Freshmen Year ‘Don’t Miss’ Campus Events

Freshmen Year 'Don't Miss' Campus Events

Every year at every university there are various campus events that no freshman should miss out on. For any incoming freshmen wondering what to do with their time, here’s a list of some great events that you need to see for yourself:

Homecoming Football Game

I’m using the term homecoming lightly here. Some schools have special high turnouts for the very first football game of the school year, while others focus more on their homecoming game later in the semester. At my University, a huge blue and yellow parade of freshmen traditionally marches across the campus all the way to the stadium for the first game of the year. The phenomenon is not one to miss, and especially not one to miss being a part of!

Fall Semester Concert

For some students, this might be their first concert all together, but whether it’s your first, or hundredth, I highly recommend going to your school’s fall show, no matter who the performer is. Go with a group of friends, relax and have fun!

Club Fair

For many schools, there will only be one of these a year, so don’t miss out! Even if you don’t think you have any interest in campus organizations at all, you might find one, or a dozen, that you’ve never heard of before and want to try. One thing to keep in mind is that even if you sign up for a club at the fair, you are not committed. If you’re even remotely interested in the concept of an organization or its cause, just go to its first meeting, and find out for yourself.

Syllabus Week

Unfortunately, this isn’t a fun occasion, but don’t let any upperclassmen convince you this first week doesn’t matter for classes. Many professors will begin work the first week of class, and you may even start learning new material. Don’t skip this!

Any Freshmen Specific Events

There’s a very wide variety of these little get-togethers, and yes, some of them may be boring. However, most are not. They offer a great chance for you to start getting to know your classmates early, so don’t miss out!

College schedules vary greatly, so check out your university’s website to see what is happening on campus! Nothing fun ever happened to the guy who stayed home every day, and you’ll always remember your freshman year, so start making some good memories! For other freshman year must haves don’t forget to check out our Quick List here. Know of any unique or interesting events hosted by your school? Tell us about them below in our comments section.

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