What to pack for your freshman dorm: The College Kit

Congratulations! You graduated. Did you think high school was hard? Just wait until you get to college, it doesn’t get much easier. Outside of the classroom there is so much to prepare for! Many freshman move into the dorms. Do you have your dorm room checklist? If not, try using this one!

-Bedding sheets set (Most colleges provide Twin XL mattresses, so get Twin XL size sheets)
-Mattress pad (Those mattresses are rarely comfortable, so add a mattress pad or two for comfort)
-Lamp (Desk lamp and table lamp/standing lamp)
-Curtains (Most dorms provide sheer or no blinds)
-Extra set of drawers (Storage space might be limited)
-Hooks (Hanging your things will help staying clean and organized
-Hangers for the closet (Hangers won’t be provided)
-Desk chair (Some places don’t provide desk chairs, you might have to ask)

School Supplies:
-Loose leaf paper
-Hole punch
-Printer paper
-Pens and pencils
-Sharpie marker
-Planner (To take note of exams, papers, homework assignments, etc.)

Bathroom Needs:
-Shower caddy
-Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.
-Face wash
-Makeup remover (For the females)
-Toilet Paper (Some universities do not supply it)
-Towels (More than one)
-Flip Flops (Shower floors are nasty)

Go out and start your college shopping now! Hope this makes your shopping easier!

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Never Pull an All-Nighter Again (unless you want to)

The All-Nighter:  a panic and caffeine-fueled attempt to cobble together an acceptable academic document such as an essay, lab report, or problem set.  Usually directly followed by The Mad Dash to wherever said document is due.

If you are entering freshman year or are a chronic procrastinator, this post is for you.  You cannot write a quality paper in one night.  It’s just not going to happen. If you were here in person I would grab your face and squeeze your cheeks together like that aunt you avoid at family gatherings, look deeply into your wonderfully naive eyes and tell you not to sell yourself short like that.  OK?  They sound romantic and so…college, I hear you.  But it’s like trying to lose ten pounds in a day.  You’re not going to reach your goal and you’ll feel like crap the next day.  Shaky anxiety from too much caffeine and falling behind on everything else in life does not have to be part of your college experience, nor do you have to spend all your time in the library.  Here’s how:

If you have time to get schoolwork done during the day, use it.  Nighttime is full of distractions.  All your friends are out of class, meal times run long, better TV shows are on.  You get the point, the list is endless.

When it comes to writing a paper, give yourself ten hours for a 3-5 pager, double that for a 10-pager, and so on.  If you use a calendar like Google or Ical (which I highly recommend), use those time guidelines as a rule of thumb and give yourself a day as a cushion.  Any more than that is unrealistic if you’re a procrastinator.

One thing I try to avoid is scheduling huge blocks of time devoted to writing.  It sets you up for dread and procrastination.  Everyone operates differently, though.  Pay attention to how you are most productive and use that to your advantage on your next big project.  Also key is working out the finer points of your paper while doing mundane tasks.  Whether that’s making your drive/walk to class every morning, or cleaning your Superhero figurine collection (I’m not judging, I swear).  Keeping your paper on the backburner of your brain will keep you from pulling an all-nighter.

One last thing, and I realize this is oddly specific and personal but it took me a while to figure out and might help you, too.  I find that sometimes a cup of calming tea is better than coffee or energy drinks to write.  It gets you out of “HOLY SHIT I HAVE TO GET SOMETHING ON PAPER OR I’M GOING TO FAIL” mode to an “okay, let’s take this one step at a time” mindset.

Still having problems writing that “A” paper?  Coming soon…. How To Write a Paper So Wickedly Fantastic Your Professor Will Try to Pass it Off As His Own Kids’.  The length of that title was completely necessary, thanks for asking.



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