Five Ways to Make this Valentine’s Day “Memorable”

If you’re a young college student in a relationship, you’re probably feeling quite anxious about the impending doom or success of the upcoming day of love. Valentine’s day is a day dedicated to you and your lover. It’s also a day that if messed up, can take a toll on your relationship. Since everyone knows that college is basically a matchmaking service for us to find our future wives and husbands, Valentine’s day should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, many of us are plain broke. As a senior, I’ve witnessed all the tricks to a successful February 14th at a reduced cost. Here are some light-hearted ideas!

Valentine’s day

1) Go on a riveting adventure!

Does dinner and a movie seem cliche? That’s because it is! This Valentine’s Day, opt for something more adventurous! An inexpensive idea might be to go hiking in areas that are notorious for bears and mountain lions. This ideas might seem dangerous and impractical, but that’s because it is! The plus side to the danger is the fear and anxiety. Studies show these emotions are thought to increase levels of attraction! Therefore, it’s only logical that the more scary the activity, the closer you two will feel.

Valentine’s day

2) Make them a DIY gift

Nothing is more romantic than a gift made by the hands of your true love! Of course, anyone could make a boring card or a scrapbook. My suggestion: because you love them, dig a little deeper this Valentine’s Day! Try making a photo-book of the two of you! However, to make it special find photos of your significant other and their family. Then cut out and paste your face into them! It’s a perfect subtle way to tell them that you want to be a part of their family. It works every time, trust me!

Valentine’s day

3) Let them know that you take this relationship seriously

Valentine’s Day is a day for romance. Also, it’s the perfect day to let your s/o know that you take your relationship seriously. Perhaps even to serious. The best way to portray this is to let them know that you want them forever. My suggestion is to get a gigantic tattoo of their name right above your heart. They’ll be speechless, I promise! Because like tattoos, young love lasts forever.

Valentine’s day

4) Buy your S/O a cute pet!

Anybody and everybody loves cute pets! Unfortunately, most college apartments and dorms don’t allow dogs and cats. Luckily, they do allow even cuter animals. This Valentine’s day, buy your boo a worm or a cricket! These creatures are not only small and easy to maintain, but they’re also inexpensive. Most pet stores sell them near the snakes section at an alarmingly cheap price. This plan is nearly foolproof for winning over the heart of your Valentine!

Valentine’s day

5) Make your love a special dinner

Who doesn’t love food? Food made by your true love is high ranking in terms of special. Unfortunately, either many of us don’t have a stove or have no clue how to cook. Luckily enough, regardless of your situation there is one recipe that we can all master: hard boiled eggs! If you have skills in the kitchen, great! You’re very special! If not, go to the nearest gas station as many sell hard boiled eggs at a low price. If you’re lucky, they’ll provide you with free delicacies such a ketchup, mustard, and salt! Your bae is going to #swoon.

Hopefully your Valentine’s day will be a smashing success! At the very least, I hope you’ve enjoyed a good laugh and feel less stressed as you think about ways to impress your young love.

After the Election Ideas


This year is likely to go down in history as one of the most memorable year in politics. It was memorable to many due to the two main party candidates and their antics but also memorable due to how annoying everything became. The Facebook rants came often, the debates were hard to watch, and it was impossible to have a conversation with someone without them mentioning (or forcing upon you) their political views. I can only be thankful this Thanksgiving for the gift of voting day coming before the holiday. I’m sure many of us can agree that houses would fall apart over who was fit for president. But now that election season is coming to a close, we can start opening up space in our lives for something other than Clinton or Trump centered. Here are my suggestions.

Train for a Marathon

Were you constantly feeling fired up? Did some of Trump’s comments make you want to flip a table? Did Lester Holt start a flame deep within you? Just because the ballots are closing doesn’t mean you need to calm down. Start training for a marathon! Manifest that deep anger and use it to up your mileage. If your candidate didn’t win, then avenge them in the ultimate feat of strength by shouting their name as you cross the finish line. Nobody will judge you, trust me.

