Have a Snow Day? Here’s How to Spend It!

How to Spend a Snow Day

Where is the tap dancing unicorn?

Going to Syracuse University—and having spent virtually my entire life in Syracuse—has taught me a lot about keeping it cool when I see snow mounded higher than I can reach on my tip toes outside my front door. Named the snowiest city in America for two years in a row, Syracuse has definitely made all of its natives and college students winter savvy. Though snow days here are few and far between—that’s what we get for being such professionals with snow—we still like to think we know how to have fun and make the most of any days off while there’s snow on the ground.

Build a Snow Castle
Now that we’re in college, it is only right that our snow building skills get much more advanced. Snowmen are for elementary school kids. A snow fort or igloo are for middle schoolers. In college, we have architect majors and art historians who study old buildings. So why not band together to build a snow castle that makes Hogwarts look like a straw hut?

Bake Some Cookies  
It’s called Joy of Cooking for a reason! Even if you’re in a dorm, team up with some friends who live off campus with a real kitchen and cook the day away. The possibilities are endless: cookies, brownies, pastas, meats…seriously, that cook book has it all. You never know what delicious—or disastrously nasty—concoctions you’ll come up with when in the kitchen all day with nothing better to do.

Have a Movie Marathon
If you can’t handle the cold or the snow, bundle up on your couch with Netflix or your newly expanded DVD collection (thanks Santa). A snow day is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the TV shows you missed out on due to studying hard or new flicks you missed at the box office. So, pop the popcorn, sip some hot chocolate and laugh your day away to Bridesmaids with your friends.

Feng Shui Your Room
You’ve complained everyday about stubbing your toe on your trunk on the way to the bathroom, hitting your head on a shelf when you get up too quickly, and having lost your favorite shirt to the dark abyss under your bed. Today’s the perfect opportunity to clean up your life and reorganize your room or apartment. Is this exciting? Sure, if you blast some dubstep and shuffle your way to your bookcase—or if you really need that shirt for your weekend date.

Adventure Time
If you have a snow day, it’s possible the road conditions won’t make traveling off campus easy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun around the block. Put on your snow gear and go to a park with some friends. Have a nature walk photo shoot, make snow angels, have a scavenger hunt in different buildings, go sledding. The sky is the limit.

Snow days are so much better in college than they were in high school—especially for those of you who grew up in California or somewhere snow is rarer than a tap dancing unicorn. While it’s a perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep or school work, make the most of your gift from above: a whole unexpected day off to do whatever you want with. Happy snow days!