Popular Magazines for College Students


Whether you prefer to read yours on your kindle or you like reading the physical copy, there’s something awesome about picking up a new issue of your favorite magazine! Here’s a list of popular magazines that interest college students. Stay up with the latest fashion, health and entertainment news to stay sane in between classes, midterms and finals!

Teen Vogue


Teen Vogue magazine has great ideas for back to school shopping and dorm room decorating. The magazine also has the latest fashion trends and stores to find the latest styles with ensembles. If you need help finding your own style, Teen Vogue helps you discover the latest fashion ideas and collections for each season. There are also beauty tips included in the magazine and the latest celebrity styles.



Vogue magazine has the latest information on high fashion. The magazine gives insight on the culture, the latest beauty trends, and the season’s best styles. If you are looking for a classic look, Vogue has the best styles. The latest information on movies, books, and theatre is included in Vogue. There is information on parties, travel, homes, and weddings. You can also copy these styles with the help of other magazines that include stores that have the latest imitation of these high fashion trends at the best prices. You can go to class in style by finding the best styles in Vogue.



InStyle magazine has all of the best fashion, beauty, celebrity, hair, culture, and how to’s. The fashion section of the magazine has everything you need to know about the latest clothing, bags, jewelry, shoes, and the latest runway looks. The magazine includes the latest celebrity news and fashion trends. There is a Hollywood makeover, wedding beauty, and star couples. You can learn how to style your hair with tips. There is a how to section on pony tails, bangs, updos, pixies, and celebrity hair styles. There are also tips on how to style curly, wavy, long, medium, and short hair styles. Different hair styles, textures, and lengths require different methods of hair care. There is also information on health and fitness, nails, skin, and make-up ideas. Also there is also the latest information on books, movies, tv shows, and social media. Also there are great recipes included in the magazine. There is also information on home and decorating.



Self has the latest health and fitness information. You can learn to make the healthiest recipes for an on the go schedule as a college student. The recipes are usually fast and easy to make. There is also information on exercise techniques that help you relieve stress and stay fit. Some of the exercises do not take that much time from your busy schedule. The magazine also the latest beauty and fashion trends included in the magazine.