Part 1: Top 15 College Uniforms

There are hundreds upon thousands of colleges and universities that participate in college football, but right here, I will list some of the top uniforms in the game today. There have been many new uniforms released within the past year. Many of them are produced by Nike. Nike Pro Combat jerseys and they certainly have a new style and look awesome. Adidas and other major brands have produced many college uniforms as well. This is part one of just a 2 part series where I will list teams 15-8. 

15). Rutgers University

Rutgers new Nike Pro Combat jerseys look great. Nike utilized the black, red, and white color scheme that Rutgers has always had but in a new way. They have three new Nike jerseys that consist of all black, all red, and all white. These uniforms look great compared to their older jerseys which seemed a little outdated.

14). Oklahoma State Cowboys

The Cowboys also have these new Nike Pro Combat jerseys. These jerseys have a more metallic jersey but again, Nike has done a great job with the futuristic look. A very metallic look with the silver and burnt orange.

13). Wisconsin Badgers

Adidas produces the Badgers newest uniforms. There is just a flat “W” on the front of the jersey along with the same “W” on the helmet in red. I think the style is very sharp and that’s what stands out on these red and white jerseys. One of their uniforms is all red with a black helmet which looks great.

12). Wyoming

Wyoming uses an awesome camouflage in their newest jerseys. They incorporate the camouflage in the majority of the shoulder pad area. Yellow, blue and grey camo along the shoulder pads along with all white jerseys is a really cool look.

11). University of Missouri

Nike is the producer of these jerseys. Something that stands out in these is the large helmet decal/logo. The large yellow tiger on the black helmet really stands out and it makes the entire uniform.

10). Michigan Wolverines

The Wolverines are a team with classic jerseys; very similar to a team that I will name in part two of this series so there wasn’t much changing. What changed was again, the sharpness of these jerseys. The navy blue and yellow will forever remain the colors of Michigan, and this is the reason these classic jerseys rank number 10.

9). Utah State

Utah States newest uniforms are one of my favorites. They also went with the Nike Pro Combat uniforms like many other college teams have. Navy blue, white, and grey uniforms are also hung in their locker rooms. The navy blue jerseys are my favorite, along with the navy blue helmet. Nike seems to have done a great job with every college they have been a part of.

8). West Virginia

West Virginia made huge changes to their jerseys for this 2012 college football season. These jerseys are an all grey uniform with blue stripes. Like every team they stuck with their traditions colors but added a lot of style into these new jerseys. Not only do they have the grey uniforms but they are also equipped with blue, yellow, and white uniforms as well.

These listed are a few of the best uniforms in my opinion in college football for the 2012 season. I just ranked teams 15-8, and will have teams 7-1 in Part 2 of this piece. Stay tuned!

Difference Between Division 1 & Division 2

College sports are divided up into conferences of course such the SEC, the Big 12, Big East etc. They are also divided into divisions such as Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and even just club teams. But what determines what division they should be put in? What are the major factors that go into this decision process?


Money is something that goes into the decision process if a team should be placed in Division 1 or not. A team must be able to pay for all the things they need to such as travel, equipment and more. Division 1 sports travel all over the United States depending on their schedules. Division 3 teams tend to stay in the same region or area to play their games unless they are involved in tournaments.

Size of School

There do seem to be many more schools in Division 1 that are bigger but it is definitely not true that it has to be a big school to be D1. There are a handful of smaller colleges that are placed in Division 1. Duke University is considered a medium sized university and they are without a doubt one of the most legendary basketball teams of all time. Of course this also means that larger schools can easily be placed into Division 2, or 3.


There is a major difference in scholarships within D1, D2, and even D3 schools. The difference is not in money, but it is in what kind of and if any scholarships can be given on. For instance Division 1 sports are allowed to give their student athletes full athletic scholarships. D2 schools are allowed to give partial scholarships. Then there are Divisions 3 schools in which they are not allowed to give away athletic scholarships.

