Your Weekly Exercise:Push Ups

What are Push Ups? We should all know what push ups are as we have been doing them for years. I remember way back in elementary school during gym class we were first taught how to do push ups. This may possibly be one of the most underrated exercises ever. This is a phenomenal exercise to build up the chest. Maybe people don’t realize the impact because they are not using weights but that is certainly not the case. Set a target with these, and hit that target daily or even every other day and you are certain to build your chest along with your triceps.

Instructions: No weights needed here, unless you are very strong in that case some people put weights on their back. A spotter or partner is not needed for this exercise either. You want to have your feet very close together. You also want your arms to your side lined up right about at your shoulders. You simply push up, and right back down. There are various different ways to do pushups though. You can do the diamond type in where you put your hands flat on the floor in the shape of a diamond and push up, and back down. These are a lot harder than normal pushups. You can also do a wide push up where you put your hands flat on the ground but wider. You can even do incline and decline pushups. You can do these by either having your feet raised up on a chair or any raised object and do your push up. You can also have your feet flat on the ground and your hands on an object or chair. If you do a circuit of all these different types of pushups you are guaranteed an excellent workout.

Primary Muscles Worked: Chest

Secondary Muscles Worked: Triceps


Weekly Exercise: The Bench Press

What is the Bench Press? The bench press is one of the best workouts you can possibly do in the gym. This workout is great to build a strong, powerful chest. It consists of a flat bench and a piece mounted on so you can mount and dismount the barbell when ready. This is an excellent exercise you can do when starting your workout so you can exert most of your energy into it, especially since a lot of energy is needed.

Instructions: While lying underneath the barbell you want to dismount it from the rack. Remember to keep your feet positioned correctly on the ground. There are usually grips on the barbell giving you a precise read on where to place your hands. If not, you should grip a littler wider than shoulder width. Once you have it dismounted you want to bring it down towards your chest. Then you want to push it back up, lower it back down and continue to do this at a steady pace. It all depends on which type of workout you are doing or how many workouts you have done already but you should aim for about three to four sets compiling twelve repetitions per set.

Primary Muscles Worked: Chest

Secondary Muscles Worked: Triceps, and also shoulders.

Remember people, don’t ever do weight that you cannot handle. Also, make sure your form is as good as possible for you are risking injury. Attached is a picture giving instructions of what your form should look like.