fishtail braid

The Perfect Spring Hairstyles

Spring is in the air, and you can show it with your hair! Now that it’s warmer out, we no longer need to let our hair shield our neck and ears from the cold. Compliment your perfect spring and summer outfits with these fun and easy hairdos

1.     No Blow Dry Required

It’s the hot time of the year, so why should you torture yourself with straightening irons or blow driers? One of the biggest trends for the season is the slick backed or glistening look. It’s as easy as it sounds. Leave the shower, maybe do a quick towel dry and brush through your locks and presto, you have your look. You can comb it back into an up-do, comb it back and leave it down, or just let your hair naturally tousle down your back. The perfect no-fuss hair-do that will also keep you cool.

2.     Swim with the Fishes

The fish tail braid is perfect year round, but huge for the summer! Not only does it have the messy, beachy feel to it, but it will keep your hair our of your face and off your neck while you lounge in the summer sun. It’s a lovely twist on a classic style. Even better, it’s adaptable into a variety of other styles, so you can stand out among the crowds!

3.     Better than French Fries

This season is all about the French twist. This easy hair-do will take your usual messy bun to a new level of glam and elegance—perfect for internships or a day at the beach that transitions into a nice dinner. The look can be casual, professional or flirty depending on how you twist your hair and any other fun elements (like side braids) you add. The basic twist is literally 1-2-3: pull your hair back from your face, twist if up and around your head as you’d like and then pin, pin, pin.

4.     Bad Hair Day? Accessorize!

Hats aren’t the only cure for bedhead not willing to go your way. The hair wrap is a new trend in hair hiding or accessorizing this spring season. Don’t feel like taking the time with an elaborate up-do? Pair it with a great scarf or wrap and you’ll instantly have the extra oomf factor. You can cover as much or as little hair as you like, with a whole scarf covering almost all of your hair or a thinner headband like version tied up over your bangs. Take a look back to the past with this retro look.

5.     Waves aren’t just for the Ocean

Like pretty much every spring/summer season, waves and tousled hair is totally in! If you have naturally curly hair, just let it do it’s thing. If it’s straight, curl 1 inch sections of hair  and pull them apart to make it more wavy and loose. Combine this with the also trendy side part or even hair wrap, and you will be one good looking fashionista!

And if you really can’t take the heat or the bother with your hair, the pixie cut is huge this season (let’s give a special thanks to the lovely Emma Watson for that one!). Be bold, be daring, be stylin’!


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