Steps to Relieve Stress Before Finals

We all have bad days! I have found that the bad and super stressed out days tend to come more and more frequently as the end of a college semester approaches. Here are some steps to take to put a smile back on that face and be happy without avoiding studying!

Step 1: Happy Quote

relieve stress - happy quote

Write your favorite inspirational quote and put it on the wall next to your bed to wake up to every morning. This will only take 5 minutes and will help you get out on the right side of the bed. 

Step 2: Jamming to Music

relieve stress - happy music

Listen to jam music when you get ready in the morning and throughout your day! It helps you get excited for the day to come and helps relieve stress throughout the day. Music is one of the best medicines.

Step 3: Favorite Outfits

relieve stress - favorite outfit

Wear your favorite outfits. Let me rephrase that: Wear your favorite *CLEAN* outfits. Whether it’s an outfit that makes you happy, nostalgic or is just super comfortable, it can help you get your mind right to relieve stress. 

Step 4: Treat Yourself

relieve stress - treating yourself

If you got a good grade on a test, reward yourself! If you got a bad grade on a test, console yourself. Whether with a chocolate bar, a new magazine or a new t-shirt- treat yourself! Don’t overdo it, but treating yourself in moderation can help relieve stress. 

Step 5: Sleep Well

relieve stress - sleep well

Make sure to be getting the right amount of sleep (I say hypocritically writing this at 1:30 AM with more work to do….). Well, I’ve heard this thing known to the outside-college-world as ‘sleep’ is really helpful and revitalizing

And if all these fail and you’re still having a bad day: text your friend and tell her you need a hug. Always makes you feel better!

happy hugs

I hope these steps to relieve stress help you wind down before and after your final exams. Have more tips we left out? Leave us a comment below!

Amanda Drazen

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Amanda is a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park majoring in journalism and minoring in astronomy. In her free time she likes to blog, read novels and watch TV with friends.

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