Start a Punk Band

Nothing is as great for channeling angst like a garage punk band. Having to endure months of bickering about email scandals can lead anyone to feel like they want to dye their hair black and jam out on an electric guitar. Also, this gives you an opportunity to write some emotionally charged songs about how the election affected you. Keep angry and jam on! Aleppo Moment? Dibs on the band name.

Throw a Political Party

Invite all of the republicans and democrats you know for America’s next best political party! Stage fake debates, make musical parodies of such debates and share them on your timeline! Go down in history with your candidates and dance the night away in the name of America. Make sure everyone dresses in red, white and blue!


Meditate for both the wellbeing of yourself as well as your country. American is exhausted. Take the time you’d normally spend protesting at Trump rallies to unwind and reflect. Understand that everything happens for a reason. The world could always use more zen. Light some candles and set and intention for our next president’s wellbeing, as well as your own. Everything is going to be just fine…I hope.

Make Some Change!

If your party lost the presidency, then you might be feeling like your vote didn’t count. However, my best option is to get motivated, take some political science courses, attend law school, and become president! Actually, you don’t have to have much of a political background at all to be the most powerful person in the United States. In that case, I recommend majoring in some sort of music. Therefore, if you lose in the election, you can always start an angst-y punk band!

How are you dealing with the election being over? Drop us some comments below! 

#MFH (My Favorite Hashtag)

Being a social media guru I always like to check out what is trending on Twitter each morning and get a good laugh or some extra knowledge in where I can.  Sometimes complete strangers, established or not, on Twitter can entertain me for a few moments.  Check out this example of a pretty good trending hashtag on Twitter this week that gave me some chuckles in my morning read.  The hashtag was inspired by the twitter account @midnight: late night game show thing hosted by @nerdist on @ComedyCentral


If you have seen the movie you know why this is very sick, sad and quite frankly…still funny.

Oh…so they went to college? Sounds about right. 

Where is the fun in that?

Leave me a comment or tweet @knetbooks using the hashtag #MFH to tell us your favorite hashtag and we will feature you in a future blog! Happy Friday…..enjoy your weekend 🙂


Group Halloween Costumes on a College Budget

Planning your Halloween costume on a small college budget can be difficult sometimes.  That is why we have made this awesome list of group Halloween costumes.   So grab your friends and your creativity and dress to impress!

– Pack of 10 Crayons
Take your group of friends and pick your favorite crayon color! Buy a twin sized bed sheet at the store in whatever color! Wrap it around your body. Make 2 stripes on the top and bottom of the sheet around your body with black electrical tape. Take a sharpie and write your favorite color on the sheet once it is wrapped around you. Draw on the Crayola Crayon logo too! Take a piece of construction paper the same color as your sheet and fold it into a cone shape, to make a hat… Crayola ain’t got nothin’ on you!

– A 6 Pack of Beer
Grab a group of 5 friends. Each buy a roll or two of duct tape. Strip down to your skivvies and start taping! Wrap your body in the duct tape, excluding your arms (from chest to mid-thigh range). Hop on the Internet and print out the label or your friends’ favorite brew! Tape it on the front and back of your body. I will set the scene: Halloween party, door opens, you and your hot group of friends file in. The party has arrived! Everyone loves it when the beer is brought to the party! Don’t lose your friends though; no one likes a pack of beer when it’s missing a can!!

– Fruit of the Loom Fruits
This is a great costume for a group! For the purple grape you will need purple leggings, a purple shirt, a purple cap, and lots of purple balloons.  Once wearing all the clothes, blow up the balloons and pin them all over your body. Viola, you are a grape! Repeat the same steps for the green grape but obviously substitute everything purple for green.  To make the apple, grab a very large red t-shirt, 2 pillows, red leggings, a white pillowcase, pillow stuffing, and some red paint. Strap the 2 pillows to each side of your body (under the red shirt) to form your body.  Paint the sewn end of your pillowcase red.  Then place the pillowcase tight around your head and stuff it with the pillow stuffing until it stands up straight. Lastly, to make the leaf, wear a green tee, leggings, and cap.  Then use leaves (found at most art stores) and hot glue them all over your body.  Make sure and add a few to your cap!