These are without a doubt the three major categories that go into the decision process with whether or not each college sport is to be put in Division1, Division 2, or Division 3.





Pay 4 Play in College Sports

Some of you may know what Pay 4 Play is in College sports, but some of you may not. Read here to take an in depth look at what is really means to be in a Pay 4 Play system.

Student athletes are not allowed to be given money nor are they able to receive incentives to play for a college or university. These rules apply for high school students as well. They are allowed to receive scholarships though, which pays for their tuition, room and board or whatever their scholarship may apply to. This is where confusion comes into play. Why should student athletes not be able to receive money or incentives for playing sports but they can receive money in the form of scholarships? To me these things sound very similar and it should be allowed. The crazy thing is, is it still happens behind closed doors. Students are still getting paid whether it is in cash or different forms of cash like gifts such as cars, televisions and so on. Students and agents continue getting caught, but there are many who aren’t. A decision needs to be made by college officials, and many believe that student athletes should begin getting paid

Many schools especially lower division schools are not allowed to give athletic scholarships out. Guess what happens when they can’t give out athletic scholarships? They find themselves giving academic scholarships to athletes. That is something that can be investigated but I assume that higher ups in colleges don’t find it effective, or even worth it to investigate.

LeBron James is somebody who didn’t even attend college and was thrashed for driving a Hummer. Many say he was receiving these incentives during high school which is also illegal. Many found it hard to believe that this very phenom, who had been living like a normal teenager, was seen out of nowhere driving a Hummer. Tyrell Pryor of Ohio State University was another one. He was actually caught by Ohio State University and the higher ups of receiving these incentives and ended up paying the price. Reggie Bush, former USC running back, and current Miami Dolphins running back just recently sent his Heisman Trophy that he received in 2005 because of sanctions that he was found guilty of. Cam Newton, Eric Dickerson, and AJ Green are just a few others who were accused with pay for play accusations during their college careers.

In my opinion, I believe that student athletes should be paid to play. I simply do not see why not. The fact is that these schools are making profits on concessions; commissioners of conferences are making money off of new television deals, and tons of other ways they are making money. The thing here is who makes them this money? It’s the players who are working their tails off to one day become professional, but yet they cannot get any compensation? This is a tough decision that I’m sure is brought up several times, and I’m positive one day a deal will be made in which the student athletes who put in all this work will be compensated as they should.

Weekly Exercise: Bicep Hammer Curls

What are Bicep Hammer Curls? Bicep hammer curls are a variation of regular bicep curls. Instead of you using the normal form for curls where the 2 ends of the dumbbells face left and right as you lift up and down, you are now doing a motion with your dumbbells where the 2 ends are facing up and down. The motion you make looks like you are slamming a hammer, hence the name hammer curls. This is an excellent workout for the biceps that switches things up and confuses the bicep muscle because you are using this different motion.

Instructions: You first simply grab dumbbells, ones that are a reasonable weight. You put them at your sides with your clenched fists facing the floor. You bring both arms up towards your shoulder/head area making a hammer motion, up, and down. Continue this motion for as many times as your set requires. A friend to spot you is always a plus, but is not completely necessary for this exercise. As you can see in the picture you can also do this exercise while sitting down on preacher curl machine.

Primary Muscles Worked: Biceps

Secondary Muscles Worked: Forearms

Remember people, don’t ever do weight that you cannot handle. Also, make sure your form is as good as possible for you are risking injury. Attached is a picture giving instructions of what your form should look like.

How to Fight an Athletic Injury

Being injured as an athlete is the most frustrating thing. No one wants to watch their teammates practice and play knowing that they physically can’t do it. Once you’re injured it’s hard to know your boundaries and what your body can and can’t handle. Depending on the injury, your trainer will usually have some sort of rehab for you to help recover. There are a few things you can do on your own.

