Are You Still Looking for a Summer Job?

Don’t Panic!  If your bank account is still in the green, you don’t necessarily have to move back in with your parent yet.  And if you do have to cross that bridge, we have another blog post coming soon about how to deal with that mess.  Parents are great… to visit.

Finding a job is a numbers game.  It’s more like fishing with a net than a pole.  Even in a mid-sized town there are thousands of businesses with multiple departments.  Law offices, banks, manufacturers, corporate offices of restaurants, financial advisers, consultants, research positions and doctor’s offices, to name a few.  At this point you can’t afford to be picky, so branch out (your mom’s probably not going to do your laundry anymore now that you’re all grown up, you may as well apply for that less-than-stellar job).

I want to pass along some advice I got from a hugely successful class-action lawyer to give you an idea of how aggressive you can be in your search, without taking massive amounts of time.  You want the highest Return on Investment with your efforts.  Here’s the advice I received:

Dear Robin,

If I were you, I’d mine family contacts first to see if they have connections; then, conduct a mass-mailing campaign to every law firm stating that you’re “very interested in (area of law they primarily practice)” with your resume attached, and follow-up by phone to see if you can talk to them when you’re back in town. Also, are there any Alumni connections down there?

Good luck!


You may want to think about using this strategy: forget sniping at this point with super-tailored resumes and go for a scatter-shot approach that covers as much ground as possible.  This approach is for every industry, not just law offices.



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