Housing Nightmare- Single or Double

Single or double? Single or double? Student housing is always a nightmare.  No matter how many credits you have, how many friends you have or how awesome your school’s housing is, housing is as frustrating as registering for classes.  The people will either be the people in your wedding party, or the people you hope you never see ever, ever again.  Some will fade away with no hard feelings, but some you will look back in pure frustration.

A deciding factor in the question “will my roommates be a dream or a nightmare” is if you live in a single or double.  Sometimes, it is a lot easier to put up with:

Photo credit: codeblab.com 

…when you have your own clean room to go back to.

Some things to consider when deciding between a single room and a double room:


  • Your own level of cleanliness
  • Inviting guests
  • Could get lonely
  • Privacy
  • Wake up/sleep whenever is convenient
  • More expensive
  • More individual space
  • You have what you bring

Other Considerations:

How much time do you spend in your room?  Will you have other suitemates?


  • Someone else’s level of cleanliness
  • Roommate’s guests
  • Always someone around
  • Privacy? What privacy?
  • Sleeping with your roommate’s light on
  • Saving money
  • More space but shared
  • Shared tv, mirror, printer

If you find yourself on moving day, kicking yourself that you’ve made the wrong decision, have hope!  Most schools will let you switch rooms after two weeks.