The first thing you can and the key to healing any injury is rest. Although you might feel tougher fighting through it, rest sometimes solves everything. Your body will somewhat recover naturally if you don’t push it too hard too soon. When I was a freshman in high school I got shin splints. I didn’t want to stop running so I fought through it eventually turning it into a stress fracture. The stress fracture had me out for three months. If I would have rested when I got shin splints I could have saved myself those three months with a stress fracture.

The next key of advice I have is to ICE, Ice often and stretch often. Recovery is just as important as a workout. Especially if you are already injured, Icing can really help you heal. It’s as simple as putting a band aid on a cut, you just ice where it hurts to heal and ice where it doesn’t to prevent. Stretching is another important part of healing. Keeping your muscles loose helps you from getting tight and allows you to heal faster.

The last part that you can do on your own is mental. It’s important as an athlete that you stay in the game mentally even if you can’t physically be a part of it.  Remember what motions feel like and what you do to get going before a game. Continue to cheer on your teammates as if you were about to step onto the field and do your part. Anything you can do to remain all there mentally will help you. Never take yourself out of the game because of an injury and mentally separate yourself from the game or your teammates.

I know how hard an injury can be. Keep up with what your doctors and trainers give you but also do what you can do on your own. Stay positive, hydrated, and mentally focused. You’ll be better in no time!

How to Find Fun at Home During the Summer

Being home for the summer is often way different than being at college. When you’re away at school there is always something to do. When you’re home for summer, a lot of times things slow down. It’s not that you don’t know how to have fun in your home town; after all you did grow up there. It’s just that in the last nine months of school, you have likely discovered a whole new world of fun and excitement that is hard to match. I have thought of some ideas for local fun that although might be different then your style of fun from college, it will leave you enjoying yourself all summer long.

The first thing that I discovered last summer is the local farmers market. My town host one every other Saturday. My first impression was that it was just going to be a bunch of fresh produce stands, boy was I wrong. There was live music, homemade jewelry, and even decorations I could use to spruce up my dorm next year! I had such a great time that my mom and I have created a new tradition every other weekend. It’s something we can do together that I think we both look forward to.

Next, throw a bon fire! My friends and I take turns hosting bon fires all summer long. So far this summer I have already been to four and I’ve discovered that no matter how many people show up or how dead your town seems to be, bon fires bring friends closer together. When it’s a smaller group especially, you can talk about anything and relax in a comfortable atmosphere. If you’re worried about people getting bored, all you need is a football. The boys can throw a football around for hours while the girls gossip around the flames. To add to your atmosphere play music and have smore stuff ready to go. Relaxing nights like this with close friends are the ones I always remember when I’m away at school.

Third, go support a local team! My town has a minor league baseball team and the games are always fun to go to. If you don’t have sports in your town at this level, revisit your high school and catch a game there. It’s always fun to watch a good game. If there are no live sports going on, check your T.V. don’t be afraid to invite over some close friends for a game and some pizza. You’ll be sure to have a good time especially if it turns out to be close. A great opportunity for this type of entertainment will be coming up at the end of July with the 2012 London Olympic Games.

There are so many easy entertainment ideas you can do with a close group of friends. When you’re with your closest, it’s always sure to be a good time no matter what you’re doing. Although the scene might not be quite as hopping as your college town, it’s definitely only as dead as you make it. Strike a match in your fire pit and call up some buddies; I know tomorrow you’ll be reminiscing on a great night.

Easy Ice Breakers

College brings many new social situations along with it. Breaking the ice can be an awkward thing, that is, unless you read this blog! I’m here to give you all the tips and trick you need to succeed in a new social setting. Let’s try and steer away from the oh-so common, “how’s the weather?”

The first situation is with your random roommate. Odds are if you chose to get a random roommate you answered some basic questions about yourself to try and get someone somewhat similar to you. Regardless of similarity, the beginning stages of moving in with someone you don’t know can be a little scary. The first thing I would suggest is to talk to them ahead of time. Use Facebook message, texting, or even a call to get things in order. Talking to your roommate at least a couple times before you move in will ease your jitters. Go into the roommate situation asking the basic stuff, like where they’re from, if they have a boyfriend/girlfriend, and what they like to do for fun. Try and go out of your way to spend time with your new roomie be it study time in the library or a quick lunch, the more time you spend with them, the more comfortable you will be.

