Why College Students Should Watch The Princess Bride

Most of us have seen the famous 1987 film, The Princess Bride, adapted from William Goldman’s book and produced by Rob Reiner. If you haven’t, you should drop everything, grab a bag of popcorn, and enjoy! If you have seen the iconic movie, you know that there are a lot of witty and emotional quotes that stay with you long after the final credits. I have seen this movie more times than I can count; my parents watched it with me for the first time when I was ten years old. Even then, I was captivated; I loved the romance, the adventure, and the comedy. As the years went on and I re-watched the film, I got more and more out of it. When I am feeling lonely or sad, this is the movie I watch; it has gotten me through many difficult times. The more you watch The Princess Bride, the more you fall in love with the characters; I am always inspired by their dedication and their love for one another. The more my family and I watched this movie, the more it became a part of our family’s culture; we even recite our favorite quotes. Remember the following quotes; let them guide you as they have guided me. Find your own “Princess Bride”– your own movie that helps you stay happy and keep college in perspective.

“As You Wish”

This is possibly the most romantic quote of the film. Westley says this to Buttercup at the beginning of the movie, when they are living on a farm. It doesn’t take long for Buttercup to realize that, when Westley says “as you wish,” he really means “I love you.” As in real life, sometimes we do not say what we truly mean; our actions are what show that we care. Whenever I hear Westley say “as you wish,” I remember how important my actions are; I remember that I must show those that matter to me how much I care. Like Westley, many people have trouble explaining their feelings; this doesn’t mean that they don’t care. Some of my best friends have trouble saying “I love you.” This doesn’t upset me because they show me that they care. Best friends are the ones who are there to support you through hard times, and there to celebrate with you when you are happy. Love does not require words; love is shown through selflessness.

Princess Bride 1

At the end of the film, the grandson asks his grandpa to come read The Princess Bride to him again tomorrow. The grandpa replies, “as you wish.” This ending always makes me cry. Though the grandson originally puts on an act and tries to isolate himself, by the end of the story, his relationship with his grandpa has changed completely. It seems as though the two have never said “I love you” to one another; this doesn’t matter. By caring enough to come read to his grandson while he is sick, the grandpa expresses his love. The grandson is at first resistant, but he eventually comes to appreciate his grandpa. Though he isn’t originally thrilled at reading a book, it seems as though he understands what the book represents; his grandfather’s love.

“Life is Pain, Highness. Anyone Who Says Differently is Selling Something”

Westley says this to Buttercup when he is disguised as the Dread Pirate Roberts. Though he is playing with her, there is truth in this statement. When people sugar-coat life, they are usually in denial, or trying to manipulate someone. It is not helpful to pretend that life isn’t painful; this will only distance you from your problems and create unrealistic expectations. Life is full of pain; it is the pain of Buttercup and Westley’s separation that ultimately leads to happiness. Their happiness would not be possible if they had not been willing to make sacrifices. Westley works for the Dread Pirate Roberts, fights off a giant, and even survives torture in order to be with the one he loves. Buttercup stands up against Prince Humperdink and remains hopeful, even when everything seems to be lost.  

This is a quote that my parents often recite. They usually say it as a joke, in order to “mock my pain,” as Buttercup claims that Westley is doing. Though this can make me mad, I know they do it out of love; it is their way of saying that what I am going through is manageable. They have faith in me. My parents know that, sometimes, you need to make light of your struggles. Humor can be the best solution to pain; it can help you put your pain in perspective.

It is my dad who tends to recite this quote genuinely. I have inherited my father’s pessimism. Sometimes, it does feel as though life is not enjoyable. When I am trapped in a never-ending cycle of exams and papers, it is hard to gain any perspective; pain can seem perpetual. The Princess Bride has helped me escape the tight grasp of pessimism. Though Westley says that life is pain, there is hope in the way he looks at Buttercup. As much as life is painful for the couple in their years apart, life is pure joy when they are together; their love is so strong, it overpowers all pain. I truly believe this is possible; the love I have for my family exceeds any pain I have ever endured.