– Gang Green
Get a group together as large as you want. Everyone should grab jeans, a green shirt, green bandannas, and any other accessories to make it look like your a gangster wearing green. Have everyone in your group dress exactly that way, now your Gang Green!!

– Positive (Oh Shit!) and Negative (Thank God!) Preganancy Tests
Halloween Pregnancy Test Group Costume
This costume is great for two guys and is hilarious!  You will need white pants, a white shirt, white body paint, and white hair paint.  On the front of one shirt, draw a gray square with one red line through it.  On the back of that shirt write, “Thank God!”  For the second shirt, draw a gray box on the front with two red lines.  On the back of that shirt write, “Oh Shit!”  Paint your face and hair white and you are good to go!

– Spice Girls
This a popular group costume every year! For Scary Spice wear something sexy with an animal print and big, curly hair.  For Baby Spice wear a short and sweet dress in a bright color and wear your hair in high pigtails.  For Sexy Spice wear a short black skirt and a tight, revealing top.  For Sporty Spice wear track pants a sleeveless tank and tennis shoes.  For Posh Spice wear a short strapless dress and high, high heels.

– Big Lebowski Crew
This group costume can include a lot of people.  You obviously need The Dude, but you can add Walter, Donny, Jesus, Maude,  Bunny, and The Nihilists to this group.

– Ghost Busters
Grab some tan jumpsuits and a few sheets of paper. Then grab some cardboard boxes, and grab some old vacuum hoses. Go online and print out a bunch of copies of the ghost buster logo. Staple, tape, or glue the cut-out logo onto the jumpsuits. Paint the cardboard boxes black and use some bungee cords as straps. Now cut a hole in the cardboard box and glue the vacuum hose in the box.

– Legends of the Hidden Temple
Grab some friends and start this 90’s adventure right! All you need are some golden helmets, matching t-shirts with a type of animal on them, kneepads, and some cargo shorts.

– Reno 911
Grab a few guys and a few gals and dress up as cops. The only thing you need to make sure is that one of the guys has the Lt. Dangle short-shorts and there is the token black guy.

– Top Gun
Grab your leather jacket and jeans, and for others a tan jumpsuits. Grab some aviators and you’ve got it. Just make sure who’s Iceman and Goose.

– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Now here’s a costume where you can start to get creative. Grab some green, yellow and black paint, with dark green sweats (no hoodies, just a regular long-sleeve sweatshirt). You’ll also need red, blue, orange and purple cloth for defining your character. Now grab a piece of cardboard and cut it to where it looks like the chests of the ninja turtles. Paint the cardboard yellow, and paint the body definition with the black paint. Put the cardboard on your chest and cut out your colored cloth for a mask and for sweatbands on your wrists. Now grab your weapons and you’re ready!

– Whole McDonalds Group
There are plenty of characters in the McDonalds group. Choose from Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie, Mayor McCheese, or Officer Big Mac. Just make sure that you make a trip to McDonald’s at least once while you’re dressed up!

– Sons of Anarchy
Print out the SOA logo and get some biker gear together. Grab some wigs and fake facial hair to fit the character you want to be. The main characters would be Jax, Clay, Gemma, Tig, Juice, Opie, and any other you want to depict. Now get to ridin’.

– Doug Characters
For a smaller group, these costumes would be really fun. There is Doug, Skeeter, Porkchop, Patty, Roger, and even Quail Man. There are a lot of ways to go about doing it, so just have fun and make it unique.

– Deal or No Deal
This is great for a lot of girls and one guy. The guy should dress up in a suit like Howie, and shaving the head may be optional, unless you’re truly wanting it official. The girls get all matching dresses with briefcases that have numbers on them.

