Fall Fashion For Fellas – The Hoodie


You remember the moment you laid eyes on as if it were yesterday. You had just received your acceptance letter in the mail, concluding one of the most anxious two to six weeks in your young existence. Elated and beaming with pride, your mother drove you to the college bookstore, furnished you with her credit card, and told you to “pick a few things out”. Alongside the baseball cap with the school’s initials embroidered in Old English and the overpriced binders with the official university seal on the front, you chose this item as well, thus beginning one of your most valuable relationships. To your classmates and teachers it was a just hooded sweatshirt but to you, it was a dauntless declaration of your upcoming future. Once you made it to campus, you were rarely seen without it. You wore it when you assisted in tearing down the goalpost after the “upset of the century”. It was on your back the night you first snuck into the campus bar. It kept you warm as you rode on the back of a wagon at your first sorority hayride. While you relished in its casual side, the effortless way it complemented your jeans and sneakers, you also found it had a fashionable side as well on the day you paired it with an oxford, rep tie and chinos. Through years of dinnertime pizza runs to the student union, tailgates and autumns watching the leaves cascade in the quad, it was a utility player in your wardrobe; always ready for service in a moment’s notice. As you now live your business casual life, listening to Vampire Weekend in your cubicle while daydreaming about a short time that was so long ago, you can’t help but wonder; which girlfriend’s dorm room did you leave it in.

Date Night on a Dime

I will try to avoid making this post as cheesy as the title sounds.  I won’t suggest that you watch The Notebook (although it is a great movie) curled up under a blanket with your honey, a mug of steaming hot cocoa in hand and a cozy fire in the fireplace… Not saying that doesn’t sound wonderful, but I’m here to give you some fun date ideas for you and yours to try this fall season!

My boyfriend and I are guilty of getting caught up in our routines.  I’m in class all day, and he’s busy at work, and then 6pm rolls around and we’re both exhausted, starving, sometimes smelly, and wanting to do nothing but lie on the couch watching House Hunters International, with a Hawaiian pizza on its way.  And usually, this is exactly what we do.  But there’s something about the changing of the leaves, and the cooler temperatures beginning to creep in, that gets me excited to change it up a little, and try some new things!  Here’s a list of my top 3 favorite fall dates… on a dime, of course.

1. Fall Festivals.  There are TONS of fall festivals coming up in cities all around the country.  Oktoberfest is an annual festival here in Lexington, Kentucky and is sure to be a good time with tons of live music, tasty fare, and pumpkin beer!  These events are usually free to the public, so bring a few bucks for some treats, throw on those brown boots, and enjoy the night with your sweetheart!  Check out funtober.com to find the nearest festival.

2. Pumpkin Carving.  Childish?  NO!  Awesome?  YES!  There’s something about the idea of pumpkin carving that just gets me giddy.  Maybe it’s those sweet childhood memories that I’m eager to relive, but come October, I will jump at any chance to make a trip to the pumpkin patch.  You see, pumpkin carving to me is a win-win-win.  Here’s what I’m thinking.  A) Actually going to the pumpkin patch is half the fun, especially when you have your special someone with you.  It’s a blast seeing who can pick the biggest/best/goofiest pumpkin.  A little country store with hot apple cider is a major bonus! B) The pumpkin carving itself! Stick with the classic jack-o-lantern, or try something totally wacky.  For a good laugh, try carving pumpkins of each other.  Visit extremepumpkins.com to get those creative juices flowing!  C) You can roast and snack on the pumpkin seeds!  Rinse the seeds to get rid of the pulp, toss them on a cookie sheet sprinkled with some olive oil and salt, and pop them in the oven to bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, and enjoy!

3. Haunted Houses.  Skip the dinner and scary movie date, and try a haunted house instead.  They are actually incredibly thrilling and terrifying at the same time, and are sure to create some funny stories by the end of it!  Check out hauntedhouse.com to find the best ones near you!  Grab your date’s hand, and enter if you dare!

It’s Football Season: Game Day Style

As much as I ADORE the summertime, and everything that comes with it, I always find myself craving cooler weather come September.  After months of hot and humid days, spending endless hours at the pool or lake, and late summer nights filled with friends and fun, relaxing fall afternoons complete with a mug of hot peppermint tea and a warm fleece blanket seem so appealing.

The Fall season means cozy scarves, pumpkin muffins, and of course, football season!  Although I will admit, basketball is my sport of choice, there’s something about a crisp Saturday afternoon of tailgating and cheering on your team that’s hard to beat.  Be comfy and cute at your next tailgate with these fall fashion trends.

1. Chunky sweaters.  Oversized knit sweaters are certainly a fall wardrobe staple, but instead of spending Friday’s paycheck on a new one, try raiding your boyfriend’s closet.  Bonus points if he has one in your team’s colors!  Roll up the sleeves, and add a neutral belt to give it more shape.  Pair with skinny jeans and your favorite boots, and you have yourself an effortlessly chic tailgating outfit!

2.  Scarves, scarves, scarves.  They’re easily my favorite fall fashion and go-to accessories on game days.  When the weather gets cold, the last thing I want to wear to a nighttime football game is a leg-barring dress or skirt.  Instead, I dress in dark jeans and warm layers, but add a bright blue scarf for a pop of my team’s color.  Change it up by tying your scarf in a braid or cute knot.  Visit tiemyscarf.com for dozens of tutorials on how to tie yours!

3.  Boot socks.  I think we can all agree that a great pair of brown or black leather boots can complete any fall look.  My fall class uniform consists of black leggings, warm sweatshirts, and my favorite brown riding boots.  This season, I’m excited to add some fun tall socks with my boots, to add a little interest to my look.  Find a pair with your team logo on it and be the cutest girl in the stadium!

Fall Fashion 2012

It’s officially back to school time and everyone wants to look fresh! Starting the year off in style is a great way to gain confidence and a cool way to begin a new semester. I’ve noticed a lot of fun trends this fall that I thought would be a good idea to share with all of you.

One of the biggest trends this fall is going to be the colored jeans. Jeans are coming in just about any color imaginable these days. Some of my favorites are the hot pink, white, and bright yellow. Owning colorful jeans is great because it expands your wardrobe in a quick and easy way. When wearing a colorful pair of jeans you add a pop to your outfit and you don’t even need an elaborate shirt. Pair your colored jeans with a basic v neck t-shirt for an easy going, yet cool look.

Flats are back! This semester girls will be sporting anything from Vans to Toms to Sperry’s. Not only are each of these adorable, they’re incredibly comfortable too. Pair your favorite pair of stylish flats with a pair of cuffed jeans and a simple t-shirt.  Enjoy benefiting of walking all over campus in maximum comfort and style.

Un-styled hair is in! The messy look is back and most college girls are digging it. The look saves you time and it gives an effortlessly cool untamed vibe. If you have curly hair, let it curl. If you have wavy hair, bring on the wave. If you have straight hair, shake it out. The key is to let your mane be in charge of its own destiny. If you feel the need for some product a couple spritzes of hairspray of some surf spray should handle it. This look is best sported after a shower and bought to its full potential with a blow dryer. The best news about all of this is there aren’t any bobby pins, teasing, or frustration required!

This fall is going to be cool, effortless, and colorful. Try out some of these laid back styles soon and be prepared to look awesome when you return to campus!