“Have Fun Storming the Castle!”

Prince Bride 2

After Westley is brought back to life, Miracle Max and his wife, Valerie, say this to Fezzik and Vizzini as they leave. On the surface, this is a humorous quote;  Max and Valerie somehow bring Westley back to life after declaring that he is only “mostly dead.” It is true love that is keeping him alive, although Miracle Max says that he is saying “to bluff,” and comments that they “were probably playing cards and he cheated.” At this moment, Valerie runs in shouting “liar!”  The couple bicker and Valerie tries to convince Max to help, because “true love lies expiring.” Saving Westley seems to resolve the issues between the old couple, at least temporarily. Though many viewers see this scene as simply for comedic relief, I found it touching to see the couple come together. Miracle Max and Valerie show that love is not perfect; all couples are dysfunctional. Even though The Princess Bride is in the guise of a fairy tale, it subverts all expectations. Few characters are simply “good” or “evil;” we learn about the hidden motivations behind every character. Not even Buttercup is perfect; though she does stand up for herself and remain loyal, she tends to be passive and hopeless. Max and Valerie seem to be the most dysfunctional, crazy characters, they truly have what Buttercup and Westley are looking for: a life together. As couples grow with one another, they pick up unusual or humorous mannerism. Max and Valerie may seem humorous to an outsider, yet their relationship has stood the test of time.

This is my mother and father’s favorite quote. Any time my sister and I leave home, they stand by the car arm in arm and wave goodbye, shouting, “have fun storming the castle!” This has become a family tradition. Not only does it show how much my parents love my sister and I, but also how much they love each other. Like Max and Valerie, my parents’ relationship has stood the test of time. As they grow older, they become more alike; I cannot picture them without one another. They may bicker and fight sometimes, but they are always there for one another. Whenever I leave home, this quote reminds me of the loving family I have, and the love I deserve to find. My parents– and The Princess Bride– remind me that, although life is not perfect, it is definitely filled with love.

Prince Bride 3

Little Things Matter to a Girl

litte-things-coupleThe sweetest things you can do for a girl are the little things that let her know that she’s on your heart and on your mind. -Unknown

When forming a new relationship, there are many things that people are apt to learn about each other in the course of their conversation. Some of these things are trivial; little facts that add nothing to the relationship itself but still help to promote understanding of values and ways of thinking and doing. Other facts are pivotal and help to really create a strong relationship and strong connection. Many of these little things such as when someone’s birthday is or what things annoy people the most may seem quite obvious, but there are plenty of details that are important for a healthy relationship that may not be quite as obvious. When knowing how to make a girl happy in a relationship, there are an endless amount of facts and details that a guy should know.  Here are four important little things to know about a girl in order to make sure you are able to make her happy.

Dessert Preference

little things- chocolate

When a woman is unhappy or in a bad mood, there are very few things that work better to pick them up than a good dessert. Even for those who are highly health conscious, a healthy and tasty dessert can change a mood quickly. It is important to know what kind of dessert a girl likes most and how to easily obtain said dessert. Don’t forget the specifics either. Simple chocolate is a fan favorite but everyone has different tastes and it is important to differentiate between milk, dark, and white. Some people love one type of chocolate but despise the other. Chocolate and desserts are not only great pickups, they are also great mood enhancers. Bringing a box of chocolates to the door for a date or night in may seem like a cliché, but it is cliché because it has been proven to work time after time.  Chocolate has been proven to reduce stress, and also has many other lesser known health benefits.

Favorite Feel-Good Movie

little things - movie

When we as humans are unhappy or in a bad mood, it goes without saying that surrounding ourselves with our favorite things can do a lot to enhance our moods. Our favorite movies are a great thing to watch when in a mad mood or when in a tough place. However, it is important to pick a positive movie to watch in these situations. Your girlfriend’s favorite movie might very well be Old Yeller, but it is highly unlikely that watching this while depressed will cheer her up. Try to seek out a favorite of hers that is positive and uplifting. A feel good or a comedy is usually a good choice.

