I’ve never used a GPS, or even owned one for that matter. In Kansas everything is built around a grid. In Philadelphia I don’t drive, I use the subway or have a friend drive me. I don’t get lost, and I rarely read street signs. There’s nothing like relying on handy dandy landmarks and familiar surroundings.

This summer I moved to Salt Lake City, and somehow my directional skills seemed to vanish.

Street names were different, intersections seeme wice as long, and to top it all off—there are mountains in every direction.

In short, my GPS has saved me. I’m still learning, but without it, the last month would have been torture.

But why does having a talking friend attached to my windshield make my commute more comforting? Why do I feel better knowing that Gabby, my Garmin, is leading the way?

In my mind it all comes down to surprise. Using a GPS takes the guesswork out of driving. When I need to go left, she lets me know. When I go the wrong way, she helps me turn around.

That doesn’t mean you should become complacent or let your GPS do all the work, but it does mean you can relax a little and not stress about where you’re going.

Any GPS, or any set of directions makes traveling easier and more direct. I for one hate highways. They scare me. Gabby knows me well. She gives me an alternate route. She also knows my favorite spots and memorizes where I like to go. Now that’s true love.

I’ll admit that it’s almost sad that I don’t know what people did before GPS technology. I know there was mapquest once upon a time. What was there before that? A compass? Did people really rely on good faith and sense of direction to get around? I wish those people could teach me a thing or two.

I’m not saying we should depend on a GPS- they aren’t fool proof, and of course it would be better to know naturally how to get around. But it’s not always that easy.

When I get lost, Gabby helps me get back on track. I just have to remember that she can’t do it all—I still need to be alert and focused. She is just my helper along the way!