Professional Fashion: The Importance of Wearing a Wrist Watch

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. We have all heard this saying at some time in our college career. Students are taught from day one about the importance of wearing appropriate, professional attire in the workplace. Collared shirts, modest hemlines, and neutral colors are all staples of a professional wardrobe, but there is one important piece that students tend to overlook: a wrist watch.

Wrist Watch

Why You Should Wear a Wrist Watch

Most young-adults don’t bother to wear a watch because they can check the time on their smartphone. Although smartphones are a great resource to have, there are still many benefits to wearing a watch.

  • Professional – When you are in a meeting or out with a client it is extremely unprofessional to check your phone. You may only be checking the time, but others in the area will assume that you are looking at a text and get the impression that you are not focused on the work at hand. Having a watch allows you to check the time while still maintaining a professional appearance.
  • Positive Signal – When employers are in an interview they look for certain signals that indicate the applicant will be a good fit for the company. One important signal that interviewers look for is a watch. Having a watch indicates to employers that you are conscious of the time and have good time management skills. Some employers have even admitted that if an applicant shows up to an interview without a watch they are immediately eliminated.
  • Fashion Statement – A modern, stylish watch can be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Wearing a watch will give you a put-together look that employers and clients appreciate.

Where to Get a Wrist Watch

Despite popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank to get a good watch. Almost all the major retailers such as Walmart and Target sell simple, stylish watches for a modest price. The mall is also a great place to look. Small accessory stores always have a great supply of modern watches and some offer coupons and other promotions to help with the price. With a little searching you can find a beautiful watch for under ten dollars.

Wearing a watch is a great way to look professional and impress employers. Have any other professional dress tips? Leave them in the comments section below!

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

Fashion trends are constantly changing so keeping up with them is almost as difficult as trying to keep with the Kardashians! Here are six bold party dress trends that are set to dominate this summer’s fashion scene.

1. Metallics

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

This year’s spring/summer catwalks by designers like Louis Vuitton were covered in space-age silver. The color can make any woman turn heads at any special occasion!

2. Trompe-l’oeil

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

This new trend plays on the art form of tricking the eye into perceiving a painted detail as a three-dimensional object. This is a refreshing change to the typical party dress and will certainly speak to your inner artist.

3. Eighties Disco

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

Hedi Slimane (THE party dress designer) put on a show for Saint Laurent complete with glitter and sequins from the 1980s. Time to tease your hair and throw on a dress with a thigh-skimming hemline!

4. Fishnets

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

Fishnets were so in not too long ago and now you can keep wearing them! Revamp the look this summer with a castaway-chic net dress. Pair the look with a cute (and visible) bralet and underwear and some sandals on those warm summer nights.

5. Corsets

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

Corsets are known to be uncomfortable and old fashioned, but as of recently they have been designed to be a lot more comfortable and can be very tasteful when worn right. A corset dress hugs your curves in all the right places and is sure to catch the attention of your summer fling!

6. Cut-Aways

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

For those who dare, get those bronzed legs shaved because this year the thighs are out to play. The cut-away look can be really fierce, but be careful not to get a size to small or you may reveal more than you intended!

Enjoy being the topic of conversation at your summertime parties when you rock one of these bold party dress trends! Comment below with your favorite look!

Fall Fashion For Fellas – The Knit Tie

knittieThough it had only been a total of five months, the length from July to November seemed like an eternity. All of the calorie counting, the five mile jogs, the back breaking bootcamp classes; all instrumental in your loss of 40 pounds. Not only did you shed the weight of a 15 foot canoe, you also lost one full inch on your neckline meaning you could finally accomplish the singular fashion goal you’ve pursued for the past year; you could wear a bowtie.

When your neckline was 18 and a half inches, your neck itself was a tad too big for the prep staple and the bow you created by following the How To Tie a Tie app on your iPhone was too small. Now however, you had more than enough slack to obtain the look you were going for. Your giddiness would soon evaporate though, when you attended your chapter’s formal meeting and realized that about 90% of the room had adopted the bowtie as their primary neck wear. You see, bowties used to be a novelty; something that drew eyes when you walked into the room. With preppiness now in vogue however, the bow is as common as the boat shoe.

