Gift Ideas on a College Budget

As a college student, there comes a time where the word gift meets the word budget. Every broke college student knows that coming up with gift ideas for friends and family is very difficult when you’re short on money. You don’t have that much money when you’re in college, but you want to show that your gift means something that people can cherish. Consider what alternatives are available. Should you just not buy a gift for anyone? Should you wait to find better deals?

There are lots of questions to ask and consider. Personally, I have gone through a lot of decisions when thinking about what to buy for others, because no one wants a gift that they will just throw in their closet, only to never see the light of day again. It’s tough and there may be some people you just cannot please. Follow these 5 smart shopping tips when considering what presents to buy for friends and family while your pockets seem a little less deep than usual.

Price is Not Priority

holiday gift ideas - priceObviously you don’t have a lot of money, so the first thing you should accept is that the price of your present is not what makes it special. Budget out how much you will spend for each gift by starting with how much money you have to spend on gifts total and dividing that by how many people you have to buy for. If you have someone who you wish to spend more or less on, adjust accordingly.

Make it Meaningful

holiday gift ideas- meaningful

When looking for a certain gift, consider life experiences you have had with that person. Try to find a gift that is unique to them or an experience that you had with them. There is always something cheap and fun to show someone you’re thinking of them during the holidays.

Consider Accessories

holiday gift ideas - accessories

For some students, they may already know what their family is getting for the holidays. So say for example that your Mom is getting an iPad. A great gift for her would be some accessories that go with the iPad, such as a mount, case or keyboard stand. These make for some of the cheapest and best-utilized gifts because they make an expensive gift even better.

Try Homemade

holiday gift ideas - homemade

There are tons of ways to use your craftsmanship to create a specific and unique present for those who you care about the most. There are also plenty of DIY websites that can help you think of ideas. When you make something, people truly consider the work and effort behind the gift, not just the gift itself.

Take Advantage of Sales/Promotions

holiday gift ideas - sales and promotions

If you’re reading this now, chances are that a lot of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have passed you by. But hey, no worries! There are still tons of deals around that can fit into your budget. Try discounted websites to find some bargains that you can afford.

I hope these gift ideas on a college budget helped you out! Happy Holidays!