If You Haven’t Been Watching These Summer Shows…What’ve You Been Doing?

Summer is notoriously bad for reruns, movies with too many commercials, or simply nothing to watch. You just want to plop in front of the TV for once, but only last 5 minutes flipping through the channels before declaring there’s nothing good on. Well, some shows are around just for the summer season, and while they may not be everybody’s cup of tea, they’re certainly entertaining.

1.     MTV’s Awkward. 

If you went to high school—which, hello, you all did—you’ll enjoy this show. It follows Jenna Hamilton living one awkward moment after the next. And ok, we don’t all have such weird moments as she does, nor do we have to deal with deliciously rude Sadie Saxton, but hey, this is TV! Life can be exaggerated! Jenna and Tamara deal with hook ups, break ups, weird parents and an anonymous letter that leads Jenna outside her comfort zone and into some more—you guessed it—awkward situations. If you’re looking for a laugh, or just want to kill half an hour, catch this gem on Thursdays at 10:30 pm (it’s on its second season right now, and we see it lasting for plenty of summers to come!).

 2.     MTV’s Teen Wolf 

Auuuu! Forget about Twilight, which never seems to be on TV anyway. Tune into this addicting show that one of its stars, Colton Haynes, deemed “the little MTV show that could.” Though its second season just reached its finale last Monday, all the episodes can be found on MTV.com—so there’s no time like the present to catch up before next year’s extended third season! The show focuses on newly made werewolf Scott, going through all kinds of crazy supernatural activities with his best friend, and the true heart of the show, Stiles. If that doesn’t convince you, all of the male actors and super attractive…and often shirtless. You’re welcome.

 3.     Pretty Little Liars 

This show is all about the confusing drama! You’ve got boyfriend problems, a dead best friend, more people dying, and some freaky A Team that only seems to get worse and never leaves the best friends alone! The mystery alone will suck you in and keep you guessing season, after season, after season. On a further plus note, this show also has a winter season so you’re not stuck without anything to do during winter break either—or having to wait a whole year to find out what happen’s next.

4.     The Newsroom 

Another HBO masterpiece, written by Aaron Sorkin—so you know it has to be good. The show focuses on a 24-hour news network starring Jeff Daniels, Olivia Munn and other well known celebs. After anchor Will McAvoy faces his executive producer leaving  for a new program along with most of the staff, him and the rest of his new and remaining team face a variety of obstacles to keep their news show going. It’s already been renewed for a second season, so get watching!

 5.     Breaking Bad 

 If you haven’t watched any of the previous four seasons…well, there’s no time like the present to catch up and tune in for its fifth and final go! Follow Walter White, the typical chemistry teacher…who has now become a meth cook. The AMC drama isn’t as simple as a drug-focused show, though! This new-found life of crime is meant to secure good, financial well being for the ailing teacher’s family. But of course, no good deed goes unpunished and Mr. White with his accomplice, Jesse Pinkman, face a lot of problems along the way. 

So, what are you waiting for? Stop being bored and entertain yourself with one of these series!