How to Stay Safe on Spring Break

Spring Break is right around the corner and while it is a lot of fun in the sun, safety is key.  Here are some important safety tips to remember!

-If you plan on driving to your SB destination, make sure you buckle up! Police are very strict about seatbelts, especially on interstates and highways, and won’t hesitate giving you a ticket. You don’t want to start your spring break off with a ticket! Also, take turns driving. These road trips can be pretty long, and as much as we all like to sleep during car rides, you need to let your friends sleep too! And if you are riding shot gun, stay up and keep your friend company, you don’t want them falling asleep at the wheel!

-Once you get to the beach: drinking + sun= sunburn and bad hangover. The sun can increase the effects of alcohol. So, take it slow, and stay hydrated (with water, not just alcohol). Also, don’t spend the entire week of SB in pain because you got burnt on the first day, WEAR SUNSCREEN.

-When drinking.. drink smart. I know spring break is all about partying and having fun, but BE RESPONSIBLE. Pace yourself, especially with hard alcohol. Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. And if you decide to drink on the beach, know the liquor laws. You don’t want to get arrested just for trying to have fun. Last but not least, have a plan on how you will be getting back to your hotel/resort. NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!

-While swimming: Don’t be an idiot. First off, no drinking while you are in the water. Secondly, pay attention to the flags on the beach. Red= stay out of the water because of strong undertow and rip tides. This is dangerous because even the most qualified swimmers can get caught in and undertow. Yellow= use caution in the water because of a possibility of an undertow and ripples. Blue= calm water and you can swim safely.

-If you plan on drinking and sitting in the hot tub at the same time, think again. This might seem like a good idea, but drinking in a hot tub can cause the alcohol to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure a lot faster than usual. This can lead to unconsciousness and drowning. So, just scratch that idea.

-When going out: use the buddy system! It’s the safest way to be. You can look out for each other and help get each other home. Also, be aware of drugs in drinks. Don’t take drinks from people you have just met. Watch the bartender the whole time they are making your drink. Some symptoms of being drugged are: dizziness, confusion, slurred speech, and difficulty standing. If you notice these symptoms in yourself or your friends, get your group together and get out of there! If the symptoms seem to be severe, go to a hospital ASAP!

Have a blast and remember stay safe!

This is a guest post from our wonderful intern Haeli Denton. Many thanks to her!