Next, let’s talk football games, pep rallies, or welcome week. When in a large crowd, make a point to talk to the people around you, or at least smile! You need to appear friendly and welcoming. If you are standing next to someone you don’t know at the game try talking to them about the game. That one is obvious. If you notice they are cheering extra hard for certain players ask if they know them in order to strike up a convo. Same thing goes for pep rallies or welcome week activities, the key is to pay attention to the person, and try talking with them about whatever interest them. When meeting new people you need to be a good listener above all.

What if the person I’m talking to is shy!? In this case, you might have to be the talker. If the person you are trying to get to know is shy, the key is determination without being annoying. Odds are, they enjoy people, and they just don’t know what to say. Try asking basic things like whether they have any siblings, play any sports, or live on campus. Eventually, they should loosen up, but you need to be patient above all in this situation.

Let’s say it’s the weekend and you get invited to a party where you know no one, except the person that invited you. Go! The key to meeting new people is to get out of your comfort zone. You need to realize that everyone else is also there to make new friends and have a good time. Try not to cling to the one person at the party you know, and get out there! Find something to talk about with the people around you. Like I said before, pay attention to the people around you and talk about their interest. If you notice they have some good moves on the dance floor try this, “you’ve got some good moves, where’d you learn to dance like that?” Compliments are always a go to in new environments.

But what if I get shut down!? The worst thing that can happen in a social situation is a person not replying. Honestly if this happens, pretend like you were talking to someone else and walk away. Or, ask again. Chances are they didn’t hear you, or they’re so rude they aren’t worth knowing anyway. There is nothing embarrassing about being ignored, more so, it just makes the ignorer look rude.

Use these basic ice breaking tips for any situation and remember to smile often! There are many new people to meet and it all begins with a simple conversation. Try and save yourself from, “So…how is the weather?”


College Teams to Watch This Spring

Spring brings final tournaments for basketball teams, the start of outdoor track and field, and the beginning of beautiful afternoons at the baseball park. Nothing is more fun than getting out and cheering on your favorite college athletes as the weather gets nice. Here are some top teams to be on the lookout for this spring.

Let’s kick out the end of winter with the beginning of the NCAA basketball tournament. You can’t start talking about men’s college basketball without Kentucky. This season Kentucky achieved an almost perfect SEC record with their only loss being the championship game of the SEC Tournament. Not too far behind Kentucky is Syracuse. Syracuse went undefeated at home this season for the 2nd time in all of school history. They set the Big East record when they won their 17th league win of the year. What’s college men’s basketball without Kansas? They’re consistently good and this year is no different, Kansas went 26-5 on the season.

Continuing with college men’s basketball, let’s talk North Carolina. This season North Carolina’s Zeller, Henson, and Barnes each earned First team ACC honors. These honors made them first in their school and 2nd ever in the ACC to have three players from one team earn first team all-conference honors. Missouri men’s basketball team is under their first year with Coach Frank Haith. In his first year, Haith has led Missouri to a 14-4 regular season record earning himself the title of Big 12 Coach of the Year.

Women’s basketball is coming to an end as well. This year Baylor went undefeated in the regular under coach of the year Kim Mulkey. Baylor’s Griner and Sims earned first team All-Big 12 honors. Stanford continued it’s at home winning streak this season bumping their number up to 78 straight at home wins! This is the longest at home winning streak in the nation.  Connecticut led the nation this season by only allowing just less than 46 points a game. UCONN hasn’t lost consecutive games in 19 years!

