classes and other responsibilities less of a headache for you:

  • iHomework:
    iHomework is an app for iPhone and iPad and costs $0.99. It is basically an electronic agenda or planner, so it’s less for you to remember in your head. You can record your assignments that are due that week or month, record your grades, list your classes, class times, and links to reading sections. The app also calculates your grade.
  • Free Graphing Calculator:
    Speaking of calculating, this app may save you some money by performing some functions that an expensive graphing calculator may do. It can square root, cube root, nth root, natural log, graph up to four equations at once, convert units, contains constants for scientific calculations for physics, and more.
  • Quick Homework Help:
    This free app, along with a Brightstorm membership, gives you access to 3,000 videos in math, science, humanities, instant math answers, and test prep. The videos are categorized by textbooks or subjects and are made by teachers. It’s a way to clear up some things or review before an exam on your own time.
  • Evernote:
    This is another free app that lets you create and sync notes, save and share files, record audio notes, and create to-do-lists. It’s also useful for things outside the classroom, such as grocery shopping and keeping track of bills and receipts.

There are a lot more apps and websites out there that can help reduce stress and clutter. But let’s be honest here: What you really want is to be able to beat your score on Temple Run in between reading your class notes without doing more than lifting your thumb.