The One Band You Need to See Live This Summer: DMB

Dave Matthews

With the spring semester quickly progressing, college kids everywhere are scurrying to make summer plans. Some travel, while others rent beach houses or relax at home. But personally, I like to go see live music. There’s no question about it: summer time is concert season. The warm weather makes for a comfortable outdoor experience to listen to some of my favorite bands. Yet, one band stands out far above the rest, and that’s the Dave Matthews Band.

I’ve seen DMB live ten times thus far, and I’ve never left a show disappointed. The environment at every show is electric, regardless of the venue, but summer shows are always the best. The lawn tends to be filled with college-aged kids looking for nothing but a good time. Once Dave Matthews gets on stage, the place simply erupts. Before the band even plays a single note, you just get the feeling that you’re about to see something special. And you always do.

For a band that’s played approximately 2,000 concerts over the course of about two decades, the energy of each performance is unbelievable. From Carter Beauford, the drummer, to Boyd Tinsley, the violinist, each member goes all out every night. Dave Matthews’ eccentric personality shines through in every performance, as he takes frequent breaks to talk to the crowd and thank them for coming, even sharing a story or two.

As a self-proclaimed Dave Matthews fanatic, the joy I get at these shows is hard to put into words. Yet, people who don’t even listen to the band come to the concerts and have a great time. The atmosphere and the music itself are perfect for any warm summer night. So if you’ve never experienced it, the one band you need to see live this summer: DMB.

Dave Matthews



Spring Activities to Enjoy

Alright, it’s officially springtime! In many places, it even feels like summer already. Because of this recent wave of hot weather, everyone should get outside and soak up some vitamin D! Here are a few ideas of things to do in this beautiful sunshine.

My first thought this spring was to go to baseball games! Nothing is more relaxing than cheering on your schools baseball team on a beautiful day. Not only will you get naturally tan by sitting at a game for three hours, you will have fun as well. Also, baseball games offer a lot of really good food. I love ballpark hotdogs and brats. Get out there and support your school’s ball team.

Another idea for this hot weather is a grill out. If your school doesn’t have grills on campus, try a local park or camp ground. The old fashioned way is fun with a bonfire and a stick too if you can find somewhere to do it. Once the grill gets going it officially smells like summer. Enjoy a night on the patio or out at the park with your closest friends.

Recently, my friends have started to have a lot of fun playing sand volleyball. If your school doesn’t have a sand volleyball court, try setting up a net in a park or open area. Volleyball is great because it gets you active, allows you to soak up some rays, and it can get competitive. Bring along an Ihome or radio if possible, it adds to the atmosphere. Other ideas for getting competitive could include a pick-up game of softball, football, or even Frisbee.

For you music lovers, check out what concerts are coming to your area. Once the weather gets nice, there are always festivals and fairs which also include performers! Although they might not be performing until it’s officially summer, it’d be a good idea to get tickets now. Not only will you for sure get in the door if you buy tickets early, but you will have more time to make a homemade t-shirt for the show! ☺

If you enjoy the outdoors, find a local river or lake where public fishing is allowed. Some of my friends and I enjoy fishing on nice days. Fishing is especially fun when you take a couple close friends along, and a picnic basket or cooler. Try packing some homemade treats or trail mix to enjoy while you fish. If you turn it into an all-day event, it can be very rewarding. You might just have free food for a few days!

If your city has a nice downtown or shopping center, try shopping there instead of the mall. On nice days, it’s fun to be able to walk outside between stores. When you need a bite to eat, try a restaurant with outdoor seating, the overall atmosphere is awesome, especially downtown. Sometimes popular downtowns such as these even include street performers, which are always fun to watch.

This spring, try to get out as much as possible and enjoy this extra warm weather. It’s been unusually warm so far which means we can start our summer fun early!

-Speedy G.