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Fall Fashion For Fellas – The Knit Tie

knittieThough it had only been a total of five months, the length from July to November seemed like an eternity. All of the calorie counting, the five mile jogs, the back breaking bootcamp classes; all instrumental in your loss of 40 pounds. Not only did you shed the weight of a 15 foot canoe, you also lost one full inch on your neckline meaning you could finally accomplish the singular fashion goal you’ve pursued for the past year; you could wear a bowtie.

When your neckline was 18 and a half inches, your neck itself was a tad too big for the prep staple and the bow you created by following the How To Tie a Tie app on your iPhone was too small. Now however, you had more than enough slack to obtain the look you were going for. Your giddiness would soon evaporate though, when you attended your chapter’s formal meeting and realized that about 90% of the room had adopted the bowtie as their primary neck wear. You see, bowties used to be a novelty; something that drew eyes when you walked into the room. With preppiness now in vogue however, the bow is as common as the boat shoe.

Continuing the search for your neck’s individuality, you uncovered something interesting on The Tie Bar. Silk, yet not smooth and sleek but knitted and full of character. Not sharp and pointed at the end but squared and unique. Although Jake, the chapter historian may not “get” it, James Dean, Sean Connery and The Beatles sure did as all of these esteemed gentlemen have donned the knit tie. And while the knit tie isn’t something commonly seen in the 2014 quad, knits have their collegiate roots as they were all the craze on Ivy League campuses in the 1960’s; so much so that student athletes at Harvard had unique knit ties to distinguish which team they belonged to.

Think of it as a more fashionable lettermen’s jacket. The knit tie is a utility player on your fashion team. Just as it’s a conversational addition to a causal oxford, cardigan and jean combination, it is also at home with a black suit (Example: Bond. James Bond). The fratty masses may keep the bow tie; the knit is just vintage enough, just Ivy enough, just different enough to work.

It’s Football Season: Game Day Style

As much as I ADORE the summertime, and everything that comes with it, I always find myself craving cooler weather come September.  After months of hot and humid days, spending endless hours at the pool or lake, and late summer nights filled with friends and fun, relaxing fall afternoons complete with a mug of hot peppermint tea and a warm fleece blanket seem so appealing.

The Fall season means cozy scarves, pumpkin muffins, and of course, football season!  Although I will admit, basketball is my sport of choice, there’s something about a crisp Saturday afternoon of tailgating and cheering on your team that’s hard to beat.  Be comfy and cute at your next tailgate with these fall fashion trends.

1. Chunky sweaters.  Oversized knit sweaters are certainly a fall wardrobe staple, but instead of spending Friday’s paycheck on a new one, try raiding your boyfriend’s closet.  Bonus points if he has one in your team’s colors!  Roll up the sleeves, and add a neutral belt to give it more shape.  Pair with skinny jeans and your favorite boots, and you have yourself an effortlessly chic tailgating outfit!

2.  Scarves, scarves, scarves.  They’re easily my favorite fall fashion and go-to accessories on game days.  When the weather gets cold, the last thing I want to wear to a nighttime football game is a leg-barring dress or skirt.  Instead, I dress in dark jeans and warm layers, but add a bright blue scarf for a pop of my team’s color.  Change it up by tying your scarf in a braid or cute knot.  Visit tiemyscarf.com for dozens of tutorials on how to tie yours!

3.  Boot socks.  I think we can all agree that a great pair of brown or black leather boots can complete any fall look.  My fall class uniform consists of black leggings, warm sweatshirts, and my favorite brown riding boots.  This season, I’m excited to add some fun tall socks with my boots, to add a little interest to my look.  Find a pair with your team logo on it and be the cutest girl in the stadium!