Favorite Meal

little things - favorite meal

As pointed out in the previous points, surrounding someone with their favorite stuff can raise their mood and make them happier.  It is very important to know a girls favorite meal. Making her favorite meal for her when she is depressed or sad shows her that you care about her happiness and want to help her out of whatever funk she may be in. Making her favorite meal for a romantic night in is also a great idea. If you can get her favorite meal down to the most minute detail and accompany it with her favorite dessert or snack, you have a good chance at making her happier and improving her mood.

Favorite Flowers

little things - favorite flowers

Girls love receiving flowers. Plain and simple. Classic roses are usually a safe bet, along with colorful bouquets and arrangements. However, remembering what her favorite flower is and showing up with them is a very romantic gesture that shows that you listen when she talks and that you care about making her happy. Being slightly knowledgeable about flowers is also something that also can surprise girls as most tend to assume men have no idea about flowers.

Although these little things may seem non-important in the scale of things, it is often the little things that matter the most and can do the most towards making a woman happy.

Affordable Date Ideas

Dining out at nice restaurants and attending musical events are good date ideas when you are looking to impress someone that you like. However, doing this on the regular can also put a very heavy strain on one’s wallet. Going on fancy dates can show that you care about someone and that you want to make them happy with romantic gestures, however, the total can quickly add up. This is especially true for college students who often do not have the luxury of extra spending money to be thrown in wads at three-star restaurants. Just because you do not have the cash to go out to a fancy dinner every week doesn’t mean that you still can’t impress your date. While it is fun to go out to upscale restaurants frequently, sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow for it.

If you need ideas for dating on a budget, look no further as I will be providing you with some options that will let you have fun without breaking the budget.

Take a Walk or Hike

date ideas walk

Although it may seem simple, just walking around with someone can be a great way to get to know them better.  When choosing a spot to walk around, look for an area that is interesting or has aesthetic advantages. Find a place filled with culture! If you have the option, a big city is the perfect setting for a nice walk, as well as a pretty park or neighborhood. Nature walks and hikes are also a good option for those who live in close vicinity to a forest or other nature-filled area. Walking is great for you as well, as being outdoors can significantly improve your health and even lower stress. Reduced stress level can make it easier to relax and enjoy the date. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone!

Get Dessert

date ideas dessert

You may have heard people say that diamonds are the way to a girl’s heart. I would disagree, dessert is! Ice cream and frozen yogurt are always good choices, but you can’t go wrong with cake or pastries too. When seeking out dessert places, try looking for local patisseries and hidden gems. There is nothing wrong with going the classic Ben & Jerry’s route, but sometimes it can be fun to try somewhere new. It’s also commonly known that dessert improves your mood, so you are more likely to enjoy being with another person because you equate spending time with them with happier feelings. Carbohydrate-rich foods like desserts cause your brain to produce serotonin and tryptophan — chemicals that can promote your emotional well-being and thus make you a happier person

Have a Picnic

date ideas picnic

Having a picnic in a park or pretty area is a great idea for a date. It is a setting that encourages conversation and creates an atmosphere of relaxation for both parties. As far as food for a picnic, you can’t go wrong with a classic sandwich and chips combination. Bringing a bottle of wine with glasses adds a little romance to the outing and can make it feel more like a date than just lunch (if you are 21+ of course). Once again, you can’t go wrong with dessert as bringing something chocolaty or rich will end the picnic in just the right way! A picnic is a great option as it can work at nearly any time of the day. You can have a lunchtime picnic and revel in the sunlight, or set up for a dinner picnic and enjoy the sunset and the night stars.

