Freshmen Fears

When you start college it’s normal to be nervous—there are certain things that scare you, and that’s okay! As I start my senior year I couldn’t help but think back to my first time on campus and ponder the list of worries that had me scared to start my new college chapter.

Here are five common freshmen fears—ones I had myself and ones some of you may be having now! Rest assured, things seem scary now, but the next four years are going to fly. Your worries will seem crazy in a few semesters when you look back at far how you’ve come.

1.  I’ll be homesick—Sure home is great, so great, that it’s hard to leave. But, you’ll be glad you did. College is all about new experiences. Dorm life or even just living away from home is an adjustment but it’s well worth the uncomfortable pains that it takes to get used to everything. It’s hard being away from home, that’s where you’ve lived for the last 18 years. But, that’s what family weekend is for. You’ll see them before you know, and maybe even wish they would leave! (Hopefully not too soon!)

2.  I’ll gain the “Freshmen 15”—Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. Either way, it’s all going to be okay. College is a new chapter of your life and plus no one is supposed to look like they did in high school forever. Think about it. That would be weird, uncomfortable even. You are getting older and your change in behavior and eating habits your weight could fluctuate—increase or decrease. Heck, you could even get taller—I grew an inch! Just remember to be healthy and active. That’s all you can ask—staying the same as your high school self isn’t an option, and probably isn’t all that healthy either!

3. I didn’t pick the right school—When you first move in, it can be hard to feel at home. Where are you? What is this place? It’s all so different, and cold. But that doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong place, it just means you have to let yourself warm up to it all. Schools are all about fit. You can take classes anywhere, but when you start to feel the grove of a campus and start to feel yourself start to fit, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Just give it time, and remember to be open-minded. Even shoes need to be worn a few times to break them in—college campuses are no different!

4. My Roommate will be weird! —I won’t lie, when I first saw and met my roommate, I was nervous. We were complete opposites! She covered our whole room in pink fluffy stuff! But once we looked past the obvious differences and just started to talk and hang out we were completely fine. We ended up having tons in common and to this day are still roommates—three years later! Some of your very best friends can be found in unlikely places. My “scary” college roommate is one of my very best friends. But, look at us on Facebook 3 years ago and we couldn’t have appeared more different!

5.  I won’t be able to meet people! —Moving into college is stressful. So stressful in fact that students forget that everyone around them is same boat, all stressed, all nervous. Freshmen don’t come with built in friends. It takes a while to meet “your group”, but don’t think they aren’t out there. Don’t be afraid to talk to people when you move in. Go to activities; go to games, socials, and mixers—all the opening weekend events are put on for a reason! It’s to help all of the freshmen, however many there are, (maybe 900 hundred at small schools, 9000 at big ones) get to know each other. Don’t sit in your room hiding from your roommate. Get out there and take the risk of talking to new people, that’s what college is all about. You will meet people all over and some will end up being your friends forever and some, just friendly faces to smile at on your way to class.