Keep in Touch with Long Distance Friends

While some people flee high school and go to a college as far away from home as possible, other people really want to stay connected with their high school friends (or summer camp friends, or gap year friends, etc.). For those of you who are afraid that you will lose old friends to new college friends, here are some tips to keep in touch with your now long distance friends!

Create a Facebook Group

3-12 facebook-group-icon

For the occasional reminisce or for organizing a possible weekend reunion, a Facebook Group is the way to go! Most of us are already checking our Facebook news feeds regularly anyways. Might as well check in with good friends while we are at it.

Create a WhatsApp Group

3-12 WhatsApp

A WhatsApp Group is essential if you have friends who are out of the country for any reason.  Whether they are studying abroad, backpacking across Europe or have randomly moved to Australia-this way you can all stay connected.

Send a Random Text 

3-12 Texting

Whether you last talked to this friend two weeks ago or two years ago, sending a “Hi, how are you? can go a long way and will probably be much appreciated. Even if you’re both busy it takes just a second to type out a text and a response. It lets them know you are thinking about them.

Send Snail Mail

3-12 mail

Who doesn’t like getting real mail the old fashioned way? It’s so exciting! Send them a postcard or handwritten letter to let them know you still care and want to know what they are up to.

Social Media Stalking

3-12 Facebok Stalking

Okay…not really for keeping in touch but if you want to stay updated on someone’s life, back stalk their Facebook profile pictures, their Twitter feed, their Instagram and other social media platforms.  You likely can see where they are living, who they are dating, if they have any pets and much more.

About Amanda Drazen

Amanda is a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park majoring in journalism and minoring in astronomy. In her free time she likes to blog, read novels and watch TV with friends.