Registration Tips Everyone Should Know

It’s that time of the year again- Registration! Time to stress, fret and sweat as you watch the classes you need fill up before it’s your turn to schedule. They say the more credits you have, the better your registration will go, but I’m not so sure I believe that. Now, I can’t guarantee a smooth registration process for you, but here are some of my recommendations for having the best possible registration experience.registration

Meet with your academic advisor  Meeting with your academic advisor once a semester can help eliminate a lot of problems. They can help ensure you’re on track for graduation and not missing any requirements. Plus, they might be able to give you some hints as to what classes are like and their recommendations.

Have a plan. Don’t arrive at your registration time without having some sort of plan. Know what classes you need to take (hence meeting with your academic advisor). Having a few different plans never hurts because you never know what classes will fill up before you get to them.

Don’t aim for certain class times or days. As much as I hate waking up early to walk across campus for class, sometimes you just have to do it. While I love avoiding early classes if possible, I know I need to be realistic. If staying on track to graduate means having an 8 a.m. class or having Friday classes, it’s worth it to me. I don’t want to have to pay for another semester of school because I refused to take classes at times I didn’t like.

Finally, don’t miss your registration time! Write it down. Hang it places you know you’ll see it. With everything else going on, the time you register may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s something you do not want to miss. Your best chance at getting into the classes you need is if you register the moment you are eligible.

What suggestions do you have for a smoother registration process?

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