Continuing the search for your neck’s individuality, you uncovered something interesting on The Tie Bar. Silk, yet not smooth and sleek but knitted and full of character. Not sharp and pointed at the end but squared and unique. Although Jake, the chapter historian may not “get” it, James Dean, Sean Connery and The Beatles sure did as all of these esteemed gentlemen have donned the knit tie. And while the knit tie isn’t something commonly seen in the 2014 quad, knits have their collegiate roots as they were all the craze on Ivy League campuses in the 1960’s; so much so that student athletes at Harvard had unique knit ties to distinguish which team they belonged to.

Think of it as a more fashionable lettermen’s jacket. The knit tie is a utility player on your fashion team. Just as it’s a conversational addition to a causal oxford, cardigan and jean combination, it is also at home with a black suit (Example: Bond. James Bond). The fratty masses may keep the bow tie; the knit is just vintage enough, just Ivy enough, just different enough to work.

Fall Fashion For Fellas – The Hoodie


You remember the moment you laid eyes on as if it were yesterday. You had just received your acceptance letter in the mail, concluding one of the most anxious two to six weeks in your young existence. Elated and beaming with pride, your mother drove you to the college bookstore, furnished you with her credit card, and told you to “pick a few things out”. Alongside the baseball cap with the school’s initials embroidered in Old English and the overpriced binders with the official university seal on the front, you chose this item as well, thus beginning one of your most valuable relationships. To your classmates and teachers it was a just hooded sweatshirt but to you, it was a dauntless declaration of your upcoming future. Once you made it to campus, you were rarely seen without it. You wore it when you assisted in tearing down the goalpost after the “upset of the century”. It was on your back the night you first snuck into the campus bar. It kept you warm as you rode on the back of a wagon at your first sorority hayride. While you relished in its casual side, the effortless way it complemented your jeans and sneakers, you also found it had a fashionable side as well on the day you paired it with an oxford, rep tie and chinos. Through years of dinnertime pizza runs to the student union, tailgates and autumns watching the leaves cascade in the quad, it was a utility player in your wardrobe; always ready for service in a moment’s notice. As you now live your business casual life, listening to Vampire Weekend in your cubicle while daydreaming about a short time that was so long ago, you can’t help but wonder; which girlfriend’s dorm room did you leave it in.

The Wonderfully Creative Abilities of a 3D Printer


3D printers are not a new concept but they are considered uncommon compared to the everyday printer. Some of us may have never even heard of them. The name, 3D printer, is pretty much self-explanatory. It has the ability to create solid 3D objects by methods of continuously adding layers until the desired shape or object is achieved. How can we make this high tech printer useful for everyday college kids? Let’s take a look.


Musical Instruments- Guitars, flutes and other instruments can now be made of plastic and surprisingly, I heard they are functional! Music class will never be the same. Now take that plastic guitar and rock out in-between classes.


Art- Sculptures and other forms of art can be replicated or designed from scratch. Bring your newest creations to your next art class or build upon them by adding paint or other creative touches.


Science- A truly unique use for a 3D printer would be in any of your science classes. Replica skulls and other bones for research can be made.

Iris van Herpen - 3D fashion

Fashion Design- Even though the objects made are from plastic, that hasn’t stopped anyone from creating new wearable fashions. Shoes, furniture and decorative items have been created using this method.

College Student Probs: It’s Tough Being Fashionable

Ages ago, in my middle school years (okay, and maybe the first half of my high school years), although I wouldn’t be aware of this until years later, I wasn’t exactly the best-dressed… At age 13, I still shopped at Limited Too and thought I was cool. In my Abercrombie and Fitch days, I only bought tops with the brand name on the front and thought $55 for an originally $70 sweater was a good deal.