Attend a Sports Game

date ideas sports game

Although tickets to certain games can be extremely pricey, there are often ways to get cheap tickets for a variety of different sporting events. Try taking advantage of student ticket deals as many colleges have deals worked out that will allow you to get into events and games for greatly reduced prices. Sports games are a great way to get to know someone that you may not be completely comfortable with, as you have the chance to sit and talk, with a decreased threat of awkward silence and a conversation topic (the event) already lined up for addressing. Sports events also offer a great opportunity for group dates which may benefit some individuals looking to strengthen relationships, but not quite sure how to do so. Some individuals may be nervous or uncomfortable on initial date and adding another couple or friends to the date may help to ease nervousness.

Visit a Museum

date ideas museum

Although some museums can be quite expensive and really put a dent in your wallet, colleges also do their best to make art available to students by offering student deals that make museums either much cheaper or free! Some museums will offer free admission to students within the local area while others will host student nights. Visiting a museum is a great way to get to know someone as you can learn what they value and how they think by finding out their opinions and views on art. Although museums can make great date spots, it is also important not to get too caught up in the actual art and to allow yourself to talk to your date and get to know them rather than just the art you came to see. Remember, you are there for the date; not just the art.

There are many other options when dating on a budget that can be both romantic and fun. One great tip is to try something new together as this can bring added excitement to the table. Take advantage of student deals on events and museums as these can prove to be strong dates that don’t break the bank. The most important thing when planning a date is to choose something that you can both enjoy. Although some ideas may seem like great date ideas to you, people have different tastes and your date may not be enthralled by the idea of going to a baseball game or walking around a neighborhood. When planning, be creative and thoughtful and you can easily find a great idea for a date that will not empty your pockets.

What’s your favorite budget-friendly date idea? Comment below!

Date Night on a Dime

I will try to avoid making this post as cheesy as the title sounds.  I won’t suggest that you watch The Notebook (although it is a great movie) curled up under a blanket with your honey, a mug of steaming hot cocoa in hand and a cozy fire in the fireplace… Not saying that doesn’t sound wonderful, but I’m here to give you some fun date ideas for you and yours to try this fall season!

My boyfriend and I are guilty of getting caught up in our routines.  I’m in class all day, and he’s busy at work, and then 6pm rolls around and we’re both exhausted, starving, sometimes smelly, and wanting to do nothing but lie on the couch watching House Hunters International, with a Hawaiian pizza on its way.  And usually, this is exactly what we do.  But there’s something about the changing of the leaves, and the cooler temperatures beginning to creep in, that gets me excited to change it up a little, and try some new things!  Here’s a list of my top 3 favorite fall dates… on a dime, of course.

1. Fall Festivals.  There are TONS of fall festivals coming up in cities all around the country.  Oktoberfest is an annual festival here in Lexington, Kentucky and is sure to be a good time with tons of live music, tasty fare, and pumpkin beer!  These events are usually free to the public, so bring a few bucks for some treats, throw on those brown boots, and enjoy the night with your sweetheart!  Check out to find the nearest festival.

2. Pumpkin Carving.  Childish?  NO!  Awesome?  YES!  There’s something about the idea of pumpkin carving that just gets me giddy.  Maybe it’s those sweet childhood memories that I’m eager to relive, but come October, I will jump at any chance to make a trip to the pumpkin patch.  You see, pumpkin carving to me is a win-win-win.  Here’s what I’m thinking.  A) Actually going to the pumpkin patch is half the fun, especially when you have your special someone with you.  It’s a blast seeing who can pick the biggest/best/goofiest pumpkin.  A little country store with hot apple cider is a major bonus! B) The pumpkin carving itself! Stick with the classic jack-o-lantern, or try something totally wacky.  For a good laugh, try carving pumpkins of each other.  Visit to get those creative juices flowing!  C) You can roast and snack on the pumpkin seeds!  Rinse the seeds to get rid of the pulp, toss them on a cookie sheet sprinkled with some olive oil and salt, and pop them in the oven to bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, and enjoy!