– Jersey Shore
Attention all guidos and guidettes! This is a great costume for those looking to look tan and bulk and rage hard. Grab 4 bros and 5 gulls and dress as your characters. There’s Ronnie, Pauly D, The Situation, Vinny, Sammi Sweetheart, Snooki, JWoww, Deena, and Angelina.

– Seven Deadly Sins
This is a great costume for those looking to stand out. For each deadly sin, dress appropriately. Obviously Glutton will be covered with food items, Greed covered in dollar bills, Lust dressed very risque, Wrath dressed like a murderer, etc.

– Three Blind Mice
This costume obviously only applies to groups of 3. Dress either in all white or all black. Wear sunglasses and mouse ears with a cane.

– Mouseketeers
Dress up like any of the famous group of Mouseketeers like Britney Spears, or just be an original Mouseketeer. For guys, wear a light yellow sweatshirt with blue pants. For the girls, light yellow sweatshirt with a blue skirt. Don’t forget your mickey mouse hats though!

– Blue Man Group
Dress up in all black sweats and cover the rest with blue paint. Easy enough?

– The A Team
Great costume for all guys. There’s Hannibal, Faceman, Murdock, and B.A. Each one has some uniqueness, especially B.A. Get some good jewelry for him, and make sure Hannibal has his cigar.

– Music Genres
Each person gets to dress up as a certain genre. There are so many ways to go with this, so just have fun. Just a few would include 80’s rock, early hip-hop, alternative, 90’s pop, country, etc.

– Harry Potter Characters
Dress up based on some of the best-selling books and movies. This is great for a big group because there are so many characters that people can depict, or even just a regular Hogwart’s student. For guys, grab a white collared shirt, a gray sweater, black or gray pants, and a striped tie. For girls, do the same except a skirt.

– Geek Squad                                                                                                                                                                                       Wear a white collared shirt, black pants, and a black tie. Make sure you are wearing a digital watch, glasses, and carry around some sort of technological device. If you still aren’t satisfied, print out the geek squad logo and paste it on your shirt.

– Four Seasons                                                                                                                                                                                     For groups of four, this is a fun idea. Dress up as each season. Winter will have white and blue with snowflakes on them, Fall with orange, green, brown and yellow colors with leaves on them. Spring should use bright pinks, greens, yellows, and reds, and Summer can dress in sandals and t-shirt with sunglasses with something depicting the sun.

– Redneck Family                                                                                                                                                                                       Ya’ll gon figur out watcha wanna be? Be rednecks if ya wntu! The dad can dress up without a shirt on and wear a mullet, pork chops, and camo pants. The mom can dress up with a tube top and shredded short jeans. Be creative with the kids, having any random redneck clothes you can think of for children. It should mostly consist of clothes that don’t match or go together. Think like cowboy boots, a green skirt, and a Disney shirt.

– Sesame Street Characters                                                                                                                                                                 These characters have been so ingrained in America’s homes that everyone will immediately enjoy a big group of these characters. The main ones include Bert, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, the Count, and Elmo. Have fun with it and remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Originality of how it’s made counts more than going out and buying a costume.

– Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow                                                                                                                                             The Wizard of Oz characters never get old. These are classic costumes that a group can use together and have a great Halloween. If your group is bigger than 4, you can add in other characters from the movie, like the flying monkeys and the wicked witches.

– Pac-Man and Ghosts                                                                                                                                                                           This is a great way to get some good exercise this Halloween, if you want. Dress up as Pac-Man and his enemies. For Pac-Man, grab some cardboard and yellow and black posterboard and design it like a pie chart with a piece missing. For the ghosts, use the cardboard to make a box with a semi-circle at the top. At the bottom of the box, cut it to make it look wavy like the bottom of the ghosts. Use either red, orange, teal, or pink poster board for the color. You’ll also want to paste on eyes for them. Make sure to wear all black underneath, and now you’ve got yourself a Pac-Man group.


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