Anyway, let’s fast-forward to now (pleeease). Though I do occasionally have my days where I give up on looking presentable, and I don’t read fashion magazines, I do have my own style (thanks, Pinterest) and put more thought into a purchase than the brand name. Because I generally want to look and present myself decently. Especially for class.

Apparently I am one of the 0.5% of students on campus who feel this way. I mean, as I’m walking to class, literally all I see is: T-shirts. Hoodies. Workout shorts. Yoga pants. Jeans. Tennis shoes. Every girl is dressed for a workout at the gym! Last I checked, most girls consider their workout walking to class (guilty).

So I’m looking down at my little self, in my flowy cold-shoulder top, maxi skirt, and wedges thinking, What’s the point? Is it even worth taking the time or money to put together outfits I find cute, when no one even cares about her own outfit?

Because, ladies, let’s be real. We don’t dress up to necessarily impress the boys. We dress up to impress or keep up with the girls. Don’t believe me? Have you ever texted your girlfriend, “What are you wearing?” so you avoid being over- or under-dressed? Have you gotten ready with a friend to go out, see her outfit, and decide to change because you look stupid next to her? I know I’m not the only one!

So one day I tone it down, and decide to wear a denim button-down with rolled up sleeves and white shorts. And someone still asked me what I’m dressed up for! Seriously?

Should I really feel a little silly or out of place because I try to be the tiniest bit of fashionable? Or should I embrace the fact that I stand out because of expression of my personality through my appearance?

And if that wasn’t enough, how do I know what to wear when it’s 89 degrees outside, but 59 degrees in half of my classrooms? How can I straighten my hair if it’s raining or super humid (so… every day)?

Such a tough life, huh.

Well, to any of you who feel my pain (if you’re out there in Kentucky, I’d like to shake your hand), I think I’ve come to my conclusion:

You know how whenever you actually style your hair or wear a dress, you usually feel better about yourself, and you have a better day? I think we should be good to ourselves by clothing ourselves with confidence and readiness for the long day ahead. I’m not saying we should dress like we’re on the runway, and looks are certainly not what’s most important. But flaunting a little style -not necessarily skin- doesn’t hurt. (Just resist the urge to rock your Steve Madden stilettos every day.)

Fall Fashion 2012

It’s officially back to school time and everyone wants to look fresh! Starting the year off in style is a great way to gain confidence and a cool way to begin a new semester. I’ve noticed a lot of fun trends this fall that I thought would be a good idea to share with all of you.

One of the biggest trends this fall is going to be the colored jeans. Jeans are coming in just about any color imaginable these days. Some of my favorites are the hot pink, white, and bright yellow. Owning colorful jeans is great because it expands your wardrobe in a quick and easy way. When wearing a colorful pair of jeans you add a pop to your outfit and you don’t even need an elaborate shirt. Pair your colored jeans with a basic v neck t-shirt for an easy going, yet cool look.

Flats are back! This semester girls will be sporting anything from Vans to Toms to Sperry’s. Not only are each of these adorable, they’re incredibly comfortable too. Pair your favorite pair of stylish flats with a pair of cuffed jeans and a simple t-shirt.  Enjoy benefiting of walking all over campus in maximum comfort and style.

Un-styled hair is in! The messy look is back and most college girls are digging it. The look saves you time and it gives an effortlessly cool untamed vibe. If you have curly hair, let it curl. If you have wavy hair, bring on the wave. If you have straight hair, shake it out. The key is to let your mane be in charge of its own destiny. If you feel the need for some product a couple spritzes of hairspray of some surf spray should handle it. This look is best sported after a shower and bought to its full potential with a blow dryer. The best news about all of this is there aren’t any bobby pins, teasing, or frustration required!

This fall is going to be cool, effortless, and colorful. Try out some of these laid back styles soon and be prepared to look awesome when you return to campus!

Summer DIY Fashion and Accessories

As you save up your money this summer, you’re tempted to blow it all on clothes and new hair ideas, though you know you want to buy a new fall wardrobe. Decisions, decisions…Instead of buying a ton of new tanks and shorts, dig through your closet and find what you don’t wear anymore and make it into something new. It’s a win-win really.

