New City, New Sites: Salt Lake Travels

When I moved to Salt Lake City for the summer I set big expectations for myself. I was going to be outdoorsy, hike, and climb mountains.

I’ve been here for a month.

I’ve barely seen the salt lake (Does from the plane count?!). I haven’t climbed any mountains. I have hiked or even seen any trails.

I’m clearly lagging behind.

Utah is beautiful—home to parks, mountains and wildlife. A photographers dream! Yet here I am, working full time and missing the “sites”.

Or am I?

I came here for an internship. I should definitely take advantage of the scenery. I have to. But just because I haven’t camped in the mountains doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced some of the best things about being here.

I’ve created a routine.

I go to work. I head to the gym. I shop for groceries. I drive around singing and dancing to Call Me Maybe while looking at the mountains.

Sounds like fun to me.

I will definitely do things more “Utah”. But I think it’s cool that I fit in. I feel like a local—I could really live here. I’m not site seeing or trying to fit everything in all at once.

I’m relaxed. I’m enjoying the scenery, even if it’s from a distance. (It’s hard to miss the landscape—just look out a window!)

Internships are semi-permanent. The work isn’t always fascinating but then again, there’s more to life than your 9 to 5. I’m learning that now by being here.

I know I’ll get around to everything else, but for now, I love the little things—Like making dinner (not from a dining hall), and going to dollar movies, and experiencing the heat, minus sticky humidity!

I have a month left here, I’ll be curious to see what takes priority—the sites, or the lifestyle.

Only time will tell!

4 thoughts on “New City, New Sites: Salt Lake Travels

  1. Ah, great post Amy. I feel the same way. Just moved to Salt Lake, as a college student Im only here for the summer. I started off hiking a lot, but haven’t in quite a while, and there is so much out there to see. Let me know if you need a hiking buddy or something! As far as call me maybe… well 99.5 plays that on the radio all the time, so I may be guilty of that as well. And good luck with everything!

    1. 99.5 is about the only radio station I can find– how did you know?! I keep saying I’ll go hiking but somehow gravitate to the mall instead (I saw a hot dog on a stick place, I was intrigued!). Everyone in my office keeps waiting for me to surprise them and say I actually did something outdoorsy, that is, besides driving around in my car dancing or going to the pool! Have you found the dollar movie theaters yet– too good to pass up!

  2. As a born-resident I’d say you don’t really need to go out of your way to see the lake (Utah and Bear are swim/boat-able and have better views). It’s salty, it smells, it’s full of bugs on the beaches, and that’s about it. If you’re going to see a show at the Saltair go a couple hours early, wade around, and bring a change of socks. And do not stick your face in it.

    My suggestion for adventures would be to take a kite to the Draper hang gliding park, see a show at the Rocky Mountain Raceway, and hike around Memory Grove.

    1. Great suggestions! Thank you!

      It really is beautiful here, I definitely need to take advantage of it while I can. I can’t wait to check out some of the places you mention. Besides work, I tend to frequent the pool up by University of Utah and sometimes, and if I’m feeling wild, the mall by my apartment. It’s time for a change of scenery!

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