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College Quick List

There are things you should never return to college without—your books, pens, pencils, etc. Then there are things that while you may not need them, but would certainly make things a lot easier.

The Huff post recently released an article of the 23 top tech gadgets that college students should definitely pack when they head back to school.

It was quite a list—everything from a solar powered backpack to a water-powered alarm clock.

Here is a look at my favorite gadgets that topped the list:

*  Noise Cancelling headphones—always a must if you want to study in peace in the library. Or catch up on your favorite TV with zero distractions!

*  Netflix account—there is something to be said about having instant access to TV and movies, for all of you study breaks of course!

*  Spotfiy—Something I would have completely ignored a year ago on Facebook is hard to ignore now. I listened to it everyday while working at my internship. You can stream hundreds of you favorite songs for free and jam out to old classics. Yes, I definitely went searching for the best of Spice Girls, NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys.

*  Single serve coffee makers—I’m not a coffee drinker myself but having a one cup brewing machine works wonders for a house of roommates, all with different tastes. I can make hot chocolate instantly, while my roommate can make her coffee 30 seconds later with no fuss or waiting!

*  Note taking iPad apps—Apps can now easily help you manage and keep tracking on your notes. Who needs heavy notebooks when you can store everything in one place?

*  Camera—There’s nothing like capturing candid moments during the school year. From parties to dinners, to study groups and slumber parties—capture the moment and then upload, send, save and share on the web. It’s not a new concept yet cameras still hold true as a necessary tech tool.

*  Laptop lock—you don’t want one of the most expensive items you owe to take a walk into someone else’s hands, or worse, their backpack. Keep you computer safe and get a lock to keep in place if you ever have to run to the restroom or grab a book when you’re studying late in the library. Better safe than sorry, and better with your computer than watching it walk away.

*  Flash Drive—Again, nothing you don’t’ already know, but like always, a flash drive is a complete must if you want to be able to save your papers, projects and presentations safely in one place. You don’t need to spend time emailing everything to yourself, or worrying about file size. Keep a flash drive for your keychain, or one that attaches to your bag. That way, you never leave home without one.

*  Closet light/night light—when you upgrade from the dorm to an apartment, or maybe even a townhouse you want to make sure you cover all of your bases, and that includes the dark. Having a motion light for the closet can help you make the right style choices with enough light to actually know what you’re grabbing. And if you closet isn’t the concern—but rather, the hall on the way to the bathroom, you’re never to old for a good old night light. No one wants to stub his or her toe or trip in the middle of the night.

*  Cooling Pad—If you spend more time on your computer than you do hit the hardcover books, it might be time to invest in a cooling pad. You wouldn’t want to have your computer crash or overheat in the middle of writing a paper, or finishing the movie you couldn’t wait to see. Give your lap a rest and perch your laptop on a slightly cooler surface.