One way to create a new summer look for yourself involves the smallest, simplest article of clothing: the sock. Get your hair off your neck with an elegant and simple bun high on your head—the sock bun. You just need a hair elastic, a sock and a pair of scissors. Take your sock (you might want to use one in a neutral color if possible) and cut off the toe so you have one long tube. Turn the sock into a donut shape and secure it. Put your hair up in a ponytail, wherever you want your bun to be. Then, simply pull your hair through the sock, spreading your hair around it. As you roll the sock down your hair towards your head, continue to position your hair around the sock so it’s fully covered. Voila, you now have a stylin’ sock bun!

Has your wardrobe been lacking color for the summer? Take simply boring pencil skirt and turn it into a fun, and still elegant, skirt with a brilliant border. Go out to a near by fabric store and find about 2 meters of embroidered trim—this can be Aztec design, animal print, whatever suites your fashion desires! If you need to make your skirt shorter, use another skirt as your guide and cut carefully; if you do this step, make sure to hem your skirt again to avoid fraying. Follow the waistband and hem of the skirt with your trim, carefully cutting your pieces to match the appropriate lengths. Sew the trim along the edges, making sure to keep your fabric straight (you may want a sewing machine for this step!). And now you took your not-so-fun skirt up a notch into a totally cute summer look.

The summer season is all about the shorts, and this summer they’re more colorful and full of pattern than ever before. Turn your boring jeans into a pair of super cute cut off tie dye shorts! Simply take whatever pair of pants or shorts you’re working with and cut them to the desired length (make sure you’re even all the way around so your butt’s fully covered). Pick out whatever color dyes you want for the shorts—yellow, pink and blue always look fab together—and dampen your shorts. Apply the dye horizontally so you have rainbow bands, and let dry when complete. Throw your shorts in for a quick wash, and ta da! You now have unique and trendy tie-dye cut offs.

Crop tops are also big this summer. While you can transform just about any t-shirt or tank you want into a tummy bearing top, for a more chic take on this style, use a classic button down shirt. If the shirt has sleeves, cut them off symmetrically—you can make thin or wider shoulders depending on what style you want. Decide where you want the shirt to end, drawing a line and carefully cutting the shirt across. Grab your sewing machine and hem the bottom and shoulders until you’re satisfied, and voila! Dad’s old shirt is now a comfortable fashion must-have.

There are plenty of ways to update your wardrobe this summer without having to buy all new outfits. Take a peak in your closet and find your old, worn out shirts and jeans being ignored at the back, grab a pair of scissors and some needles and you’re on your way to the most fashionable summer of your life!

Killer Summer Nail Designs

It’s easy to put together a totally killer outfit and neglect what your nails look like. But any outfit ranking in at a 7, can easily become a 10 with these awesome—and easy—nail designs. So, jazz up your nails with these fun ideas!

1. Acid Wash Jeans?

Do you love the look of your acid wash jeans? Ever consider doing that to your nails? Luckily, you can—and you don’t even need acid. Start with a layer of blue nail polish, whatever shade you’d like. Make sure you also add a top coat to protect the blue. Next, paint on some white nail polish and allow it to dry without a top coat this time. Now, grab your nail polish remover and with a q-tip, carefully and lightly rub away at your white layer of polish. This might take some practice to avoid taking off the blue, but you have 10 nails to perfect this design with!

2. Catch Up on Current Events

Interning at a newspaper or magazine this summer? Get newsy! You’ll need newspaper clippings, rubbing alcohol, and your nail polish. Start with a layer of white—though you can use any solid color you want, if you’re not going for the strict newspaper look. Put your nail in the rubbing alcohol for 5 seconds once it’s dry. Put your newspaper on the nail with the print facing down towards the nail, and gently rub. Peel off the newspaper and voila! If you don’t like how it looks, simply wipe the print away with a cotton ball and try again. Finish with a top coat to secure this stylish news look.

