College Student Probs: It’s Tough Being Fashionable

Ages ago, in my middle school years (okay, and maybe the first half of my high school years), although I wouldn’t be aware of this until years later, I wasn’t exactly the best-dressed… At age 13, I still shopped at Limited Too and thought I was cool. In my Abercrombie and Fitch days, I only bought tops with the brand name on the front and thought $55 for an originally $70 sweater was a good deal.

Anyway, let’s fast-forward to now (pleeease). Though I do occasionally have my days where I give up on looking presentable, and I don’t read fashion magazines, I do have my own style (thanks, Pinterest) and put more thought into a purchase than the brand name. Because I generally want to look and present myself decently. Especially for class.

Apparently I am one of the 0.5% of students on campus who feel this way. I mean, as I’m walking to class, literally all I see is: T-shirts. Hoodies. Workout shorts. Yoga pants. Jeans. Tennis shoes. Every girl is dressed for a workout at the gym! Last I checked, most girls consider their workout walking to class (guilty).

So I’m looking down at my little self, in my flowy cold-shoulder top, maxi skirt, and wedges thinking, What’s the point? Is it even worth taking the time or money to put together outfits I find cute, when no one even cares about her own outfit?

Because, ladies, let’s be real. We don’t dress up to necessarily impress the boys. We dress up to impress or keep up with the girls. Don’t believe me? Have you ever texted your girlfriend, “What are you wearing?” so you avoid being over- or under-dressed? Have you gotten ready with a friend to go out, see her outfit, and decide to change because you look stupid next to her? I know I’m not the only one!

So one day I tone it down, and decide to wear a denim button-down with rolled up sleeves and white shorts. And someone still asked me what I’m dressed up for! Seriously?

Should I really feel a little silly or out of place because I try to be the tiniest bit of fashionable? Or should I embrace the fact that I stand out because of expression of my personality through my appearance?

And if that wasn’t enough, how do I know what to wear when it’s 89 degrees outside, but 59 degrees in half of my classrooms? How can I straighten my hair if it’s raining or super humid (so… every day)?

Such a tough life, huh.

Well, to any of you who feel my pain (if you’re out there in Kentucky, I’d like to shake your hand), I think I’ve come to my conclusion:

You know how whenever you actually style your hair or wear a dress, you usually feel better about yourself, and you have a better day? I think we should be good to ourselves by clothing ourselves with confidence and readiness for the long day ahead. I’m not saying we should dress like we’re on the runway, and looks are certainly not what’s most important. But flaunting a little style -not necessarily skin- doesn’t hurt. (Just resist the urge to rock your Steve Madden stilettos every day.)