How to Easily Create a Reading Nook

Reading Nook

Like most avid writers, I am also an avid reader. I have read hundreds of books, including everything from romance novels to educational texts. While I never have trouble finishing a good story, something that does become a challenge is where to read and store these amazing books. As a veracious reader, it’s natural to want a place that’s comfortable and one you can call your own. What you need is a reading nook! If you don’t know what that is or need help setting one up, here’s how to create your very own reading nook!

Find the Perfect Place

Before you can even think of supplies, you need to find the best place to set up. Find a quiet place that makes you feel relaxed. Whether it’s a corner of your bedroom or a bigger space in your basement/attic, find a place that works for you. Many quite places are secluded areas, but be sure it’s not so secluded it becomes hard to access. Remember that you’ll need to be able to bring tons of books into your nook with ease. 

Essential Elements

Now that you have a perfect place, it’s time to get the perfect supplies! First, let’s start off with the seating. It’s important to find a comfortable chair or cushion because you will potentially be sitting for hours reading these novels. A cheaper option for this is simply buying big pillows or cushions. You’re basically set if you buy one to sit on and one to lean up against the wall. Before you buy, make sure the material is to your liking; you won’t want to sit on something scratchy. A possible pricier option is buying a bean bag chair or a small piece of furniture. Bean bag chairs can be extremely comfy, and pieces such as chaise lounges add character as well as comfort. While setting up your seating area, add some smaller pillows and blankets to increases the comfy factor. Using decorative pillows also helps you create your own personal style.

The next element is storage. Getting a small bookshelf to hold books you’re currently reading is essential. A bookshelf also offers table space for needed coffee cups and snacks. If you’re someone who reads better with music playing, a small bookshelf provides space for a portable radio/speaker . Finding the perfect shelf without breaking your budget shouldn’t be difficult. Your local consignment shop will likely have options, or hit up a garage sale and scout out one that works for you. Try to remember it doesn’t need to be brand new, it simply must hold your favorite books.

The final element, but far from the least important, is finding the perfect lighting. The perfect lighting is key because you need to see what you’re reading without straining your eyes. It also adds to the mood you’ll feel when sitting in your newly created nook. For a softer vibe, a cool idea is to buy bright string lights or Christmas lights to hang above your reading nook. A simple table lamp placed on your bookshelf is sufficient as well. Lighting is also an opportunity to show off your personal style! You may want to find a lamp that is your favorite color or represents your favorite themes. Either way, buy something that makes you smile because after all, this is your space.

You’re now all set! You have your perfect spot, a comfortable place to sit, storage for your reading collection, and great lighting fixtures. It wont take long until you notice how much more enjoyable reading is using your new nook. Do you have a perfect nook you like to read in? Tell us about it in the comments below!


How to Make Free Time Productive

time for me concept clock closeup

Most of the time when we have free time to ourselves, we tend to use it to binge watch TV shows on Netflix or spend too much time aimlessly surfing the internet. So here are some productive ways to spend your leisure time.

1. Read a Book

2-10 Girl-Reading-Book

Usually reading is associated with school, but leisure reading is something that can be fun. Find a genre or author that you like and immerse yourself into that world. Make reading something you WANT to do. Need some suggestions to get you started? Create a free account at!

2. Exercise


Not only is exercise necessary for a healthy life, but it also helps you relieve stress and can help you sleep better at night. If traditional exercise does not appeal to you, try a physical activity that interests you. Ask friends to exercise with you and make it fun. Need an app to get you motivated? Download MyFitnessPal for free!

3. Volunteer in your Community

2-10 getty_rm_photo_of_group_of_volunteers

It is always a good feeling to give back to one’s community. It does not have to be a huge volunteer project, but anything that makes even a small difference matters.  Something small from picking up trash at your local beach to a bigger project like feeding the homeless really does make a difference. Find volunteer opportunities in your area at

4. Make a List

2-10 to do list

If you have more than one thing to do during your free time, make a list planning out the details.  Be specific about the importance level for each task, along with details about where and when it will be completed. You will feel more productive about your day when you see everything check off the list.

Break Time

The last weeks of the semester may be the most stressful time of the year.  Fortunately, there has been a surge in entertainment.  Between sports, movies, and television, there are tons of fun things to keep up on while taking a break between writing papers.

Note that I call it a break, not a distraction.  Once you begin to neglect schoolwork for something fun, that is a distraction, something to avoid.  To be fair, no one can work the entire weekend.  Taking breaks are important to not overwork yourself, which can lead to crashing, getting sick, and becoming less productive.  Be sure to time your breaks to ensure that you get all of your work done before deadlines come around!

Here are some of the things you can keep track of while taking that much needed break:

The first round of NBA playoffs has started.  Keep track of the bracket while writing those papers.  Watching an exciting game can get you blood pumping and spark some energy to finish your work.  Thus far, in the West, the Spurs are up two-nothing to the Utah Jazz, Thunder is shutting down the Mavericks three-zero, the Lakers are up on the Nuggets two-one, and Grizzlies and Clippers are tied at one game a piece.  In the East, the Celtics are up two-one on the Hawks, Pacers are up three-one on Magic, Heat is sweeping the Knicks three-zero and the 76ers are up one on the Bulls two-one.

The NHL is in their second round of Stanley Cup Playoffs: 3-0 Kings, 1-3 Coyotes, 2-1 Devils and the Capitals and Rangers are tied 2-2 so far this season.  Once your eyes become blurred by the multiple hours of staring at books and writing, check out a video update by Hockey Analyst Barry Melrose.

If sports are not your thing, “The Avengers” have just come out in theaters, bringing in $80.5 million on opening day, the second most successful opening day.  Too busy to know what the movie’s about?  Check out the trailer here.  When your brain is in zombie mode after hours of homework, you might be overwhelmed with seeing building blowing up in this action packed movie.  Some comedies in theaters are “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” “LOL,” “Think Like a Man,” and “The Five-Year Engagement.” Just like the holiday season, the start of summer means some good movies.  A couple hours of relaxing in one of these or another movie could be the perfect break you are looking for.

Although the Hunger Games hype is dying down, it is never too late to discover the series.  The quality of many recent book and movie series’ has been debated, but I can vouch for this one.  Why not unwind with a very well written suspenseful story?

Enjoy those breaks; just be sure to eventually get back to work!


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