3. Haunted Houses.  Skip the dinner and scary movie date, and try a haunted house instead.  They are actually incredibly thrilling and terrifying at the same time, and are sure to create some funny stories by the end of it!  Check out to find the best ones near you!  Grab your date’s hand, and enter if you dare!

Calling All Guys—I Need Advice

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m mad at you, so now what do you do?

In movies, on TV, and sometimes even in songs, you see or hear about flowers. Girls get them on Valentine’s Day, on their birthday, or just when you’re feeling thoughtful, at least that’s what I always thought was the case.

Until recently, that is.

Here’s what’s up for debate: Are flowers a nice gesture—a gift for a person to say any number of things—“I love you”, “I’m thinking about you”, “I miss you”, “You’re great”. Or, are flowers your “get out of jail free card” when you forget something, can’t find a present, or worse, you did something wrong?

I always thought they were just a nice gesture—a bright mix of color and smells just to show you care. But some people think differently. My boyfriend bought me flowers a couple of weeks ago. They were beautiful. There was no occasion, no anniversary, no birthday. They were just a sweet way to show he cared. But at the store when he picked them out the clerk and several customers asked, “well son, what’d you do?”

He was confused. He didn’t do anything, did he? What was he sorry for?

He had no idea why everyone read so much into it. He was just doing something nice. He knows that I love flowers, as most girls do. There are some that find them cheesy. Say my mom for example. She argues, why have flowers when you could have a gift card? Flowers die, gift cards spread joy and well, a free snack. And you can’t eat flowers.

But regardless of who likes them and who doesn’t, I need to know how they are viewed. What do you think about flowers? Girls see bright colors, a sweet gesture, and a chance to be the envy of all of her friends. What do guys think? Are you just being thoughtful, or are you trying to make up for something, and saying it with roses?

Leave your comments below—let’s get to the bottom of this!

Young and Married: The Latest Craze!

I’ve noticed lately a common theme among young couples, marriage! I personally know of four couples that are currently engaged/married that are 21 years of age or younger. One of the most popular young engagements right now is the engagement of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus is currently 19 years old while Hemsworth is 22. Young marriage seems to be either very promising or a very bad idea.

My grandparents were married when they were both 19 years old and this summer they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I have learned by watching them that sometimes you just know when you’re young. If a young person can truly commit to the one they love and bypass their “wild 20’s”, they can usually make things last. Some may view it as a rush to grow up or a young and naive decision, but I see it as an early promise, one that most often cannot be broken.

Most people that get married young were high school sweethearts. Because they started dating younger, they often get married younger. If you think about it, if a high school relationship started let’s say, junior year, and it survived all the way through college before tying the knot, the relationship would technically be a six year commitment before a ring was even involved. This same couple could marry right after graduation at age 22. To the world, this couple seems very young. To this couple, it’s been six years.

Obviously it’s true that some young marriages don’t last, but isn’t that with any marriage? I have learned that age isn’t a factor, it’s just the love that you have for one another. Anyone who says someone is too young to love is clueless; anyone can fall in love it’s just whether or not they make the decision to hold on and fight for it. It’s never easy to go into college with a relationship and come out with the same relationship; it’s a choice to put love over anything else: distance, a wild time, being free. It’s a choice that says my relationship is worth everything and I’d do anything to see it through. Young love is a beautiful thing, as clique as that sounds, it’s absolutely true.

The four couples I know of that are young and either engaged/ married and four of the happiest couples I know. One was married a year ago last week when she was only 19. I know she wouldn’t trade her decision for the world. The other three will be married within the next two years all before they’re 22. They’re all happily planning their weddings and enjoying their lives with each other. I am sure that all of these couple will be eternally happy together. No matter what the skepticism is about young love, it’s not something to worry about. When you meet the right person I guess you just know, whether you’re 16, 21, or 35.

