Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

The link between looking good and feeling good is a widely contested one. Some believe that superficiality is hopelessly entwined in the threads of today’s society and that we tend to place an undue focus on appearance as a measure of worth. Of course, I’m not here to preach about the subliminal evils of the advertising industry and demonize the media for its unrealistic spin on human events, though I’ve done it before (see “Hollywood News”). At the surface level, everyone gets a little confidence boost from improving their physical appearance, whether it be through diet, exercise or cosmetic procedures. Young people need not shy away from lending some attention to the way they look, because such awareness does carry certain benefits.


The healthiest and most useful way to change one’s lifestyle positively is by adding a workout routine. Simply put – more motion! Exercise battles stagnancy, triggers the release of dopamine in the brain and aids proper development. While your muscles develop, your mind doesn’t lag behind. A morning weight-lifting session or an evening run has never failed to crystallize my thoughts or quell bubbling anger. It is a known fact that one can simply not go wrong with adding more activity to their routine.

In the midst of a stressful semester or on the doorstep of a new challenge, channeling anxiety into exercise can work to stabilize your mood and mentally tune you for success. To think positively, one must act positively – it is more than just a cliché. When you’re sedentary and holed up inside on a summer day, notice your outlook. The world seems insurmountable and you take on an ant’s point of view. Entering a positive mindset is a mission in itself. It requires courage, patience, and, most of all, action. So go out there and make proactive changes. Look good, feel good, think well, and carry yourself accordingly.

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