Make New Friends But Keep the Old

It is exciting to move to a new place for college. When moving away, you start fresh with new friends and a new beginning. Keeping in touch with old friends is just as important as making new ones. At first, it’s easy to get really busy and lose touch. Here are a few simple ways to keep in touch with your friends back home.

  1. Facebook – The easiest way to contact friends in an instant is through Facebook. My friends and I write on each other’s walls, post pictures, and message. Through Facebook you can contact multiple friends at a time, create groups, and view your friend’s new lives.
  2. Skype – Skype is good if you want to actually see your friends. The downfalls to Skype include bad connections, mouths not moving with words, and camera problems. This can be frustrating.  If you find yourself with a little free time and a good connection, try phoning your friend via Skype. It’s helped me to show my friends what my new room looks like and even helped me introduce them to my new roommates.
  3. Phone – It’s not that often that I actually call my friends. I find myself texting 10x more than I call. You can send your friends back home pictures, videos, and messages that’ll help them see your new life.
  4. Scrapbook Triangle – If you’re feeling really ambitious create a scrap book you can send back and forth. My two close friends and I send a photo album around in a triangle each month. We each insert two pictures and on the back of the photos we write about the pictures. I receive the book every 3 months. It’s always fun to get packages in the mail.
  5. Visit Them – If you have a weekend off take an impromptu trip and visit them! Keeping in touch through technology is great, but nothing substitutes for getting to just hang out together.  Whether you are taking a road trip or flying in, this is a great way to catch up on everything going on!

Keeping in touch can be very easy. With the use of modern technology it can take just a few seconds to show your friends back home how much you care. Take advantage of your quiet time or study break to write on your friend’s wall, Skype them, or send them a text. Be creative, make new friends, and give an effort to keep in touch with old ones.

-Speedy G.

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