What To Do When It Is Time to ‘Meet The Parents’

“I think it is time to meet my parents…” You probably haven’t felt that nervous, pit-of-your-stomach, pressured feeling since your partner agreed to start the relationship.  The inevitable, with any long term relationship at least, has happened.  Meeting Mom and Dad is in your near future.  Here’s how to deal:

Let’s work from the outside in.  This may be a little shallow, but first impressions are important and it is vital that you make a positive one if you want any chance of continuing the relationship or taking it to that next step.

A couple of senior guys I ran into at California State University of Monterey Bay agree it would be a good idea to wash your car as it may be the first thing they see upon arrival.  The type of car does not matter, and if it does, are these really people you want to surround yourself with?  Showing that you have good habits and value your things is important.  If you don’t value your possessions and can’t take care of your car, how will his/her parents think you will treat their son/daughter?

It is probably a good idea to dress nice to meet the girl’s/guy’s parents.  “A collared shirt doesn’t hurt,” another Senior student from Cal State Monterey says.  “No sunglasses, no hat.  And don’t put your sunglasses on the top of your head like this guy,” one of them say as he points to his friend.  The friend adds, “dress clean.  No ripped jeans, no ripped up shoes.”

Greg Kelley, 20, a resident of Toms River, NJ suggests, “I would wear something like Khaki pants with a nice button down and crew cut sweater, casual.”

James Pinelli, a sophomore at Purdue University agrees you should “make sure you look good.”  To him, that means nice jeans and a polo.

Andrew English, a junior at Ramapo College of New Jersey says to “look good, but not too good” as you don’t want to come off as a suck up.

There are definitely behavior guidelines to follow when meeting a partner’s parents.  The absolute first interaction you will have with the parents is the greeting aka the handshake. “The handshake is the most important [part],” says Devin Johnson, a junior at Cal State Monterey.  “Look the father dead in the eye and give him a firm handshake.  Politely shake the mom’s hand. You have to show you care.”

English has some specific advice in dealing with the father’s handshake: “Let the father know he’s boss but that you’re not weak so give him a firm [handshake] but let him have the better firmer shake.”

Cat Skelton, a freshman at University of Minnesota gives a woman’s perspective on a guy dealing with a mom: “you should turn her hand and place your left hand on top of hers.”

Next comes the conversation.  A Grad student from Brown University advises to prepare and “do your homework ahead of time.  Find out the dad’s sports interests as well as an area of interest of the mom.  Conversation is key.”

Tony Zakarian, 25, a resident of Ridgefield, NJ agrees to prepare by buying the mom flowers.

Before the conversation actually begins, Santiago Quintero, a junior at Cal State Monterey comments: “My advice would be to speak up and maintain conversation with an animated voice.  Parents will not be impressed with a shy, monotone voice boyfriend.”

Don’t forget your manners.  Tyler Machado and Markus McMahon both juniors at Cal State Monterey agree to pose good demeanor and please and thank you’s go a long way.  Yes mam and yes sir should also be a part of your vocabulary.  Not cussing is a good idea.  Also spark an intellectual conversation, “show him you have a brain,” says one senior from Cal State Monterey.

Everyone I have talked to, guys and girls alike, agree that it is important to be polite and nice but do not overdo it and try too hard.  This is a fine line to balance.

Zak Coffey, another senior at Cal State Monterey advises, “I think people will probably say something along the lines of “be yourself,” but I think that it’s perfectly fine to be better than yourself for a little while.”

Understanding where you fit in and where your place is a good idea to have when meeting The Parents.

Coffey says, “I would probably say it is important to figure out the girlfriend’s families dynamics.  Then figure out where you fit in.  So sometimes it’s acting really familiar, and sometimes it’s all about acting really well composed.”  Thus, analyzing the situation and adjusting from there is a good skill to have in your pocket.

Understanding family dynamics is something Casey Berg, a junior at Rutgers University agrees is a major aspect: “make sure they know that you want to get to know the whole family.  Cook a family meal for everyone, show that you can provide for a family in more ways than just money.”

