Graduation Feelings

“I just want to get out!”  At some point in college, sometime in your middle years, you may find yourself wishing away the papers, readings, exams and pop-quizzes and want to just be done already.

After this, there will be a fun college moment when you think to yourself, “Nah, this place isn’t half bad.”  If not, bask in the fact that you’re within walking distance to most of your friends, food and entertainment.

Once graduation application paperwork gets underway and you’re near the finish, most students end up thinking about college like a pregnant woman thinks of food.  One day you wish you were back in freshman year.  The next, you have to drive an hour and a half to school to get a signature and go back to thinking, “I just want my diploma already!”

I’ll be blunt: the way some react to these feelings is a little ridiculous.  Here is a list of the top things not to do while anticipating graduation:

-DON’T complain to every friend you have. Feel lucky you will soon be a college graduate (although who am I kidding, that doesn’t mean much anymore…) 

-DON’T brag about the fact you are graduating early or enjoying college for a few extra semesters 

-DON’T try to pretend you’re not nervous about entering the 2013 job market. 

-DON’T continuously talk about the fact you’re graduating. 

-DON’T be that person that is always around campus a year or two after they graduated. 

-DON’T brag about how your B.S. degree is so much better than a B.A. 

College is the prime of your life.  Graduation is a big step, but let’s not get too overdramatic now.  I too cried at the graduation episode of Laguna Beach, but that doesn’t mean we need to obsess months in advance. Savor your last months, prepare for graduation, but don’t talk about it 24/7!