After the Election Ideas


This year is likely to go down in history as one of the most memorable year in politics. It was memorable to many due to the two main party candidates and their antics but also memorable due to how annoying everything became. The Facebook rants came often, the debates were hard to watch, and it was impossible to have a conversation with someone without them mentioning (or forcing upon you) their political views. I can only be thankful this Thanksgiving for the gift of voting day coming before the holiday. I’m sure many of us can agree that houses would fall apart over who was fit for president. But now that election season is coming to a close, we can start opening up space in our lives for something other than Clinton or Trump centered. Here are my suggestions.

Train for a Marathon

Were you constantly feeling fired up? Did some of Trump’s comments make you want to flip a table? Did Lester Holt start a flame deep within you? Just because the ballots are closing doesn’t mean you need to calm down. Start training for a marathon! Manifest that deep anger and use it to up your mileage. If your candidate didn’t win, then avenge them in the ultimate feat of strength by shouting their name as you cross the finish line. Nobody will judge you, trust me.

Start a Punk Band

Nothing is as great for channeling angst like a garage punk band. Having to endure months of bickering about email scandals can lead anyone to feel like they want to dye their hair black and jam out on an electric guitar. Also, this gives you an opportunity to write some emotionally charged songs about how the election affected you. Keep angry and jam on! Aleppo Moment? Dibs on the band name.

Throw a Political Party

Invite all of the republicans and democrats you know for America’s next best political party! Stage fake debates, make musical parodies of such debates and share them on your timeline! Go down in history with your candidates and dance the night away in the name of America. Make sure everyone dresses in red, white and blue!


Meditate for both the wellbeing of yourself as well as your country. American is exhausted. Take the time you’d normally spend protesting at Trump rallies to unwind and reflect. Understand that everything happens for a reason. The world could always use more zen. Light some candles and set and intention for our next president’s wellbeing, as well as your own. Everything is going to be just fine…I hope.

Make Some Change!

If your party lost the presidency, then you might be feeling like your vote didn’t count. However, my best option is to get motivated, take some political science courses, attend law school, and become president! Actually, you don’t have to have much of a political background at all to be the most powerful person in the United States. In that case, I recommend majoring in some sort of music. Therefore, if you lose in the election, you can always start an angst-y punk band!

How are you dealing with the election being over? Drop us some comments below! 

Why This School Year Is Going To Be The Best Year Ever

This year is going to be the best one yet for many reasons. I’ve been thinking about it lately and I believe that the year will be all that you make it to be. If you have a positive attitude, this year will be great; all the opportunities are in order for it to be that way.

For starters, this is an election year! I know the advertising and atmosphere around election time is annoying but overall an election is a chance for our country to be able to make use of its right to vote and to have free speech. We are so free in America and an election is almost like a celebration of that, we have the choice to vote change or to stick with who we have previously chosen. Everybody gets their say, and we all decide together.

The next reason might sound cliché but we’re all another year older! This year will automatically be better because not only can we take what we’ve learned with us, but we know what to expect. If you’re a freshman you might have a lot of unknowns but freshman year is exciting and a new start. If you’re older you have experience and can enjoy that. Let’s enjoy these college years and make the most of them.

My final reason that this year is going to be the best is that I want it to be. Sometimes that’s all it takes. My coach talks a lot about expectations; his theory is that if you expect to be great, you will be. I’m applying that to this school year. My mind set is going to be positive and I’m going to work really hard. How could it not be the best if I’m at my best?

Positive thinking, a good attitude, taking advantage of our rights, and what we have learned are all things that are going to propel this year to greatness. Everyone can have the best year ever; we just have to do it. Let’s enjoy 2012. Let’s do well in school. Let’s succeed in our endeavors, because we can.