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Must Have Summer Beauty Products

Summer is a special time of year. There are a few special products that every girl should own during this time of year. I’m here to share my top three favorite beauty secrets to keep fresh and pretty during these summer months!

My first must have for the summer is a good surf spray. Surf spray is perfect for a sexy beach look. It works for any type of hair. My hair is naturally stick straight but the spray I use works like magic. Herbal Essences “Tousle Me Softly” spray gel is my secret. You simply spray your hair after its been towel dried only. Then, while blow drying move your hair in a crunching motion. Afterwards, I always finish my hair off with TRESemme level four hairspray.   This hairstyle is quick and super easy. It’s perfect for looking great fast when you’d rather be at the pool.

My next summer must have is Jergen’s Natural Glow. Jergen’s is great because it doesn’t streak but instead, helps you develop a natural looking tan over time. You can start to see effects of Jergen’s after a few days. It’s lightweight and also comes in moisturizer form for your face. Jergen’s now has a new lotion that’s called Jergen’s express. It’s sometimes a little more expensive but it creates the tan effect quicker than the original. I put Jergen’s on twice a day for a natural glow that’s unbeatable!

Lastly, everyone needs to go to Victoria’s Secret to get Face Prime. Face Prime is Victoria’s Secrets spray on make-up primer and setting spray. This stuff is amazing. You spray some on before you apply make-up and then one more time after you’ve applied make-up. It’s perfect for summer because it prevents make-up from bleeding and melting. For a flawless summer look, find this product near the checkout counter on the beauty towers.Summer is the time of year to look flawless! Go confidently with these three products in your bag. I personally love all three of these and can’t imagine a summer without all three of them! There are other brands of similar product, but these are the three that I personally use and love. I hope they help make your life a little happier and your attitude a little more confident. After all, summer is here!