Once acquainted with the family, going above and beyond and acting as if an extended family member is perfectly normal. “Being sincere, always being stuff for the family when I visit, obeying their rules, helping the family with chores or lawn work,” says Brian DLG Salas, a junior at University of Guam.

Jake Panchito Rosas, a freshman at Bergen County College says, “be respectful and honest.  [You] can never go wrong with that.”


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On a Date or Dating Your Cell Phone?

We all do it, in fact it’s become an unconscious habit. We check our phones, update our Facebook status, and even use our phones as a pseudo watch. Advances in smart phone technology have helped transform our cellular devices into an extra appendage! Although it may be difficult, we need to remember that face-to-face communication trumps all and sometimes it’s okay to put the phone down.Cell Phone Dating

I used to be offended when my dad would snuff “I’ll just wait until you’re done texting” before he would carry on with the conversation we were having. I would get so defensive, stating “but dad, I’m still listening! I can do both!” But what I didn’t stop to consider was the message I was sending him but directing my focus at a screen instead paying attention to what he was saying. Multi-tasking ability aside, I was being rude. We all think that we can do a million things at once—check email, walk and text, check the time, respond to a text, etc. but we should stop and smell the roses! If someone is standing if front of you—regardless of who it is—resist the urge to let your fingers do the talking and give them your undivided attention. How would you feel if you were trying to tell a story and someone found his or her little screen to be more interesting than you?

Here are my top situations when it’s best to hold off on the “oh so important message” blinking on your device:

Meal Times: We all want to feel important when surrounded by others. We want to feel in the loop and well informed. But texting at the dinner table, or table for that matter is just not okay. Consider the message you are sending. You’re supposed to be breaking bread, not making people want to break your phone. Save this time to converse with your family or friends, and wait to text your crush back for those extra 10 minutes, it won’t kill you! Bringing any device out during dinner shows that you aren’t interested in the people or the conversation. Show you care by taking part, and send your next words with friends play after you clear your plate—think of it as extra brainstorming time.

One on One Conversations: If someone is trying to talk to you—it doesn’t matter what time of day, in the morning, or the way to class, in the hall—resist the urge to play with your phone. Odds are you are only in short conversation; there is no need to see if time has passed, or if a new email has come through. Unless your talking partner explicitly asks for a contact, keep you’re electronics locked safely in your pocket. The art of conversation is sacred. If you have to reach for your phone to feel comfortable, chances are you need more one on one practice making small talk.

During Class: So we all know the drill. You are sitting in class, the clock is behind you and you’re desperately awaiting the end of this lecture. Now sneaking a peek at your “watch” that conveniently has a keypad and large-scale screen is okay every once and a while, but texting the whole time? That’s a violation of every college rule. It’s important for you to catch up on last night’s activities and hear the gossip that’s floating around, but did you forget you’re paying for each second you’re in class? Why waste it or something that can wait? Your texts will still be there, your gossip still intact. Plus won’t you feel cooler when you have lots of messages waiting for you, inside of getting out of class to an empty box because you already read them all? The professors get mad, you miss notes, you lose your place, wouldn’t you be doing yourself and all of us a favor if you just left your iPhone in bag for the whole 50 minutes? Try it. See how it feels. Do you notes look different? Did you do better on the test?

At the Movies: Enough said. How is anyone supposed to sufficiently watch “The Vow” with all the glaring phone lights going off in the theater? Everyone wants to watch their movies in peace, so let’s eliminate the problem and invite miss chatty Cathy to the movie with you so you don’t feel the need to text her in the middle of it!

So remember, there is a time and place to be on your phone. You can hurt someone’s feelings by always being glued to your keypad and you may miss important details if you’re always plugged into technology instead of reality. Remember to switch off and live in the moment—talk to friends, don’t text them. Phones don’t last forever, and neither will your friends if you spend more time tweeting than talking.

-Ring Queen

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