Let’s talk baseball. Florida men’s baseball team’s season is just starting but they are already off to a great start. They swept #8 Miami and have had at least 1 homerun in 9 out of 10 games this year. Last year, Florida made it to the College World Series championship game, and this year they begin seeded #1 in the country. 2011 College World Series Champion, South Carolina begins their season seeded #2. They have some of the best pitchers in the nation. Through ten games this season they have 100 strikeouts to 26 walks in 91.1 innings and have only allowed 22 runs on 49 hits. South Carolina’s pitchers are leading the nation. #3 ranked Stanford is off to a great start as well beginning their season by sweeping #7 Texas. Number 4 ranked Rice men’s baseball team is led by Hall of Fame coach Wayne Graham. Their record so far is 11-1 which is the best start Rice has had since their national championship team of 2003. A fun team to watch this spring will be the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Although unranked, Nebraska is being led this year by a new coach. Coach Darin Erstad, a former husker, is a two time MLB All-Star, and is sure to be paving the way for the huskers. Nebraska’s teams only consist of 4 seniors, leaving this young team with a bright future ahead.

Baseball season means it’s also softball season! Number 1 ranked Alabama is 17-0 so far on their season which ties them for the 3rd best season start in their school’s history. Number 2 ranked California is also doing well so far with a 16-0 record. Number 3 Florida is holding up their ranking so far as well with a 19-1 record.

Outdoor track is approaching and there are 3 major programs to look out for, beginning with Texas A&M. The Texas A&M men’s and women’s track programs swept the Big 12 indoor this season, and the Big 12 outdoor last season! Also, Florida State’s men’s team won the ACC indoor championship for the 9th time in 10 years, while the women finished 2nd. Rounding out the top track teams, LSU has a very strong program. Their men’s team is seeded #4, while their women are seeded #3. LSU took 4th at the indoor championships this past winter.

Whether you’re an athlete or a fan, spring is an exciting time for sports. Enjoy the warm weather and have fun watching some of the nation’s top college sports teams!

-Speedy G.

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Being an Athlete and Having a Social Life: The Balancing Act

College is a place for a clean start. A new beginning unlike any other as you are meeting new people, stepping out of your comfort zone, and…being an athlete? Many of your high school teammates have retired from their sport and are off to a new world of carefree parties, sleeping in on weekends, and having an overwhelming amount of free time. I run cross country and track for my university and I know firsthand how keeping up with an active social life can clash with athletics. Being that I run cross country in the fall, indoor track in the winter, and outdoor track in the spring, I don’t get a break. I simply have learned to balance.

Let’s start with the new world of carefree parties. There is nothing carefree about attending a party when getting caught could risk your scholarship or even your eligibility. Parties are a part of the college life that everyone should experience; athletes just need to be extra responsible. When you’re not away at a meet or a game you should take advantage of those off weekends! Go out with your teammates, they are in the same situation as you are and as teammates you will look out for each other. Act responsibly on these “off” weekends and remember as an athlete, you’re automatically in the spot light.

Sleeping in on weekends doesn’t happen that often for athletes. This can greatly affect your social life.  Who wants to stay out late on Friday night when they have 6:30am practice on Saturday morning? You must make friends with your teammates! Your teammates are the only people in the exact same situation as you. They’ll understand if Friday night turns into an early movie night instead of a party. Your teammates will spend hours a week with you in and out of practice, they’ll have your back, and they’ll understand your life style.

Athlete’s schedules can get crazy. Your friends might go to a few classes a day, relax at the mall, or go out for lunch. As an athlete you are expected to not only go to a few classes a day but to schedule them all around your 2-3 hour practice. Although free time is limited, it’s easier to work out a schedule than it looks. Based on your season, take the credits you can handle, go to practice, and be sure to get those required study hall hours your coach requires. I have managed to take 15 credit hours, attend track practice, do my homework, hold a steady job, do an internship, and spend time with my friends at the same time. It can be done. Be sure to write out a to-do list daily in order to keep all your responsibilities balanced.

It’s not easy to be a student athlete but it wasn’t easy to get there either. As an athlete you know all about setting goals and working extremely hard to achieve them. Balancing your social life and your hectic schedule is just like your sport, it just takes determination and a lot practice.

-Speedy G.

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