3. Summer Melon

If you like watermelon, this is the nail design for you, perfect for a summer BBQ. Start with a pink base, and paint a bright green tip—just like you would for a French tip, but more colorful. Make black dots under the tip and with the help of a toothpick or your nail wand, stretch the dots into elongated ovals to look like seeds. Then, with a light green polish (you’ll probably want to get a nail pen for this one), make little squiggles on your green tip. Finger lickin’ good!

4. Get Formal

Does anyone remember Zooey Deschanel’s fabulous tuxedo nails from the Golden Globes? Now you can recreate that look with ease! Begin with a simple white nail. Make your bow tie at the base, by making two pacman like squiggles with a dot of black in between—you can also change the color of your bow tie! Depending on the length of your nail, make at least three more dots down the middle of your nail (shirt buttons). Finally, just like a French tip, paint a black tip. This is a fun look for any formal event.

5. Sponge On, Sponge Off

By using a makeup sponge, you can create countless swirled looks with any colors you want. Start with any color base you want—this is better for a light color so you can build on top of it without making the new colors look strange. Then sponge on your additional colors, making sure to have some of the base and prior colors showing through. To avoid putting on too much polish, apply the polish to the sponge and dab some off on a tissue or paper before applying. This way you won’t end up with globs of nail polish and ruin your lovely swirl pattern.

These are just a few of my favorite, fun nail designs that don’t take a lot of time to perfect and always look great. Experiment, have fun and be prepared for all of your friends to ask you for manicures!

– ToonyToon

Fashion Trends to Watch for Spring

It is springtime and that means a fresh start for your closet! Here are a few must-have fashion items for the spring season.

Color Blocking
This year color blocking is huge! What’s interesting about color blocking is that it appears somewhat retro yet very modern at the same time. When it comes to color blocking, there is no such thing as clashing! Have fun mixing any assortment of colors together for some fresh spring excitement. From celebrities to runway, color blocking is everywhere!

Along with the color blocking trend, bright neon colors are in as well! The theme this spring is, the more color the better. Specifically, bright yellow is very popular this year.  This is a great color to wear with a tan.

Color, Color Everywhere!
Colored pants are another trend this season, they are everywhere!  You can match these bold colored pants with a simple white tee or dress it up with a corresponding color to follow the color blocking trend.  Many of the pants that are in style this spring at slim, simple capris that cut right below the knee.

Following the color trend is the nail polish! Nails this season are short and colorful! This is great for us girls who tend to bite our nails; it’s nice that they don’t need to be long!  Don’t be afraid to use bold, neon, or even glow-in-the dark colors to make your nails pop.  Many girls are even using two bold colors as a french manicure.

Clean white
If you’re not a color girl and you are starting to freak out about this coming spring, stay calm! Crisp clean white is a classic that’s not going away, at least not this spring!  You can pair a clean white sundress with a colorful cardigan and stay simple while being a fashionista!

If you’re a pattern person, floral and stripes are especially bold this spring!  Thicker stripes are tending to be the fashion, but beware the wrong stripes can make you look much wider than you are.  Wearing vertical stripes can also help you look much taller than you are, which is never a bad thing.  The floral patterns this year are bright and cheerful! Most seen on the runways seem to be a simple print using 1-3 colors only.  Don’t get to busy with your floral print, you do not want to look like Grandma’s curtains.

As for those accessories, it’s bold watches and sheer spring scarves! Scarves are beautiful for spring, and you can tie them in different ways based on the occasion.  A popular item this spring is infinity scarves because they are so easy to wear.  Make sure the scarf you choose is sheer to keep you from getting to hot! Again, the more color the better!  Although they can be harder to read on the fly than digital watches, the trend this year is for classic watches with a bold strap and an even bolder face.  Many watches come with interchangeable straps so you can change your colors depending on your outfit!

Have fun with color this spring and don’t be afraid to mix it up! This year, mixing and matching is a good thing! Happy shopping!!!

-Speedy G.

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