What to Do with Old Textbooks

What do you do with the stack of old textbooks that has been collecting dust in your closet since last semester? Whether you’d purchased them with scholarships, loans, or out of your pocket,  (give-or-take) $400-$600 toward college textbooks a semester can seriously add up!

old textbooks

Although you may not get all the money back, here are some ideas you can try that are better alternatives to expensive dust-collectors:

First, Sort!

If you are still in school, you may want to keep some textbooks that can help you with future classes or your major. Or, if you’ve graduated, you can make your library more scholarly with your organic chem books to impress your guests or refresh yourself on some information every now and again!


Check out websites that buy  used books, such as Knetbooks through SellBackBooks or eCampus.com directly through their website. Also, you can ask peers if they’d like to purchase them at a discounted price if you know they need the books this upcoming semester.


Some organizations collect and distribute textbooks to those in need, even around the world. Thrift stores will also accept them. Also, you can give them to friends or someone who needs the textbook to start a friendship. Even better, the gesture may come back around and save you big money!


Trade your used textbooks with friends or classmates for ones that you need. Use resources like social media to tell your classmates what books you have and which ones you need to set up a swap.


Instead of buying your textbooks in the future, try renting them to cut costs! Try Knetbooks where you will find some of the cheapest college textbook rentals and shipping is always free!

I hope this post gives you some good ideas of how to make use of your old textbooks. What has been the best option for you? Have more ideas of what to do with your old textbooks? Leave us a comment below!

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